I won’t depend on anyone anymore

A better episode of anime does not exist.

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Which episode was this again?
Madoka was fine but the best part about it are the music and all the great fanart.

It's definitely up there. I've never felt an episode of anything go by more quickly. The episode's like a timewarp.

Just think about what the best episode was for you and say it and chances are it’s the right one.

I felt the same way especially with the intro switch. I had to actually check the bar to see if it was actually ending or not.

the best part about madoka is unarguably the lesbian doujinshi

Which was the one with the Walpurgis fight? 11 or 12?

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God I wish that were me

That is true.

But the episode itself cannot exist in a vacuum. It is amazing because of build-up from previous episodes.

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>watching without subs

I’m glad I waited. I actually feel bad for those that took part in this.

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Episode ten with no context must have been brutal.

The best episode of anime is the second episode of the first YKK OVA

Really though?

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But live-watching is what made it amazing!

I pity those who weren't here to experience Madoka first-hand.

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>740 posts

Just a reminder this was at a time when 150 was the bump limit.

As much as I love Clanned I still think so.

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>Finally watched Rebellion
Dammit ;_; Hasn't Homu suffered enough?

>Kalafina is kill

That timestop gun kata fight was sick as hell though.

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There’s people who actually think Homura was in the wrong and not Madoka. It actually exists.

And then they went and retconned that in one of the biggest asspulls up that point.

But Homura did everything wrong!

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No, she just ruined everything. There is a difference.

Man, the threads were glorious. Madoka was top tier, from people SPECULAH to decoding the runes and all the background images.

I have Homura here with me. She would like to disagree with you.

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Madoka gave her a very unreasonable request as a dying wish that Homura simply couldn’t refuse which is sad because Madoka herself is unknowingly going against her own request and making Homura suffer more. If you remember Homura had no self worth at all before meeting Madoka so when Madoka sacrifices herself for Homura it was something huge because she considered her to be better than her and never considered she was worth anything so Homura in other words had no choice but to accept the request and it was irresponsible and selfish of Madoka to ask.

If you look up the lyrics to the song colorful it gives a better perspective about Homura and what Madoka meant to her.

It was originally intended to be 45 minutes or an hour but they had to cut it way the fuck down

It can’t be helped.

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best girl but that episode itself wasn't that great

Episodes 1, 7, 8, 12, 16, 19, 20, 22, 23, and 24 of "Neon Genesis Evangelion" are all better than this episode of "Puella Magi Madoka Magica"

I actually think that was a good thing.
It resulted in more focused and tight story.

Was there any particular reason studio SHAFT made it a point to show us again and again that Homura has perfect silky smooth hair? Was there deeper meaning to it?

Humans like to look at pretty things.

When I tell jokes I usually try and make them funny. I appreciate the effort and your enthusiasm though. I like the energy.

homura has no friends

Was it worth it though? I wonder how much of the animation budget went into her hair flips. I’d actually be interested in knowing something like that.

There's no joke here, those episodes are all better. Some of them by a lot.

Thanks for your opinion sir.

Homura did some things wrong, but by disrupting Madoka's status quo and replacing it with something shittier, there is now the possibility of fixing things and getting the ideal ending.

The idea that this episode of madoka is good is also an opinion. Between our two opinions, mine is better.

Yeah I'm definitely not saying it's a bad thing that they cut it down, incredibly tight pacing is one of the show's biggest strengths in a medium that is usually infuriatingly slow.

In also an Eva fan but I just ended up likening this series more. There’s really no reason to get so defensive.

I think it's kind of like Homura's tick. She does it to make herself look competent/intimidating, but iirc she also does it when she gets annoyed.
I don't know for sure though.

That could be but she also does it when nobody is around so maybe she does it for herself.

Homura = hair flip
Kyoko = food
Mami = tea

I don’t know if Madoka or Sayaka really has any traits like that though.

I didn’t think they’d actually fight. I was ready for a big let down but when they actually jumped at each other I remember being very excited. Good times.

No. Neither have habits like the other 3.

Well Sayaka is always being attractive. She’s pretty consistent.

homura has no friends

What was episode twelve titled? I forgot.

Ohh yea. It’s called my very best friend.


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>Liking more Madoka than Evangelion

Kid, are you retarded or something? Serious question. Only a newfag can say something like that.

Evangelion is overlong and the plot isn't cohesive or logical at all. It has style and ground-breakingness in its favor but Madoka is blatantly a better holistic artistic product.

Just finished rebellion, why is homura being so edgy? Why is sayaka mad at her? She literally just improved madoka's wish so they can all live happy together and kyubey gets fucked.

