>Grfiffith did nothing wrong

Well fags, apologise. After 2 decades of retardation we finally know she craves the Femto dick.

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i stopped reading long ago


Miura's art changed and became more simple and flat because they're on Elfheim. When they leave they'll return to their usual selves.
Proof: The Rickert chapter wasn't all that long ago and it looked great.

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The fuck is that

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that is bullshit

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Sorry Miura you didn't forgot how to draw

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>Chapter literally shows Casca going doki-doki for Gaatsu
>Craving Femto dick
Get over it dude you guys lost.

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Dont forget the next page where they all pick up on that and figure it out.

Fuck off with this JRPG shit.

Did she really need that mahou shoujo dress? She's a warrior for fuck's sake.

Blame the elf King (Queen).

man shut up she looks cute

Rough translation for y'all faggits


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Is she screaming at the end because she’s remembering the eclipse?

Biggest news this chapter is the Fairy King confirming Berserk has Dark Elves and Dark Elf Royalty exist. When will we get to see some dark elf booty?

eat grasses

Looks like it to me

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Hiatus confirmed or no? We didn't get that "til next time!" bullet to the head

Yea well done Guts well done..... However

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She gonna get mad.

She's going to have another mind break and then it's off to another elven island after 5 years of boat.

Good job Miura, you art is frankly amazing, but I can't bear more of your bullshit story telling. 15 fucking years of reading this fucking series and I'm done. Shitty dime a dozen shounen series might be garbage but at least they go somewhere and don't go on hiatus as the cusp of what everyone's been waiting for FOR YEARS.

Casva is probably going to remember everything, then go full black swordswoman arc on the whole world with Guts to kill Griffith.

>implying that's a problem
Towards the end of the Golden Age, she was incredibly thirsty for Griffith's dick even after she had fucked Guts. Casca is and has always been a slut.

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>She remembered the rape
>she had an orgasm

Miura best cuckold.

I been on this train for 13, relax bro it's getting there. You already invested all this time.

I'm baffled by comments like these. Did they literally expect Casca to revert back to Golden Age without so much as a hitch? Everyone knew this moment was gonna have some PTSD stuff, it was obvious since the fucking Eclipse happened.

So I have to assume all the people making comments like these are just shitposting

guts a mere dog, as depicted by miura, he always needs an owner to tell him where to bite or sit
as soon as he tries and do something else, he fucks it up for everyone (his foster dad, band of the hawk and soon his new friends)

I know you're joking, but it's not that he can't be independent; it's that he hasn't had many opportunities in his life to be independent. He's always been in bondage in one form or another. That's been a big part of what contrasts him from Griffith who has represented freedom.

Guts was forced to fight, Griffith chose to fight. Guts had his boyhole sold, Griffith chose to sell his. Griffith chose to associate with demons, Guts was forced to. He is literally branded like a slave while Griffith is seen as a bringer of freedom.

>Well the framing of the encounter is from her POV and it visually suggests Guts as an evil presence. The fact that the Griffith she remembers is the tortured one they were trying to rescue instead of the traitor Demon is pretty iffy as well.
Wait you're saying that Miura chose to visually portray Guts in a way that makes him look dark and evil? Shit that clearly must have some deep significance and not just be a portrayal of his inner turmoil and how he appears to others. This has never been done before.

no user no
stop fooling yourself, when he switched to digital everything turned moe ass
i've accepted it long ago, you should do too

there are a few "manually" drawn panels, that remind you of the old art, but are very limited and for important stuff.

feel free to call me a faggot next chapters if it turns out differently

>Miura chose to visually portray Guts in a way that makes him look dark and evil?
No, Miura chose to portray Guts as seen from Casca's POV in a manner that equates him with the horrors of the Eclipse. The spread doesn't have the mad dog behind Guts, it has the Eclipse.

I bet Casca suffers another mental breakdown, the tldr being that she can no longer see Guts again without causing permanent damage/risk to her health. Guts is forced to leave to do ____________

it hurts, boys

You do an entire arc and more on cleansing her mother fucking soul using the power of everything in the book, and the first thing that happens when she's back is she goes into PTSD. THE FIRST THING, AFTER 1 MINUTE OF SANITY, IS SHE GOES INTO FUCKING PTSD.

We all know Griffith is going to win in the end, Guts has 0 chance to win against 5 gods except by some spectacular ass pull, but the least that can happen is to have him be happy for 5, fucking, minutes.

It's like a circle of NTR.

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Then she is associating all the horrible stuff with Guts in her mind. Correct me if I am wrong but only time she saw Guts was when she was getting raped and he was held by demons.

1 minute of sanity was a lot more than what one would have expected if she had regained all her memories at once.

But you seem like some retard from Sup Forums, there are a lot of those in Berserk threads and they always miss the point of everything about the manga.

Not fair.

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Nah, this is her moment to run away in tears, Guts had that same moment when the full realization of what happened kicked in. But instead of Skull Knight and a bunch of ghosts, Casca has a night of sex and loving with Guts.

