Shokugeki no Soma

What's going to happen after this arc?

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The next one

More doujins by hisasi!

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I want to have a threesome with Erina and Alice while Hishoko films it.

Comfy SoL until Soma's next cooking match/ shokugeki against some antagonist.
>while Hishoko films it
>Not wanting to have a foursome with Erina, Alice and Hisako and have Ryo film it

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How soon?

Please, somebody spam Hisasi to get another sns doujin work!

My guess is that we will get a small breather arc that focuses on SoL shit, kind of like what's going on with Hero Academia right now. Then after that, things will get ramped up with the BLUE/International arc. I actually think we might even get a timeskip to the second year soon, because once Azami gets the boot, they don't really have a antagonist/group at the school once Central gets busted.

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The gonna enter the second year.

Something like training because Soma can't just go and win BLUE

marriage and cumming inside

What if Soma skips a grade to his third year?

Just finished season 2. Does Erina ever confess her feelings for Soma in S3 or in the manga? Doea Soma ever beat pajeet? Is Soma's dad the best cook or is there someone better?

No yes yes

>Just finished season 2.
Highly recommend you read the manga if you wanna catch up to the series. S3 was terribly produced sadly. Start reading at chapter 116 if you're interested in reading the manga where S2 left off.

Yes to Soma's dad being the world's greatest chef or yes to someone being better?
If I'm interested in reading the manga can I continue right after S3 or what?

Somas dad is deus ex tier, maybe Soma will become better. You can start after S3 with the manga

>If I'm interested in reading the manga can I continue right after S3 or what?

Ranked 9th in TOC. Also getting a color page next chapter

baby making time

Does he know english?

not even the erina cp could save the chapter. kek.

>No double spread for the final bout
what is this blasphemy?

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ToC isn't ranking, moron

Rankings for Soma are always hit or miss since other manga are getting recognition giving them more popularity in being voted for whereas for Soma people are just mildly interested in the stuff happening in the story so it wavers while the other manga that usually take up the top 5 stays within those ranks.

Another tournament arc of course.

Maybe it'll be another double color page spread just like pic related?

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>ranked 9th in toc
>not a ranking
not him but what is it then?

editor manipulation

Forget Hisasi, let's just kidnap Tosh!

TOC rankings are based on the general Japanese audience consensus of which manga chapter they loved the most that week. When a manga is ranked 1st then that chapter was heavily loved but when a chapter is ranked last or at the bottom mean nips aren't that invested in those chapters which is why when a new manga is ranked at the bottom after a few chapters, it'll inevitably get axed since staying at the bottom of rankings implies nips aren't interested in the series at all.

>all the super push manga are suddenly in the top after the new chief editor arrived
Are you new or something? After Jump Super Push, TOC really doesn't mean anything for older series.

Because of the Super Push newer series gotten more exposure which is why Dr. Stone, Promise Neverland, Bokuben, Black Clover, etc are all ranking high every week since nips are getting invested in them. In Soma's case the story is mildly interested compared to most other Jump manga which is why it ranks at the bottom most of the time whereas the Super Pushed series are ranked high. It's now rare whenever Soma ranks in the top 5 until this arc is over.

I want Rindou and Erina to be mine. How do I make them mine?

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Feed them

To dogs?

Of course not.

They're not real. Get over it ;_;

i want to be cooked by erina

>tfw she will never pull your flaccid dick and chop it into thin slices

Erina wouldn’t cook low quality meat like you.

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only her god tongue can decide that

I wonder what would the god tongue taste like.


I want to rape her and force her to swallow my cum


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Erina-sama is for hand holding you perv.

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suck my cock, stupid cunt. Your author should go back drawing doujin

You barbaric mongrel!

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Don't play with me, when?

you aristocratic cunt

Either they lose and then it's a timeskip or they win and probably the next arc wil focus on the relation between Soma and Erina.

Hopefully the series is killed as a punishment for indulging in bullshit for so long.

Soma will go back to his hometown. Erina will come with. She will meet her true rival, Soma's childhood friend.


Yes. What incredible pointlessness. What extremely audacious horse crap. For years, they decided it would be a grand idea to kill all the fun and make the already difficult-to-accept premise that much worse. Everything, every single thing about Azami and his overlong arc is fucking terrible.

The Azami shit is almost over and the story will return to it's original roots.

You can't take this pain away. I'll never heal.

Really it's mostly frustrating because even if it does return to the norm, my complaint still stands. It was all pointless. Did anyone think Souma and them would lose? The only advantage of the arc is making Erina better, and she was already slowly becoming better in the first place. Keeping that slow burn would've been ideal rather than making her some sort of battle princess archetype. Ugh

There are like two years worth of this series that I just can't read and, amazingly enough, don't HAVE to, because nothing of interest or import happens in any of them, and that fucking sucks

inb4 they're siblings

sorry to hear that

It's fine. I'm sorry to hear you willingly eat shit.

Tsukuda recently tweeted. Could anyone translate?




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No shit anywhere.

spoilers when?

We'll have a World tournament arc.
Most gifted high schoolers of the world will gather.

>Azami was so obsessed with Jou that he became hole brothers with him

Time skip to graduation and open ending.


Well you can't really expect much from a fucking cooking manga. Hot girls and the interesting dishes are all this series has going for it.

Fuck no. Open ending would be the worst!

>true rival
But she's a childhood friend, they always lose.

What kind of character will she be?

Be a man like Soma or Eishi

Remember user.

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I just a want a comfy Erina spinoff :'(

Would be boring desu

and she literally made for breeding,

she better have 2+ kids and bigger boobs in the epilogue

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>not wanting the same ending like Soma's mom

I hope so. Hands down my favorite is his full color erina one. decensor when?

It would be fun

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I prefer Soma dies

>full color

Would be great desu

I wish Shokugeki had better lewds. The girls are about all it's good for.

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I wish Tsukuda was madman enough to put random ships at the end of series. Just to see everyone lose their shit.

so ending up dead?

>Soma and childhood friend
>Erina and Takumi
>Megumi and Shinomiya
>Alice and Pajeet
Make it happen

What ships do you want? Which would cause the biggest butthurts/tears

>Alice and Pajeet
Kek what about Kuro


Meh, maybe is not important

And Jun?

dont fuck with me user

didnt last too long in hero academia, i hope we get a breather longer than it did in that.

Soma being gay

>Souma and Meat
>Takumi and Hisako
>Alice and Kuga
>Megumi and Isshiki
>Hisako and Mimasaka
>Erina and Tsukasa

For maximum butthurt

>Permanently break the story by including a comically evil and controlling father.

>Hisako in there twice
Not sure if accident or genius

>Erina and Tsukasa
Their children would be really beautiful

This. He is much better that way.