Dragon Ball Super

“I’m gonna make you grow a tail just so I can rip it off and strangle you to death with it”.

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I'm the Devil?

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What is this image, the Mexicans on facebook keep posting it and they always seem to be pretty good with foresight.


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It's from a preview of the upcoming DBS movie. Apparently the villain is a Saiyan.

It's the antagonist of the new movie.
PV came out today.

I don't like Goku's new design. SSG looked way more better.

The animation looks beautiful. Anyone have webms?
Who do you think is the villain?
>Broly redo
>U6 Saiyan

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U6 Saiyan King turned insane/possessed. I imagine a Gilgamesh kind of personality but more warrior-like.

>Movie abt first saiyan/saiyans and frieza
>long awaited villain
>green aura
>saiyan bands

its yamoshi


I have a feeling it's Broly-esque, not exactly "Legendary Super Saiyan" deal but Toriyama did say it was a threat from the past. Possibly whatever Yamoshi was dealing with. Toriyama would not have thought up a half-baked backstory to the God shit if he wasn't planning on incorporating it into canon.

It's whoever forced the saiyans to create the first super saiyan god.

the first super saiyan god

I remember up until the buu arc Vegeta wouldn't shut the fuck up about being the legendary super saiyan of THIS MILLENNIUM so im assuming this is the last legendary super saiyan from the last millennium aka The original Super Saiyan God. Although how he is brought back is probably related to the wish that will cliff hang supers ending

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More like GTFO

The movie villain looks like Green SS4
Superfag WILL defend this


we can all agree that Goku blanco was a mistake, right?

DBS in its entirety was a mistake

Dowhateveryoulike, Ghost!

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>Pretty unique green aura that he had with a muscular figure
It’s broly you fags, no reason for them to mention that otherwise

Yamoshi is a good guy

Who the fuck is Yamoshi?

chigau, ore wa akuma da!

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The original Super Saiyan God

>Was the “legendary Super Saiyan” Freeza feared the Super Saiyan God that appeared in Battle of Gods?

>In a certain sense, they are the same person. That is to say, very long ago, before Planet Vegeta was the Saiyans’ planet, there was a man named Yamoshi4 who had a righteous heart despite being a Saiyan. He and his five comrades started a rebellion, but he was cornered by combatants and became a Super Saiyan for the first time, though his transformation and fearsome fighting style shocked the other Saiyans. Outnumbered, Yamoshi eventually wore himself out and was defeated, but this was only the beginning of his legend. Afterwards, Yamoshi’s spirit wandered in continuous search of six righteous-hearted Saiyans, seeking a new savior: Super Saiyan God.

>wears an armor similar to U6 saiyans' armor, like the old saiyans did according to Vegeta
>according to the stream that revealed him, it's a saiyan "from another time"
>designed by Akira Toriyama himself
>looks like the mistery new guy imprisioned in Fuu's Prision Planet in SDBH Universe Mission (which is already confirmed to have people from other times)
>it's properly introduced in a stream for Dragon Ball Legends... at same time they introduce the first trailer for the new movie (about "the origin of the power of saiyans, the strongest race in the universe")

>the game is called "Legends"
>the enemy of the new movie has green energy a gets buffer, like the "Legendary" Super Saiyan form
Say something nice to Yamoshi, the actual legendary Super Saiyan that is gonna appear in DB Legends, Super DB Heroes Universe Mission and the next movie/arc of DB Super.

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So how do you think Goku is going to take the win in 131? I think Freezer is going to sac himself or get killed to DQ Jiren. From what the OST has given off, Jiren is going out in a heroic style and Goku is obviously going to win. Is he going to bullshit absorb the power of UI like he did SSG?

Given that both anime and manga gave emohasis on #17's wish, I could see him being the one to win.

it is said that Yamoshi was a pure hearted saiyan....that doesn't mean he was good. YOU CAN BE A PURE EVIL BEING!!!! AND AN ASSHOLE TOO!!!


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>cute thread

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Still from the teaser of the next movie
Spic are lit since they unironically believe the guy is Broly

Jokes on you, it's true that being pure isn't equal to good, even in BoG Roshi wasn't sure about Goku being "pure" because he knows Goku is a selfish sociopath. Also Zeno

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I think that's possible too, but I think Goku will win and give his wish to 17.

so are telling me that Yamoshi - aka - Sun Wukong has been sealed away because he was dangerous for the existence of all the universes and that the Frieza Clan has a role in the sealing?

also more terada

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new cauli/kale cards and kefura awakening on global dokkan when?