Or she rejects him, he says "thats fine" and leaves to resume his Black Knight-era revenge quest with Casca and the group left behind (who will all embark on a quest to find Guts later on along with Casca). Either way we're in for a treat.

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Because seeing him forced her to remember the eclipse. She associates it with him. That doesn't mean she thinks Guts caused it like the guy I was responding to was trying to argue.

The feels

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Then tell me what the point is smart guy, since you obviously are aware of everything.

This was by far the best period for the manga visuals-wise. From around the last fight in Golden Age up until pre-Conviction (some leeway is allowed if some people want to include Conviction but I don't think it's at the same level).

It's not just that the drawings and expressions were on-point, but the paneling, composition and visual flow of the story were 10/10. Conviction still has good flow but the arc after that loses a lot of the impressionistic, graphic flair and opts to go for a double spread spam of ultra-realistic stuff that ends up feeling too static.

>chapter everyone has been waiting for forever
>literally nothing happens
Bravo Miura

Nah this is the setup for the next chapter, where the real fun begins.

The one thing that's so noticeable between his old style and the new style is the nose.
Why is it SO ROUND NOW.
You start seeing it when Roderick is first introduced.

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why would he rush a climactic moment that's been coming for decades?

I can't wait for it, when does the next come out?

The point is that it's impossible for Casca, and by extension her relationship with Guts, to reset back to Golden Age status after everything that transpired. Casca had no space or time to process what happened because she mentally checked out for years, while Guts dealt with all of it by himself and did some fucked up shit to both himself and Casca in the process. Guts has built up a lot of expectations and a lot has changed for him while he tried to get Casca back, and Casca will start remembering years worth of events in the space of a couple of minutes, hours at most. This "reunion" should not be a clean, easy moment, because nothing has been clean or easy since the Eclipse no matter how much the recent magic hijinks make you think otherwise. There is a gulf between Guts and Casca that has to be attended to, and let's not even get into what Casca will think about Griffith considering her last sane opinion of him was a mixture of looking up to his ideal while pitying his current (at the time) form.

You, and many others, just self-insert into Guts and want everything to be simple.

I honestly not seeing this. The panelling might have gotten a bit weirder, but holy shit that tortired Girffith page in this chapter is so well-drawn.

It's back on hiatus no clue.

>Judeau is in love with Casca
>Casca is in love with Guts and Griffith
>Guts is in love with Casca
>Griffith is in love with Guts
>no one is in love with Judeau

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after a night's sleep I finally see
Miura is going to make the reverse of their first sex scene: instead of Guts being fucked up because of wise magical negro, casca is going to need someone to support on to get over it. guts has grown into a pretty mentally stable (at least taking into account the shit he has to deal with) dude, so he can do it. it's like poetry, it rhymes
everything will be daijoubu

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The previous arc was literally Farnesa and Shirke helping her process it enough to stop being a vegetable.

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She had an extreme form of dissociative identity disorder to protect her psyche from trauma that she couldn't handle. Now that she is cured she is able to grow as a person and handle it. Just because she's going to have a breakdown it doesn't mean she's becoming a potato again. It just means she's going to experience human emotions as is normal.
She was cured of her fugue state not of all her problems.

casca's reaction to guts' scarred body and greying hair will be great

The thing is Berserk didn't need to get by with "well-drawn" (meaning photorealistic ultra-detailed big panels) stuff, because it had a graphic and metaphorical touch that increased the emotional impact of every scene. Some of the stuff with Griffith in the Eclipse before he turns into Femto is almost Nagai-esque in how it plays with contrast and negative space, and the page the other user posted above is great purely through paneling and facial expression. Seeing a simple shot of a body drawn like a Caravaggio, or some big-ass spread with Zodd and Guts flying around, while cool, doesn't really convey the same amount of theme&emotion by itself. Now I'd obviously take the two spreads from this chapter (especially the one with Guts) over pretty much anything since they got to the island, but I still rank the stuff from around Lost Children as the most inspired Miura has been as a mangaka and not merely a draftsman

We know it isn't going to be easy, it's painfully obvious that the story will have a bad end, the only thing we don't know is what kind of bad end it's going to have.

The thing that pisses me off is we get this gorgeous chapter that ends like this, after untold years of waiting, and the result is a hiatus.

Pretty much this, going to be plenty of chapters of anger, tears, reminiscing, talking and possible sex between the two before they even think of getting back to the mainland. I don't mind, most dramatic moments tend to appear when the gruff no-nonsense guy from the group starts holding back tears or showing emotion in general.

I always wonder what people who say this shit really expect.

We find out how much Casca remembers and how she experienced the last three or so years. We see that Casca still loves Guts. And we see that Casca still isn't completely okay and she still needs to deal with everything that happened to her.

No? It was just some MMORPG tier bullshit that had to be done in order to dispel some kind of magic crap that was binding Casca to being a vegetable. Why do you think they needed some demigod Elf that let them enter into her dreams in order to restore her sanity? If it was just about processing things, then man they should've tried some therapy first.

