Why do people like this?

Why do people like this?

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Exciting anime is exciting

What's not to like?
Great animation?
Great soundtrack?
Great characters?
Memorable moments?

Because it's one of the few anime where every objective element is just plain well-executed aside from a few hiccups. Even if people don't like it, it's for subjective reasons.

Newshit first anime.

Why do anons make posts like this?


The original widowmaker

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Because it's good.

We've been here long enough to have Sup Forums turn against TTGL.
Meanwhile, Evafags are still sucking Anno's dick as if they were this brand of "superior intellectuals" over that shallow piece of shit.

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Leave and never return

I'm so incredibly mad about these posts.

Let this be bait too, please.

It's objectively more fun and exciting than anything that's out in the last 5 years.
Man no needs to be salty. I like both TTGL and Eva.

You don't need a profound narrative to create an enjoyable story. It uses the visual medium well, has some good songs, and appeals to pathos.

Your in a bad bait thread in case you didn't notice.

It's fun

Fun things are fun
-Yui Hirasawa

Because it's good

Shit taste will always exist.
And it will always be prevalent here.

Sup Forums hasn't changed an neither have newshits

'hurr I've been watching anime and browsing Sup Forums for a long time (6 months), my superior intellect fails to explain how inferior peasants like x"

Yes, case example being (you)

>objectively good
Fuck off and continue your objectively good pipe dream in plebbit and MAL

For me, it's the OST.
Otherwise I think that I'd find TTGL to be rather forgettable.

it's deep

I didn't say objectively good you mongoloid, I said elements which can be measured objectively are well-executed.

>Objectively well executed
>worst oxymoron
Fuck off retard

Are you saying there is literally no element to a work that can be measured objectively with regards to competency of execution? What the fuck?

Are you that insecure that your retarded opinion will be discarded if you don’t add objectively somewhere in there? To tell whether something is well executed or not requires you to draw an axis according to some standards and check the side of axis the elements fall on. So since it's not independent of axis(perspective) you are not doing it objectively.

Let's just not create an hegemony over what should be considered as well executed. Western retarded art world always does that and it's fucking stupid

I know this may be hard to believe, but there was a point in time where an anime could be popular and well liked without half thr show being about fingering grade-school moeblobs.

Those must be really boring and dark times

Because it's good?

So you really are saying there is no possibility of any degree of objectivity when it comes to determining whether any single thing made by man was skillfully created or not. ok

>baby's first contrarian post

I don't like Gurren Lagann, but can you tell me more about this moe show you are talking about?

It's definitely overrated, but I wouldn't call it bad. I don't think it's amazing though, just average.

Yeah unless it's self referential like "he's skilled at catching flies with mouth" which just means "he can catch flies with mouth"
But when you say "this element is skillfully done", you gotta explain "how and with reference to what standards"
Now stop with this objective garbage. just experience the work and decide for yourself whether you find it valuable or not

Literally nothing else

Its an homage to all the super mecha's before it, you even see characters that look like MC in previous mech shows.
Focuses on masculinity in a positive light
Perfect spund track for what it wanted to convey.
Very uplifting, animation wasnt the best but still looked awesome for what it was supposed to be.

Shin Mazinger Z does everything GL wants do, better

You know what, i would agree but what end up happening created something different and thats what made this series so successful

Because it's good