Well, Sup Forums, how does it stack up? Have you watched it all in a row yet?

Was it worth the wait?

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kizu never

The third one was fucking shit, they hyped it up so much only for it to be a motherfucking 20 minutes fan service Hanekawa scene and a comical fight with a shitty ending.

It was good


>Harem western pandering garbage

>Having this shit taste.
You can go back to your shounens user.

This, movie started pretty good but went to shit with that longass fanservice, the battle was alright I guess but I don't care much about it in monogatari.

all terrible

I haven't bothered with this show since Monogatari "Second Season. As soon as it gets good they shove goofy ass harem and pedo shit in your face

Complete disappointment and waste of time and years of hype

this but unironically

monogatari series must be the biggest normie gateway ever

>anons unironically attempting to shit on an anime that they once praisd, once again showing how unsteady and weak their opinions are, only going with what the new "edgy and cool" opinion and spin anyone who disagrees as a REEE NORMIE, only furthering their inability to form a solid and steady opinon, which will most likely lead to a continuation of their lack of self and support the hivemind of humanity, that they protest to have no part in, but when in reality they're a bigger cog in the machine than most, just a cog that does nothing instead of something though

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It might surprise you, but people shitting on monogatari might happen because it actually is shit.

I liked the first season, also have many complaints about it. I read the novels and like them (well, later parts going to shit as Nishio is just forced to write endless continuations now). And i stopped watching it after Neko White, giving a try every new installment and inevitably dropping in disappointment.

The reasons for that are multiple : first, talented staff that worked on first season of Bakemonogatari left Shaft. Starting with Nisemonogatari series quality dropped very strongly.

Secondary, it is simply a bad adaptation. Nisio appeal is his writing and language, and Shaft adaptation does horrible job to translate it cutting a lot, flashing paragraphs from novel in "black scenes" and generally sustaining viewers interest exclusively by fanservice (up to labeling it Pornogatari) and dialogues inferiorly presented to novel, while also changing and mutating characters horrible to sell it (Hanekawa, sisters etc.).

Pretty much every other Nishio adaptation is beetter than Shafts - Katanagatari made proper length episodes presenting his writing, Medaka is very faithful to manga, even Juuni Taisen being adaptation of his weak work and shit is better as adaptation than what Shaft did.

So far the BEST adaptation of Nishio that no anime adaptation even compares is the Live Action one of Okitegami Kyouko - a series which also now proves more popular than Monogatari written to death and ruined by anime in Japan.

Not to forget Shaft completely ruining Nishio`s most prominent work - Zaregoto. How can anyone defend Shaft and monogatari franchize adaptation at this point, ESPECIALLY after Kizumonogatari is beyound me. Not that Kizu novel was great, but movies were just horrible.

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>Reddit spacing
>Responding with a novel


The novels do it better and despite Kizu looking nice, in terms of adaptation there was a shitton of unnecessary crap filler mostly because Aniplex stepped in and had to be a bunch of jews with a 3 part series when it could've sufficed as 1 or 2.

Some of the scenes in part 1 were drawn out too much, even for the sake of filling a timeslot since there was other important content which could have been adapted. The rest of the movies were fantastic. Of course normalfags are hating on it because the medium being pushed to its limits is too "weird" and "unnecessary" for them.

>medium being pushed to its limits
They expecte the limits pushed being not those at the bottom

Case in point: a normalfag who is terrified and confused after being dragged out of their comfort zone for a few hours.

I still don't get why people complain about Kizu so much. Is it just because of the adaptation? So if it doesn't go the way you want is shit?

Why don't you give actual reasons why you dislike stuff?

Instead of things like
>Their production budget was nonexistent, their writers are known to be pieces of shit, their voice actors are douschebags, their method of drawing/subbing/dubbing etc. is poorly chosen.

How about you say things like
>They failed to get this character to show the proper emotional response,they made this arc to be a lot less impactful/climactic/edgy/surreal etc, the dialogue was too esoteric/bland/impersonal/vulgar, they had too much/little lewd scenes of this character, their animations in this part don't fit with the tone/personifacation/human anatomy, I hate how they butchered certain key scenes/atmosphere/backdrops/clothes/character appearances.

Talk like a human being, not some film school graduate.

Nice pasta.

On topic though - It was shit. I concluded it is shit with no chance of redemption when they cut homeless Hanekawa from NekoWhite.

Not a pasta, I just naturally type like a dumbass.

But what in particular didn't you like about it?

They were fantastically animated and perhaps the best looking works Shaft has ever put out.

Umetsu is best living to date animator in existence, but Shaft occasional invitation of him (Madoka ep 10, Madoka movie OP, Kizumonogatari) does not make Shaft shows great looking. Just the shots he drew and superwised.

This. I don't get why they had to turn this into some kind of an abstract joke. It was so bad, I nearly gave up on the franchise for good. Fortunately, Owari proved again that they can actually do good shit if they want to.

