What precure seasons are best?

What precure seasons are best?

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In no particular order
Splash, Fresh, Heartcatch, GoPri

The one called Ojamajo Doremi


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Which ones are the least and most gay?

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Well, don't know who takes the most gay trophy but the least gay, Cure Dream

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Heartcatch, GoPri

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Fresh, Smile, GoPri

Smile's the most fun season

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> hachaetty
Never drew a dime
Lost millions of viewers
Least popular team of all time

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DokiDoki is GOAT.

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Which PreCure was the lewdest?

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dem kicks

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Im a complete Precure noobie but In liking Happiness Charge as a first

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>All these webms

Better than DBS. Fuck better than latter DBZ

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How is this any better than totally spies?

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This is a good thread.
webms of the well animated fight scenes are what got me into Precure in the first place. It'd be nice to have an entire season with high budget action, but I know that's just a dream.

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The first magical girl anime I've watched since Sailor Moon 20 years ago is Princess Precure and I ended up watching the entire thing, plus the movies.

I tried watching the next season after PP but I dropped it after a few episodes. Who pulled the plug on the animation?

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