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Pure can just mean unclouded as well. Pure good, evil, rage, serenity, autism, etc.

I wish I knew

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she's precious!

so Yamoshi could be basically someone with un-limited powers...somebody with an empty mind that simply fights without any restriction

I think we might have to turn this into a Cuteifla thread

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Pretty much. Legendary Super Sayain God Super Sayain Green Mastered Ultra Instinct of Legend (forma completado)


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Mangafags are fucking hypocrite.

They shitted on the Anime for the poor treatment of tien and krillin but in the Manga, where their treatment is worst, it's now a masterpiece

I don't get it desu


Praise her! Adore her! Caulifla Rosé!

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there are other legendary monkeys

I kek'd so hard when they tried to defend it too.

>all mangafags are one person

She's a Goddess! I love her!

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Not him but the majority of mangafags shitted on the Anime for that.

So now, a lot of them seems to have double standard

No that's a fucking bull

Jiren will get UI.

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No man, Zamasu has standards.

the Six Eared Macaque, Red Boy, Red Bottomed Horse Monkey,Long Armed Ape Monkey

Jirenfag prepare to BTFO.

Gurren Lagann?

right now he is using Kaioken and he's more powerful than MUI Goku

could MUI goku defeat madara uchiha?

I remeber many mangafags going mental because of Gkou using SSB against weaker teammates. Many mangafags are powerlevelfags and I can see them being happy with weaker fighters being eliminated quickly. Also, some mangafags did criticize Toyotaro for his humans' treatment.

Shhh, don't mention the name of better anime. It triggers the Sup Forums crossboarders and normalfags

probably in 6 months or whatever the usual delay is between games

Better be soon

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She sure is! She doesn't let that get to her head however. She is still the same peppy saiyan gal that would enjoy some greasy fast food when she comes and visits earth soon! Hopefully in the next arc after the movie.

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>acting like ttgl is some hidden gem no one knows about
First week on Sup Forums?

Bringing tien and krillin beside buu/cell/goten/trunk was retarded then.

You cannot defend this treatment, it's impossible without doing autistic screeching because they could have been replaced by much stronger fighters

Why does Super look like such garbage, what happened to QA?

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Gurren Lagan is shit though. You dimwit.

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Not really, I doubt many of the posters here know about it hough

How ready are you guys to see the Waifufags and Jirenfags BTFO after this final episode?

I'd love her however she is.

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Wasn't this what the Saiyans wore before they were assimilated into Freizas army?

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>Afterwards, Yamoshi’s spirit wandered in continuous search of six righteous-hearted Saiyans, seeking a new savior: Super Saiyan God.
I don't understand this part. He didn't become the Super Saiyan God, his spirit let Goku do it, somehow?

imagine actually cancelling a fucking show without any plans for continuing while the show is STILL peaking, toei is BRAINDEAD unless they announce they're coming back in 2019 they've fucked this opportunity HARD

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I agree. It's a shame. The ToP has peaked this show to an incredibly high point. On the other hand, they're obviously struggling with production.

It's better then DBS, it doesn't treat itself seriously and it pumped my blood rapidly in excitement. I won't deny that DBS had a climax rivalling it though, but TTGL wins because the plot and writing was decent

>wanting more inconsistent garbage anime instead of godly quality movie
What a shiteater

>assblasted tenfags hope earthlings are doing better in the manga
>assblasted tenfags face earthlings sucks in both version

No, that's filler crap

Is thay what he said? Please tell me he says that.

Red Boy isnt a monkey.

Yes, when Yamoshi spirit touch you you become SSG temporarily (and you feel dirty because you liked it)

>he doesnt know that super got saved


Is it me or does it look like he has boobs?

Its called being ripped as fuck and having big pecs

I just hope Yamoshi doesnt look like Goku. We need more diverse looking saiyans.

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If you really think this you are pretty dumb

Yeah you are right the image looked top small i couldnt see the angles in the pecs.

He looks so cool...

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So they say there will be Yamoshi from the past right?
Is the reason goku looks so young is because Yamoshi is meeting goku earlier in his life? Thats what it kinda looks like and why his gi is the way it is. I am just speculating of course.

Wait super took itself seriously? Since when?

Yamoshi discovered spiral power.

It's because they are using different artstyle for this movie. It takes place right after ToP.

Ratings are good, but they're hardly peaking.