Do you mean Oishi? Because he literally lists "Shaft" as his employer.

It was pretty good all things considered, but clearly its faults come from the product of being 3 movies for a 300 page book

I refuse to watch it because Sup Forums told me it's shit

The best monogatari by far.

It was fantastic, I marathoned all three of them in one sitting because my only prior experience of monogatari was the first season.
After having watched every subsequent season, I found both Kiss-Shot and Koyomi's characterisation fluent and flawed in the good way
And of course, the money $haft put into this did result in some spectacular animation I haven't really seen ever before
Etoile, et toi

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I didn't like it as much because the character interactions aren't as good (clearly because nobody knows each other well) and that's what I like most about the series.

Character design and animation are great.

And we got some best girl.

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it was good. 2>3>1

>reddit spacing
back to your DitF threads

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I can't believe it has been over 2 years since I made this edit.

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>Madhouse works on passion project for 7 years
>make best looking anime movie ever wining Kannes awards etc.
>Shaft spends years adapting short prequel novel for their popular series
>make 3 movies in shit quality , cgi, photographic footage and simple designs and animation (though comopared to their TV series which are ppt, having animation is huge improvement indeed)

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Novelfags really need to get over themselves, Nisio's writing isn't nearly good enough to warrant this much autism.

Shaft animation and direction really is not nearly good enougth to warrant ruining novels.

I like that argument. You can say that to literally everything and every user will agree since it's an opinion that dislike something.

>People should only have short posts
Literally the cancer that killed Sup Forums and is slowly killing Sup Forums. I bet you think Sup Forums isn't a place for serious discussion. You cancerous and dumb shit.

Sure, ESL-kun.

Shaft's production isn't nearly good enough to claim that it "improved the novels" or whatever bullshit you're spouting today, litfag.

>I can't into more than 3 words sentences
Go back to school kid.

you watch owari before kizu user

Is it even possible to write so much and say so little?

And after watching Kizu nothing feels as good. Fuck.

I watched these movies first and then I saw Nekomonogatari:Kuro and Bakemonogatari.

Here's your (You) Sup Forumsnon

How can someone take Sup Forums seriously when everyone here are fucking assholes spamming the same shit over and over again, make obvious bait but some anons still fall for it and their only response to an argument is: it's shit, it sucks, it's fucking awful. Now fuck off newfag.

>redemption when they cut homeless Hanekawa from NekoWhite.

They didn't cut it, they cut more important things than that by far. The only homeless part they cut was seeing how bad it was for her, she lost all her underwear and had to buy dollar store panties and bra, which is why they looked funny on her.

They cut out the detail of how her parents gave not a single fuck where she was and the callousness of the "family meeting" they had about the house burning down.

They cut down the letter where she admits to her abuse in detail and forced you to buy the BD to hear the rest. It's showed how broken the Hanekawa "family" was, and the truth of what was going on you never really hear in the analysis of her character.

They cut the glorious bonding of Crab and her awesome dad, which shows exactly how much support Crab has next to Cat being pretty much alone.

They cut the inner monologs where Hanekawa talks about how people shunned her when they found out about her family, and how her parents never even wanted to marry, it was social obligation, money, and stigma. It cut her confirming what she said in Bake, that she tried hard to be a good daughter and they just never wanted a family in the first place. The point about it being a house of individuals and cold detachment wasn't really hitting home in the anime.

And most damning, cut the month of her healing with Gahara and in tears of having to go hoe to confront her parents. The majority of the fanbase thinks it was all hunky dory post arc, but the anime took out the part where she knows she has this room until graduation, but there is no place for her there. The "I'm home" is merely her accepting herself and demanding a place for herself, but it's not her getting a family.

Which should have been obvious when she was in a hotel at New Year's in the Koimonogatari arc. They cut stuff from that too that explained Hanekawa's personality.

They cut

>They cut out the detail of how her parents gave not a single fuck where she was and the callousness of the "family meeting" they had about the house burning down.
This is the big one for me. I think it's fine for Shaft to cut things, and in fact they should cut things, because you can't copy and paste an entire novel to screen without making it tedious. But the issue is what they choose to keep and cut. Despite all the tedious, long-winded exposition and pointless banter with Crab (and pretty much only Crab) they keep in, they still manage to misrepresent the characters by cutting key pieces of dialogue.

I'd say this was actually a bigger problem with Nadeko than with Hanekawa. She comes across pretty differently between novel and anime in Otori. And given the lyrics to Mousou Express, I'd submit that nobody working at Shaft really understood the point of her character in the first place.

Haven't found a download for part 3 yet, and I hate streaming.

lmao how can you be this autistic. Just watch it already, who the fuck cares if its streaming? The qualitys bearable.

That being said should you still read the novels if you have an interest in the series?

It was shit.

>REEE they cut some scenes of my waifu, including a letter which took literally two episodes worth of time to fully read when they included it as a BD extra
>Shaft is shit!
Standard catfag autism. Move along.

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