>wants to date geeky beta
>calls them darling
>has sweet tooth
>flaunts body constantly
Not that I'm complaining, but is originality dead?

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>wants to date geeky beta
Ataru is anything but a geeky beta

No, Lum is a good character. Big difference.

This is why 02 is far better.

t. geeky beta

It's a pretty obvious homage/reference OP.

Like, this isn't an issue of "originality" so much as it's working with ideas familiar to the viewer to lead them into the narrative.


Someone hasn't watched Urusei Yatsura

I understand OP may be confused but unlike modern anime male protagonists Ataru has a personality.

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should I read Urusei Yatsura?

Fuck off already, 02 will be forgotten once her show is done. Lum literally became one of the most iconic characters in the medium.

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>Lum literally became one of the most iconic characters in the medium.
when DitF stops airing Lum will once again be forgotten. She's only seeing popularity as some weird trolling tactic.

You do realize that Lum is famous and Iconic enough to be immortalized with a commemorative statue alongside ASTRO BOY, right?

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Can I cum on the Lum statue?

And despite all that she will magically disappear from these threads when anons have to stop pretending to be Yatsura fans.

You know what a homage and/or reference is, right?

I don't know if you know this but Sup Forums talked about Urusei Yatsura long before Darling in the Franxx aired, there was a huge series of threads where an user streamed the whole anime series and people posted about it as it streamed.

All this show did was up the conversation because more people are looking it up or remembering UY.

>Lum will once again be forgotten
By who exactly? She's literally one of the most iconic characters back in nipland. It's just like what this user stated. She got a gold statue along with other iconic characters like Astro Boy/Joe Yabuki/Matel.

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>wants to date geeky beta
>flaunts body constantly

This applies to most waifus, so you're going to need more similarities.


I guess you've never wandered into a what pre-2000s anime are you watching thread in the last 5 years, huh? People ride Yatsura's dick ALL THE TIME.

Wait, there's English scans? Got a link?

I don't have a torrent or anything but:

Yes, but it's frowned upon

I don't care I'm gonna cum on the statue


Just cover it up when you're done

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damn this is my fetish now

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>putting a 700 dollar scarf on an anime statue

Well, I'm glad you have a new fetish

Sounds like you weren't around for the anniversary.
Fucking newfags these days.

That's like 7 Yen in Japan so it's quite cheap actually.

>lum is for ________

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>Yes, but it's frowned upon

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... Darling. ;_;

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I want to impregnate that statue


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Lum is pretty, zerotwo looks like generic crap

I like Urusei Yatsura but Lum is hardly a good character. Pretty much everyone in Urusei Yatsura is a one dimensional character. But Lum is the "idealized" one dimensional character, just like Shampoo. The average person who remembers her will just remember her for how she looks and a few of her catch phrases. She's on the level of someone like Ruri from Nadesico. A character not intended to be the main lead, but became the lead because of fan popularity.

>she's on the level of someone like Ruri from Nadesico

Delete this

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Does the truth hurt too much?

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She looks like some cheap whore you'd find in a ghetto alley


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>is originality dead?
The Japanese are the ultimate borrowers. Didn't you see Aoi Honoo? That scene with Okada Toshio where he's talking about how it's okay to pirate trademarked logos if you just change things up a little? That is one of the CORE tenets of Japanese culture. They borrow from everything, and have throughout recorded history.

The shit thing is they're all left-to-right. Urusei Yatsura got translated and released in English in that period when western releases of manga had to be turned into left-to-right reading order.

I want to fug that statue.


name 1 that does this in the past few years.

I don't think that's a real burberry scarf. Fuck, even in the US you can get knockoffs in any store for less than $20.

>starts off as the villain
>becomes a generic bimbo
I don't get why she got so popular aside from looking slightly better than our typical 1980s anime girl. But hey, this is the same decade where Madoka from KOR got popular.

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>Madoka from KOR got popular.
Madoka is a complete babe. One of the few good tsundere desu.

>doesnt turn into a completely mess when the mood turns romantic
>isn't afraid of teasing the MC and taking the lead
>doesn't beat the shit out of him, gives him a slap or two at most when he deserves it

It's all in the design, which was unique for its time. A cute alien girl wearing a bikini madly in love with a japanese boy was pretty new for 1978.

The other characters were better, like Ran, Ataru's mother, Cherry etc.

>does this all behind the back of her best friend, who is very open about her love for the mc

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02 is way hotter then the scribble on the left. That's a huge difference.

