Killing Bites

Cute Animals.

Hitomi-Chan was so cute. How could she ever change?

Those with the cutest Fangs will win, that's what Cute KIllings Bites is?

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What is Killing Bites?

Pandering anime for furries in denial.

I want to bully her and nature.

Thus, killing bites

Honestly, I'd be worried about fucking Hitomi. She's already retarded, and I'd be genuinely worried what would happen after you fuck her stupid.

What was his fucking problem?

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He knows that monstergirlfags are closeted furfags

Just fuck her softly

Not if Hitomi has any say in the matter

Well, how about rough, but not too rough?

Why even come to these threads if all you do is screech about furries?

Anime girls>furries

That sounds about right. If you aren't almost hitting her head on the headboard, she's riding you like a rodeo bull.

God, if only

I'm the only faggot that teared up with this episode?

I have fallen, I am now a furfag.
Gib me badgers and bunnies.

>you think you're going to pull out
>a honey badger never pulls out
>thus, killing bites

Feeding Bites

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>thinking I'd ever want to pull out

The one with the tastiest food will win

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That's what Feeding Bites is

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Keep this thread alive at all cost

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Sorry OP but I just checked my ratel and it seems her fangs are still the sharpest, not the cutest. That's what Killing Bites is.

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Who is this guy and why do you post him?

Cute Nibbles.

you will never feed Hitomi your tasty sweets

>blonde short hair
>big tiddies
>purple dress
>not a bat

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