Potato Casca isn't even a person. She can't "process" anything because her brain doesn't work. Now that she woke up, the whole coping part can happen with the real Casca at the center of it as opposed to hamfisted dream-metaphors

Can you show it to me, because I've no idea what you're talking about?

Go read about visualisation and dreams as a way of processing previous trauma. This is literally emotional therapy.

Miura said the story is going to have "good" end, meaning something bittersweet. Casca is most likely going to survive all of it because she survived her "Miki death"-Devilman reference intact but Guts and Griffith both are on the chopping block because their "Akira/Satan watching the stars"-moment is obviously going to happen at some point.

Judeau reflecting on his last words hit me right in the feels.

Maybe next chapter Casca will cry for a couple panels, they'll get on the boat, get off the boat, have a few pages of dialogue with Griffith, and then fight him for 5 more pages with the final page being Guts and Casca getting married!

This was pure healing.

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Yeah it was a total asspull. We've never seen characters who under extreme stress lose control to an extreme alter-ego, and require someone using magic to bring them back to control of themselves before.
They just waved a wand and made everything better accept it's not all better, so it's bullshit!

surprised nobody did this yet

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Even if say, Guts manages to gain power to kill Griffith, the other gods are still out there. The berserk universe is screwed with no chance of getting better. I figure that Griffith was stronger in his Femto form then he is now.

In any case this is the perfect time to wait for 3-4-5 chapters to be out before returning to the series, the story's going to be too good and heavy to digest 1 chapter at the time.

for but a fleeting moment ;_;

Crybabys OST is going to play in my head once the "Night of tears and sex 2.0" is going to get going full swing:


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Volume 13 from the start is at a good point roughly, here's one of my favorite pages from the Griffith part I was talking about

Attached: Berserk_v13_p066.png (1220x1800, 308K)

Hey if she freaks out but doesn't turn into a potato again it's a huge plus. Elf-land is the perfect place to lose your shit it's as safe and cosy as can be.

Is there a more sympathetic character than Guts?

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Good thing I never said anything about it being and asspull or hand-waving away the problems -in fact, my whole point is that it was obvious from the start that the magic shit was NOT going to solve any emotional problems for Casca-

Yeah but odds are things are going to return to "corpses hanging from trees"-level of normal in the end. Most likely Griffith ends up killing Guts and regrets it immensely like with Satan and Akira since thats one of the main inspirations for Berserk. That results in either him following Guts to hell so they would suffer together, or him toppling the Godhand from the inside and destroying himself to grant Guts a more peaceful afterlife.

Odds are heavily in favor of Casca surviving and having a family of her own, she's guaranteed to get an epilogue scene of being a shriveled old grandmother reminiscing all the events at this point.

It's almost impossible to not want this man to find happiness.

>someone with the Brand of Sacrifice dying of old age


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Casca looks so fucking off in some panels.

It feels so unreal to be seeing this happen. I've been reading about Guts & co. heading to the land of the Elves to fix Casca since I was in the 7th grade. I picked the series up for edgy violence and grew up with it, finding new layers to appreciate as I got older.
This manga is monumental and I think we should all be glad we are alive to see this happen.

I honestly doubt Griffith would regret it, he's past that stage. Griffith is going to win this and usher his millennium kingdom, and at worst it's mutual destruction because Guts is going to go berserk with his armor and some other magic doodads helping him be on equal grounds with a physical god for a brief moment.

Unless the elves and other neutral magic creatures decide to help and have some means to beat the godhand, then that's it.

>Casca falls on her knee, crying and screaming
>Gatsou takes of his armor, hugs her with his powerful bara tiddies
>Casca remembers how gatsou suffered and fought for her
>Grasses on
>Nothing goes wrong
>Healing sex in front of everyone
You got to believe

Why? The godhand would be eliminated thus destroying all evil in the world.

Cuckfaggots get the fuck off of my board

I bet you haven't even read Gene Wolfe.

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Thing is her tragic-event arc has been going on so fucking long that tragic death is unlikely at this point. Only chance of her dying at this point is if at the end most everyone dies and the whole world falls in apocalypse.

Let's be reasonable user, settle for a hug and a lot of crying, we can't be greedy now.

Yes, it will be back this winter or some time around there. Usually you get a "next month!"

i believe!

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Same here, been on this train for all my teen years. Even as a adult now I continue to appreciate this narrative more and more. I'm finding it completely unreal also.

>Miura's art


He's a real human being.
I read Shadow of the Torturer and found it lacking in the qualities that make me want to read more.

I dont really mind but i dont like her reaction. Remember her at the celebration party with a dress?
But i guess at this point too much has happened and is going on in her head to really care or think about it

Yeah but we already have an event where Guts makes Griffith doubt his own vision, its inevitably going to happen again once Guts hurts him enough or forces him to abandon the dream somehow. Main question is does this happen and Guts stays alive, or does this happen after Guts is dead and Griffiths dream of a distant castle gets overwritten by his longing for Guts. Latter happened in Devilman and Devilman is one of the main inspirations for Berserk, so Miura is going to pay some kind of homage to that ending, probably with a twist of his own.