>gets mad at the MC every single episode for a misunderstanding she already knows is not his fault
>keeps holding a grudge for the very first misunderstanding despite the fact that she knows Hikaru was the one who started it and it wasn't the MCs fault
>expects the MC to clear everything up and doesn't take the initiative herself
She's not a Tsundere. She's just a stuck up, entitled girl who can get by on her looks.

Nothing is truly "original". Everything created is simply a revision of something that already existed but with slight differences (I find that the biggest leaps of changes lead to something renowned. That's why the little change in anime has left us with nothing truly great). This process repeats itself until the new product is completely different from the original inspiration; it then becomes what we call "original". Lum, herself, was also created through this process.

You may hate 02, but she'll serve as a good stepping stone for better characters to come that fix her mistakes and who are original in their own ways.


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Lum was an antagonist for a grand total of one chapter.

I didn't know blind people could post on Sup Forums.

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They basically went down a quirky cool girl checklist to make 02.

Lum wasn't meant to be a recurring character. If you read the manga, chapter 2 is the one with the mirror demon doesn't even mention her; it was meant to be the misadventures of Ataru & Shinobu.

Is FeMC of new show as adorable and youthful as Lum? That might convince me to pick it up.

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Aka. Not Ataru.

Only read the manga, never touched the anime.

Yeah Urusei Yatsura was pretty clearly conceived with the formula of

Ataru and Shinobu run into some weirdness, with Shinobu getting pissed and dumping Ataru over it.

Lum becoming a recurring character changed the plans.

You're aware there have been UY threads long before DitF aired, right? There will also be more after it ends. Seasonal junk food come and goes. UY is a classic.

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She retained a lot of her antagonistic properties for multiple seasons in the anime. Once she truly got rid of these, then she became the happy bimbo she's portrayed as the rest of the series. You can tell this just by her design, let alone her personality changes. Her eyes and hair become softer, she starts wearing more frilly dresses, her fangs get hidden more and she smiles more like a cute girl, etc. In effect, she becomes less and less "Oni" as the series goes on. By the end, she's just a generic girl. Albeit a lot more beautiful than the average background girl.

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Yeah those design changes don't really exist in the original manga.

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Nice try. Lum was never that sadistic.

Also, Ataru deserved everything she gave him.

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Left or right?

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Most of the time but I like that Lum despite being an angel wasn't perfect. There were a couple times she tried to hide her own flaws out of embarrassment and got called out on it. It shows that all in all she's still a naive young girl.


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hiro had one for a couple episodes

it's not

Left has more style

Rumiko Takahashi has an amazing sense of style for her characters.

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confirmed for not having ever red UY
kind, but Lum is more childish sometimes
she is popular, but not charismatic
>wants to date geeky beta
Ataru is neither of those things: he is actually the reverse harem protagonist, that one guy that wants the harem
>has sweet tooth
Not really, but both have weird sense of taste
>flaunts body constantly
original costume
while it works for Lum, 02 was never openly jealous and the only time she was pissed at 015 was because she called her a monster

One is an actual cultural icon while the other is just a flavor of the month derivative.

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>is originality dead?
Yes. I'm sure the next season of anime will feature blatant garbage versions of other timeless characters, maybe a bishonen Kenshiro or Astro Boy only he's a trap.

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Fucking hell, I hate high rise bottoms.

>Astro Boy only he's a trap
Would ironically watch this.

She was the “villain” for like 15 minutes lmao

OP here, I don’t hate zero who lmao.
Just saying it’s drastically similar.

We all know the real reason you'd watch Boku no Astro Pico and it's not irony.

Neck yourself

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She was one of my first faps, along with Bulma. Good times.

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>waifu fag lashing out

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Can't go wrong with more horny girls.

I want fuck that statue.

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Thanks man.

Meh, I honestly could care less about that.

While it is true that her design is de-oni-fied, I strongly disagree that Lum is generic. For one she's a consistently entertaining character in a romcom and that is all that she needs to be, and secondly she never really loses that waifu aura of a girl so completely devoted to her Darling. Lum is the quintessential waifu, she has these weird and cute quirks and will do everything for Darling, it really is more than just her looks, Lum has a great personality. You can't cast her off as generic without trashing 99% of anime girls, honestly.

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Don't forget that Lum may love Ataru she will not tolerate his more garbage moments.

does a real life statue count as official "art" ?