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>the plot isn't cohesive or logical at all

Because you're too dumb to understand it. I get it.
This is the classic problem people have with Evangelion. It isn't made for genuinely dumb people, which most western anime fans are.

it was better than the two hour long movie

He’s just trying to defend an anime he loves so don’t be so harsh. I was the same way before I watched this series so I know how it is.

It’s okay user. Eva is also a good anime and I still enjoy it for what it is. Even though it’s not a lot of other people’s favorite series anymore doesn’t mean it’s bad but as anime changes some of us have moved on.

This reply chain is originally started by you crying that someone said Eva is better than Madoka, so it's very precious for you to accuse someone else of being defensive.

I don't care about your opinion or your posts, I haven't even bothered to read them really. I just want you to realize that you can't say something as stupid as "Madoka is the best anime!" and expect people will Yes-man you. This isn't your echo chamber, reality is still intact on Sup Forums.

Eva sucks bro

Evangelion is by far the best anime, so if you think that it sucks, I'm not sure why you're on the anime board.

You’re the only one freaking out. Most people accept that episode ten of Madoka is one of the best episodes of all time.

I didn’t say that.

It’s good but it’s a bit dated.

I don't know what you're saying exactly 'one of' the best, in terms of the actual ranking, but it certainly is nowhere near the best. Most of Evangelion's episodes are better than Madoka ep.10, see

The Eva series was actually pretty bad. The only good episodes were the very last one and the one where Asuka and Shinzo dance to synchronize their movements but even still I think they’re nowhere near as entertaining as Madoka was let alone as good as one of the single best anime episodes of all time.

If you've ever been in an Eva thread, the only thing they talk about is cute girl waifu war. Judging by the Madoka fans in this thread, they can discuss the anime without shitposting and having chronic bad taste.

Didn't bother to read your post, sorry. Try to be less wrong next time.

Thanks for your opinion sir.

You can’t really escape the waifu wars no matter that anime series might be tho.

My opinion is better than yours. You can have the opinion that shit tastes better than pizza, but that just means your taste is bad.

I don’t know why you’re getting so defensive.

It's definitely you that's getting defensive. Why are you projecting? I think a Madoka fan who's really secure about the show wouldn't become this upset.

I’m not upset. I’m chilled.

>this isn't an echo chamber
>but I refuse to read the posts I disagree with

>calls Madoka fans insecure
>goes on a tangent in a Madoka thread and brings up Eva again where it didn't belong
You guys always spam 5 Eva threads a day, use one of those.

You aren't being censored, it's just that no one has to take you seriously. Your opinion doesn't get privileged with some special identity on Sup Forums, so if you want people to listen to what you're saying, you'll have to try to make some sense.

Homura was JUSTIFIED by what she went through, but Madoka was doing the right thing by the entire world vs what would be the right thing by Homura. It's literally the simplest philosophical thinking exercise of all time (the trolley problem), so obviously it's going to be subjective but MOST people would lean towards Madoka doing the right thing at the end of the series.
Homu would not have done what she did at the end of Rebellion had she not gone through 8 years or whatever it was of repeats of that month. She's mentally ill, and that doesn't necessarily make her right, but it does justify her actions. I don't think it's a matter of right v wrong/Homura v Madoka.

Try actually watching Madoka user. I used to be like you until I gave it a chance. There’s a reason a lot of Eva fans end up enjoying the Madoka series more.

Don't post "A better episode of anime does not exist." if you don't want to be corrected. You begged for a fight, got it, and are crying through your bloody nose.

Exactly, and what you've just said made no fucking sense.

Not that guy but episode 10 of meduka is in fact probably the best episode of anime though.

It does, but you are in denial.

Incorrect, see

There's a lot that get close but I'll agree just because of how much episode 10 can change your perspective on the previous episodes. Great pacing, very touching, notably less QUALITY than the rest of the series, and it's loaded with big moments.
Having to wait over a month for the next 2 episodes made it feel like the biggest cliffhanger ever too, though I imagine a lot of viewers now probably didn't have to experience that.

Try watching Madoka.

Homura is being edgy because she feels guilty for not religiously adhering to Madoka's wish and Sayaka doesn't really remember what's going on but Homura is acting like she did something bad so she believes it.

I watched it, it was a top 100 series but not even top 5.


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What happens in the first episode?

While you look up what happens in the first episode of Madoka just know that I’m also an Eva fan and enjoy both series. Madoka was just done better.

What is that question meant to prove? A complete plot synopsis of every episode is never more than five seconds away

>Episodes 1 and 20 to 24 are good
Anno's big depression ride was a mess and these episodes were one of the worst offenders

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Trust me user. Just watch it and you’ll see why people have moved on.

Incorrect, Evangelion was significantly better. There's a reason why Madoka gets one thread per month and Evangelion gets 150+ per month, and why new shows continue to be compared against Evangelion and not Madoka, which by your logic should be the new yardstick of quality.