Sora Yori

Antarctica is a beautiful place.

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A beautiful place to cry.


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Where is the "All the girls are best girls" option?

I liked the music in this montage.

This week. Antarctica is pic related.

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There is another episode right user? I want to see Shirase-chan smile again. I don't want her to be sad anymore.

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>TV Series, 13 episodes
Smiles and warm fuzzy feels will be returned unto us, user. I hope.

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>All three huddled together crying from sadness and frustration because they can't do anything to help Shirase but to wait for her to release her pent-up grief despite how much Shirase has done for them.

>mom died a few months ago
I knew this episode was going to make me cry bitch tears, but god damn.

The Thing episode when?

Well played, user.

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Why is this show so melodramatic?

I feel like they went a bit overboard there. I mean, if your goal is to eavesdrop, you should try to hide your crying somewhat no?
Still a great scene though regardless.

They muted themselves, didn’t you notice?

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>When something starts cute but then ends up heart breaking

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I dont think they were trying to eavesdrop
They probably gave Shirase some space but stayed near to support her
It's natural they would cry with her

>Goes to Antarctica to find her mother.
>Discovers herself instead.
Do you think Shirase was fully conscious of sending those mail? I think she would do it without thinking. That it had become a ritual she'd perform every day without considering what it meant. So when she opened her mother's inbox she saw her own feeling of grief and that's what broke her.

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They weren't eavesdropping, asshole. They where sincerely worried about Shirase and couldn't stay away from her but knew they couldn't be right next to her either

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Because the show is melodramatic? Was that some sort of trick question or (merely pretending)?
It builds up to several emotional cheap shots, but that's kinda the point. Asking why SoraYori is "melodramatic" is like asking "why do people fight so much?" in any typical shounen series.

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Shirase got the pengins
This makes my smile the big smile.

Thanks for watching with me Sup Forums

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Yeah, her cries sound like her suddenly waking up of that "dream" sensation she said she always felt at the start of the episode. Time to move on girl.

They're staying close because they don't want to leave her alone but they know she needs some space so they wait for her outside. It wasn't to eavesdrop, they're worried. And when they cry it wasn't just because Shirase cried. It's because they know they can't do anything to help her when Shirase is at her most vulnerable.

Does that not count as eavesdropping though? You can still have positive intentions while doing so.

Is so sad knowing next week is the end. A S2 would probably ruin it, but Id watch it anyways.

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Eavesdropping makes it sound so sinister.

>No votes for Yuzuki
Feels bad, I want to change my vote.

What she has known for years, that her mother has passed away) is finally sinking in despite the her attempts to dodge, skit, or gloss over that truth. Shirase isn't ignorant or stupid, but she's finally confronting the truth in the tactile form of her own emails to her mum. Heartwrenching stuff. Haven't cried watching weekly episodes in a long time, but this one did it for me.

For some reason it was this scene that made me realise that we were in for a pretty good show.
And boy I wasn't wrong

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Does it though? It just means listening in on something you aren't directly a part of.
I'd rather not debate semantics, but maybe I just found it a tiny bit exaggerated is all. I guess I can see how teenage girls might react that way though.

Let's predict the epilogue.

Playing games/being friends with Megu
Going to college to study science
Goes back to high school (alternatively enjo kousai)
Idol stuff, but starts to make new friends.

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Noticed how the girl that gets the most votes is always the one that was relevant in the episode. Last time it was Hinata and the previous time a match between Hinata and Yuzu.

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My wife is so smart.

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Yuzuki is lowkey best girl. She's in the background of most scenes, despite having given up the most to be part of the expedition. However, as part of the expedition she found some True Friends™ that don't care about her celebrity status.

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She's been repressing all her emotions. When Hinata reminded her of saying "Zamamirou" she acted like she forgot. That's why I think she didn't remember sending the mails.

Was hoping her autism moe would land her a few votes at least.

So about that one unsent e-mail, they will get back to this in the final episode right?
It will be Tatako's final message to Shirase and will finally set her free and give her a new purpose.

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Hinata and Yuzuki are gonna transfer to Kimari and Shirase's highschool and they'll all be friends together with Megumi too

Probably, 13 will be all about closure.

Something involving penguins I hope.

That one idolfag

After seeing there wasn't any "All SoraYoris are Best SoraYoris" option I defaulted to Hinata. I think Shirase is getting an inordinate number of votes due to the latest episode. Still, I'm with you. Yuzuki is truly a good girl who deserves some votes.

These girls are alright

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So it's a bad idea to watch this anime after a few drinks. I cried hard and loud enough that people came and checked up on me to see if someone in my family had died.

