Dragon Ball Super

What's the possibility of him returning the new movie for him and frieza shenanigans?

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Not happening, cabba's a faggot.

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I love Kefla!

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I love her shy half!

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neither are happening.

Trips confirm kale is for /ourlizard/

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Nah, cabba is still a faggot.

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>no more yamamuro
>people are actually mad about it


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Isn't there a future trunks spinoff in production

Yeah it's weird, all these yamamuro apologists started coming out of nowhere.

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>worldwide release

Is Dragon Ball Movie 20 going to beat out Coco as the highest grossing film in Mexico?

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Keru a qt.

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I would unironically love to see that

I wish they had made her perpetually barefoot.

It's not that many, outside of this contrarian hugbox people all over are really into the new artstyle mostly.

Why did they spoil that goku is going to be fine literally 5 days before the finale of super? Couldn't they have waited a week?


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Why is she so perfect?

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why do you want to see some jobber return just to see him get beat by Pan?

does this mean itll be dubbed in time for release or "watch it in theaters with subs like a cuck"?

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The ToP happens before EoZ, we already know who doesn't die.

Excuse me? She can't use that word. That's appropriation.

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The only thing we know of Yamoshi is that he died because he wanted to punish all the evil saiyans, why would he want to punish goku in the movie?

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Toriyama said that the enemy saiyan from the movie is from another time, so it's pretty much confirmed to be Yamoshi.


Or Broly

HOW could she hurt Gokuck with those twig arms???

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Or this guy.

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Toei didn't say anything about it being dubbed or sub, just that they're planning a worldwide release of the movie soon. It could be simultaneous with the Japanese release or only a few weeks later.
>Ok, so they don't literally say a "simultaneous" worldwide release in Japanese, just that they're planning on releasing it worldwide soon (少しでも早く世界各国での公開を予定). Could still be mean simultaneous release, but it might be wise to hedge our bets. In fact, the translator said a number of things that they didn't quite say in Japanese. It's possible he was working from a pre-prepared script that didn't always match up with precisely what they said on the spot. The other big example is that when the translator talks about the designs being reborn and Goku getting more action, that doesn't correspond to anything they said in Japanese. They only mention DB heating up this year due to the new movie. I could maybe see "DB heating up" corresponding to "Goku gets more action", but they definitely say nothing about reborn designs. Again, I'm betting the interpreter is just going off a pre-prepared script, which occasionally results in these discrepancies. And if it is all from a script, then we could probably still treat "planned simultaneous global release" as an official announcement, even though we still don't quite have it from the horse's mouth.


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Has nothing to do with the movie. He's an OC for the story of Dragon Ball Legends phone game with a design by Toriyama. Just like Fu in XV2, Android 21 in FighterZ, etc.

This is what Toriyama meant with getting rid of the tails.

or asuka

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This is what Cabba should have been.
At least i'm glad to see Toriyama going back to making bulky characters.

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>Imagine yourself around 15 years ago.
>Someone assures you that DB is coming back in 2015 with a new series in which Goku fights gods and beyond godhood beings.
>He tells you that Frieza and android 17 are going to team up and help Goku to save the universe in the series finale.

Would you believe him?

Look at dis dood

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who is the better clown?
Belmod or Hisoka

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Was this the best Dragon Ball game?

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She's pretty greANSWER ME DOMON!!!

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better than FighterZ


Frieza will end up with a female Saiyan by the end of the movie.

Who, unironically, are your top 3 favorite characters? Fusions dont count (im looking at YOU, kefla and vegito fags)

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Cabba and Sadala were introduced together you know?

He loves holding back that much

Nice headcanon

No he didn't.

She didn't. Her and Kale were so weak that their punches were regaining stamina for Goku.

alright what do you got?

Yes, he did.

why cant he just make it come out of the pants, even the biggest autists would shrug it off. Not like clothe mechanics in shonens ever make sense either

Prove it cuckboy. Where's your source?

Because Toriyama is a bigger autist than that.

Nice headcanon.

I think Freeza is and was an amazing villain. I also am a total sucker when it comes to antagonists joining the protagonists/being antiheroes when it actually makes sense. To be honest I didn't even expect to see 17 in Super, ever, but he turned out to be a total bad ass.

Trunks has Blue? What the hell

but can you really blame a nigga for wanting to see kefla getting fucked (sexually) by MUI goku?


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No this was

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1. Vegeta
2. Goku Black
3. Toss-up between Piccolo and Future Trunks


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Vados a bitch

That depends on Toei firing Sakurada. That fag won't allow anyone to overshadow his husbando and Trunks is a popular character

Shut the fuck up.

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Goku Black

Probably yeah.

this where's my bills

Teaser for the Movie coming out dropped
Who is this villain?

I hope he calls him out on his hypocrisy of just wanting to fight and damn the consequences.

F. Trunks

1. GODhan
2. CHADhan

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Gohan, Piccolo, Master Roshi.

Nappa SSJ4

For villains, it'd be Cell, Zamasu, and Buu.
For heroes, it'd be Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks.
For characters that aren't heroes or villains, it'd be Beerus, Whis, and Hit.

That's a cute kitty desu

the only cute kitty around here is bills get the fuck out of here

>best fightan (non-casual)
Super Dragon Ball Z
>best fightan (casual)
Budokai 3
>best DBZ simulator
Tenkaichi 3 (or 2, never played that one so I shouldn't comment)
>best RPG
Legacy of Goku II
>best opening
Final Bout
>worst game
>best art style
Burst Limit fight me

It's not Broly retard

Wait, what's wrong with Yamamuro?


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>Android 17
Villains becoming reluctant good guys is my thing.

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El Hermano isn't a prideful dick, though. He's a noble, enlightened warrior who simply wants to drag his brother out of his self-imposed, power-obsessed ignorance, by force if necessary. El Hermano is the ultimate case of "Good isn't necessarily nice/gentle".

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No bully

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Piccolo, Vegeta and Caulifla

before Super it was Piccolo, Vegeta and Gohan

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>>best RPG
>Legacy of Goku II
That should be Buu's Fury, it's LoG2 but 20 times better.

whis a shit
lucky bitch hanging around MY bills...

would it make sense to dub the movie when the shows dub wont be caught up then?

Piccolo, Vegeta, 17

If the Saiyan in the movie is Bardock, will she return?

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my nigger, here

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>Goku Black saga dub finishing in a month
>movie coming out in December

??!?! Is ToP gonna take that long?

She's dead.

No since Yamoshi has no need for thots