Genderswapped Characters

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Why not? is it against the rules?

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Screw the rules I have a boner

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Screw the rule I have boobs

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How desperately do I wish this was canon.

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Sure is a fucking lot of tumblrshit in here.

If you have something better then post it

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Oh wait, is this better?

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does this count?

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Wasn't it canon though? I always assumed this was the secret Ivankov was hiding about "him".

99% Oda has never clarified what Crocodile's secret was, so not canon.

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His secret is he unknowingly fucked an okama Ivankov hormone'd. Calling it now

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At least post good ones faggots. What's with all this Deviant Art tier trash.

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I'm not sure if this ruins or improves Kamina

I think I love Shehawk, why aren’t there more manga about sexy swordswomen

Oh wow.

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That's a dumb unconfirmed fan theory.

Ivankov probably just caught Croco-boy humping a blowup doll or something because he's a filthy virgin.

heres what really happened

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Imagine getting her teen pregnant and crushing her dream of being a hero

>Says others are shit
>Posts this


does her crotch explode when it gets sweaty?

Imagine her empty eyes, as she stops in the middle of trying to cook dinner having had to start over due to exploding it three times prior in frustration, to look out at news. And sees old pathetic deku living her dream saving thousands and surrounded by fans, tears and rage clouding her vision. Before her child cries and she comes back to reality to comfort it, deciding cooking should just die and to order something instead

femDeku must have cowtits

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God Baku must have the worst life. His balls have fire crackers go off on them when they get sweaty. No wonder why he's so fucking angry all the time

Silly user, Deku is her husband.

So the VA can kill her Easier?

That makes it better. She's jealous but still loves him. maybe she tries to go vigilantly at some point to try and recapture her glory days. and has to be saved by him she's so out of practice/ unathletic now

My fucking waifu.

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holy shit!!! fem bakugo is really cute!!!

Especially when she has a little dynamite in the oven

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>gets genderswapped
>first thing he does is grab the boobs
At least a halfway realistic depiction.

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>tsundere bitch

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No Naruko yet?

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arthur is a separate character, not a genderswap

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Genderswapped WanPi characters are unironically awesome

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Is it wrong that I'd fuck all of them?

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This one has shit art though, Simon is literally a man with fake boobs

Isn't there any other with the teeth?

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Wow.Sup Forums really forgot about her.

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FemKaiba may be the hottest concept in the medium

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An "oldie but a, etc"

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bonus points for no recasting required, at least in the Western Pacific!

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the special episode in Black lagoon

I don't like this.

Saitomo is pretty hot.

Both of them are ugly

Funny thing here, I could still see this more or less working, even though a lot of the jokes are explicitly built around flipped gender norms and expectations.

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Mama Gendo is perfect.

Shinji best girl

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It was a joke on how Saber is a genderswap of the actual Arthur but I treat her like she's the real one.

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Literally just a normal shoujo manga now.

Seo would still be best boy

Implying this uber bitch wouldn't just falcon punch herself to abort it.