Why was this such a big hit? It's not bad...

Why was this such a big hit? It's not bad, but it's not really distinguished compared to all the other CGDCT each season.

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I don't understand why people like camping. Went camping once and it was one of the worst experiences ever

>tiny tent
>hard as fuck ground with just a shitty sleepingbag
>shitty food
>no electronics
>pissing in the woods
>no privacy
>danger of a bear or wolf fucking eating you alive in your sleep

fuck that


If you don't like the outdoors in general then camping might not be for you, or maybe you do like the outdoors and you just don't want to sleep there. But a lot of your problems can be easily fixed.
>Get bigger tent
>Get padded mat
>Bring better food
>Learn to enjoy life unplugged goddammit
>Go somewhere with less people
>Bring a gun

As for pissing in the woods, if you don't like that then I can't help you. Personally, it's my favorite part about camping, especially when I imagine the possibility of a centipede swimming up my pee stream and into my urethra.

>but it's not really distinguished compared to all the other CGDCT each season
This outs you as someone who doesnt watch many cute girl shows. Yuru Camp stood out because it felt different. The relationships were believeable, the girls werent worn out tropes to the extreme, and the music and comfy atmosphere sucked people in.

Pretty simple, most other CGDCT are high-school shit while this one focus on camping and nature.
Most CGDCT would benefit a lot from changing the setting


The music is the big seller for more. Its perfect atmosphere music that makes everything click.

That and all of Rin's reactions to things make me happy.

>fantastic soundtrack
>likeable characters with good designs and great expressiveness
>humor was well done
>relaxing atmosphere that isn't broken by the humorous asides
>beautiful scenery
>cooking advice, camping advice, and every other scene felt grounded in reality
Overall it is just a well put together show. It has what you want out of a cute girls show but manages to stay chill. Most of these shows get more and more high energy as they go on because the writers run out of ways to keep the characters interesting. Yuru Camp doesn't have that problem.

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I dunno man I'm not crazy about Euro Camp but sometimes spending a night or two in the wilderness is really refreshing.

>>tiny tent
Get a bigger tent, retard
>>hard as fuck ground with just a shitty sleepingbag
Get a better sleeping bag, retard
>>shitty food
Bring better food, retard
>>no electronics
Not everyone needs to be stuck to a screen 24/7
>>pissing in the woods
How exactly is this a problem?
>>no privacy
Camp somewhere more secluded?
>>danger of a bear or wolf fucking eating you alive in your sleep
Wolves don't fuck with humans often. You really don't have to worry about bears if you take the proper food storage and prep precautions. Just bring bear spray

This probably has a lot to do with it, but it seems like just about every season there's a new CGDCT show that people go nuts over. A few seasons ago I saw people talking about Anne Happy and Amanchu nonstop. They weren't bad or good, just comfy. I don't see much of anything about them anymore.

At least Amanchu has the water theme thing right? that's something, as long as it's not terribly generic high-school setting it's passable

I just wondered why Yuru Camp was such a blockbuster compared to, say, Slow Start, though.

slow start's art style is moeblobby and the first episode is terrible

avoiding moeblobs is just about enough for any CGDCT show to stand out

I want to nut inside Nadeshiko and make her pregnant.


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3d women were a mistake

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slow start is blatant pandering and yuribaiting
yuru camp is something more refreshing and palatable

> comparing ugly Japs to 2D
That's a bit unfair.

>just comfy
How is that not enough?

Maybe because Slow Start is utter shit.

Because it has become topical. People like talking about how (surprisingly) good it is on twitter and believe it or not plenty of people (some normalfags among them for sure) like talking about camping as well.
It's certainly pretty good but as a long time SoL watcher I prefer Slow Start and in terms of show quality this season has Sora Yori and VEG.

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So basically you're a poorfag with a cheap tent, cheap sleeping bag and cheap food.
>no electronics
As in "my phone is out of signal"? That's the entire point of camping, dumbass.
>no privacy
Yeah, it must be awkward peeing with all those squirrels and bugs looking at you.
>danger of a bear or wolf
Just buy a fucking gun you faggot.

Anne Happy was garbage though.

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>, but it's not really distinguished compared to all the other CGDCT each season.
Well most people disagree and that is why it is a hit.

Slow Start is bad. I mean, I watch it because I enjoy cute girls and fanservice but it isnt good.

>the girls werent worn out tropes to the extreme,

I disagree. Rin and Nadeshiko are nice but the club dorks where a complete waste of air time.

Extreme levels of comfyness. Basically all this . Also i think it won't be near as enjoyable to binge watch it later. Compared to same Slow Start, yeah it's generic CGDCT with yuri flavour, but i haven't stopped till ep11 after starting it this late in the season and god i wish there were more to it.

>not loving naobou

Because your opinions aren't the only ones in the world.

Something is not pandering or baiting just because it triggers your feeble americuck mind.