ITT best girls only

ITT best girls only

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I'll start.

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I said best girls only, that excludes you automatically yyfag

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Totally wrong.

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Your thread was wrong when it was created.


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Not on my watch.

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That you have aspergers.

Eriri is not even top 3.


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Angry that I have money to afford and iPhone and you don't poorfags?

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I’m not angry, I just think you’re autistic

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Wrong as well

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So are you.


No. But Kei is a shitstain.

>affording a phone
>this is considered """"""bragging"""""" in 2010+8

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OP is retarded, no bully

I actually have a job and a house unlike you NEETs. I watch anime on my 96 inch flat screen while you virgins watch it on your midget monitors

Kei is great, the problem is her fanbase.

You also have autism.

Both are garbage.

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Look at things objectively user, her fanbase is cancer but the character is good.

Kei's fanbase is great the fuck are you on about? It's the Whorikitafags falseflagging that makes us look bad sometimes

I do and her character is poorly written. Which is why I can say that she is shit. Just because and some other fags overhype that trash, doesn’t mean everyone else does.

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That is not human you fucking furfag.

Please explain how Kei is poorly written

Fuck it.

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Phoneposter is cancer. Especially when it's obvious.

>muh scar
>muh attempted rape
>durr now I am in love with faggy mc
What a fucking DEEP character

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...and why is it any different from posting on your PC, other than the image names?

Especially this one faggot. He’s a notorious shitposter.

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Because people can tell which posts are yours, faggot.

>tfw protag marries the tomboy

Saving this thread.

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So you didn't actually read the LNs. Okay, that's understandable. Kei has been a victim of a shitload of bullying in the past and that caused a lot of trauma. Thus, she now latches onto the strongest male in any situation as a defense mechanism. From her perspective, seeing 50% at work, she realizes he is the strongest male, and thus she latches herself onto him. Actually try reading the LNs instead of going by hearsay.

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And why does that anger you so much?

You failed on arrival.

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>shitload of bullying in the past and that caused a lot of trauma. Thus, she now latches onto the strongest male in any situation as a defense mechanism. From her perspective, seeing 50% at work, she realizes he is the strongest male, and thus she latches herself onto him
Wow oh my god, that changes everything! What an amazing character!
Fuck off mate. She is a shit character.

Season 1 Yukino is is pretty.

I have a weird suspicion that yyfags are mostly secondaries

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Because you are an autistic sperg

>thinks it isn't frowned upon due its faggotry comparable to tripfagging
You must be new here

She's a coherent character. You still haven't explained how she's shit, especially when compared to the other girls in youkoso jitsuryoko

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Wrong x 2, OP.

The majority of LNfags are Yukinofags, dumb Irohafag.

My apologies, I offended you with my phone filenames. I won't do it again.

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You can redeem yourself by fucking off from Sup Forums permanently.

>the majority of lnfags go for the waifubait
Wow so revolutionary! That doesn't change the fact that there are probably more yyfags that haven't read the LNs than have

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>Keishitter is also Irohacancer

Iroha is the waifubait you mong. Only secondary retards like her because studio feel fucked with the source material.

Fucking this. Both of those fandoms are cancer.

You can't be that stupid. Everything you said is wrong.

Nah, I've most likely been here since before you were born.

It's no coincidence that yukinofags are also Whorikitafags. They are essentially the same character

>Iroha is the waifubait
Do you actually believe this yyfag? I pity your parents.

Only good girl in the show

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The hell are you doing? That's not Mari.

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Please, logically refute my argument

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Mari a shit

>what is the law of probability and factually popularity

Please consider suicide.

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How can she be so beautiful?

By not being the ugly shit OP posted. It’s pretty simple.

>titty hag
Emile > all

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Factually popularity? The fuck is that. And greentexting "the law of probability" isn't really a refutation

Sagiri a shit

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She's a disgusting ugly waifubait cancer though

But that’s the girl you posted OP

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God planned to create an angel, but he accidentally made a Goddess.

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Mika a shit

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Iroha is a qt

He accidentally made a shit

Nope to both. Anyway stop spamming you cancer.

I will when yyfags quit shitting up this thread

>being this stupid and doesn't understand the probability of largest fanbase to most popular girl to a well-known and highly popular LN being a secondary is less than that of Irohafags being secondary
>the irony when all his refutations thus far are witty retorts
You are embarrassing.

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Where exactly do you get these probabilities from? I asked for a refutation, not for you to restate what you've already said.