I think she genuinely forgot about that for seconds. Her fear of not being able to move on is messing with her heart. As for the mails I think it was part of her 'living as if she was waiting for her mother to come back' thing.

Protest voted for durians since I can't equally protect all of them.

Mari graduates, goes to college, realize she peaked early, drops out due to depression, becomes a prostitute.
Shirase becomes a researcher, realizes its more boring than she thought it would be, quits, and spends her days on welfare debating science topics on internet forums.
Hinata tries to become an author, fails, spends her days writing fanfiction before committing suicide due to loneliness and depression.
Yuzu becomes an idol, experiences moderate success, and is unexpectedly stabbed to death by a stalker fan.
t. Season 2 written by Gen Urobuchi.


Did you tell them that it was because you were watching obscure japanese cartoons about underage girls?

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I ran out of drinks halfway though. God I could use another whiskey sour after that gut-punch episode.

Yeah, it's been awhile since I cried like this.

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I've been drinking straight vodka so I'm a hot mess.
No but they saw the screen since I didn't notice them come in. Got the good judgemental looks

Is it legal to hug them

Fucking kek.

Not being able to move on was her greatest fear. But that fear was stopping her from doing the things she needed to do to move on. This wasn't just being sad that her mom was gone. She was clinically depressed.
Hinata said she had tested out. Would they even let her back in school if she'd already graduated on paper?

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Where were you at the time?


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Post reaction faces.

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Could be a work email about the observatory. Takako was corresponding with the polar researchers back in Japan about their plan to built the observatory.

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Fuck no, it's an icy desert.

I'd cry too

There's good and bad melodramatic.



Learn the difference.

I will take care of Gin.

I've been drinking since I got off work about 7hrs ago, but that's neither here nor there. I found some tequila I'd forgotten about, so it's time to get comfy and catch up on Yuru Camp while I drink away these feels.

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Shut it Kanae, you fuck up her hair.

Yeah, I think it'll be a lovely but undramatic last letter to her daughter that they handle in the first half of the finale. They'll be leaving Antarctica as they go into the commercial break, and the second half will be their return to life as usual. They'll all stay friends forever and we'll never see them again ;_;

When did SoraYori become AA?

Stop using words you clearly dont understand the definition of.
Drama: Literally any type of inter-character conflict, though usually of a personal nature.
Melodrama: Drama in which consistency and development of characters is sacrificed for the sake of exaggerated emotions, serves to create the illusion of the plot moving forward, instead usually means having characters regress, only to return to where they once were before said melodrama plaid out. See literally every romcom where the couple have a fight before getting back together in the end as an example.
SoraYori clearly does none of the later, so learn the difference.

Buzz Aldrin's phrase about the moon works well for Antarctica: "Magnificent desolation."

Sure, it's a desert, but it's still gorgeous.

That sounds more like a Takotsuboya doujin.

Sounds like sayings on knick knacks with 4 different fonts your mom would buy

AA discourages drinking in excess. SoraYori makes you feel like more drinking/drugs is the most efficient way to feel remotely positive after watching that episode.

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I feel like the only way a S2 could happen is if they decided to tell the story from Takako's perspective, with maybe a few flash forwards to the girls after returning from Antarctica.

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That mirror reflection

Will they find a Momsicle?

Yoris on the moon OVA when?

Since the girls boarded the ship. Alcohol abuse is rampant below 66°S.

How would have Shirase's life went if Gin accepted the change?

Did they find the momsicle?

It's just the "forced drama" meme making a comeback.
Forced AOTS.

Right after "A Place Closer to the Universe" when a different group of girls set off on an expedition to climb K2.

To be honest I feel the opposite. I was feeling devastated after watching a couple episodes of Rose of Versailles earlier, but SoraYroi brought me back to feeling great. It's a good pain.

I hadn't considered that.

Gin and Takako's story. The story will move from high school to college and then work. It will end right before they heard the news about the new base and the new icebreaker.

This is just too cruel.

I'm strangely okay with this.

Nah. No physical Okaasicle located. Just an outpouring of tears that most of us didn't know we had left in us.

A beautiful face!

Now THIS would make me miserable.

It was nice to get it all out. I haven't felt like that in a long time.

They refer to literally the same thing though. "Forced-X" is just a bastardized Sup Forums-fication of actual critique terminology that gets so thrown out it has no meaning anymore, and might as well be on the same tier as "normie" or "soyboy" as a display of the level of intelligence by whoever uses such terms.

>tfw the emails start pouring in.

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After Story with the closure arc having been an earlier aired series. Ouch.

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