Starts out in the present for the first few chapters

>Starts out in the present for the first few chapters
>Then goes to the golden age even though they already showed Griffith is the villain
Why didn't it just start with the golden age?

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>implying Golden Age didn't show Griffith as Femto very early on

Two reasons I can think of:
>introduce the setting
It may not be so easy to hook people if you start out in seemingly generic medieval setting.
>lack of direction in early chapters
Perhaps Murata just didn't plan out the story yet until a bit later.

Really the main thing is they revealed Griffith in the early chapters, if they left it the same but took out the Griffith reveal it would have been fine

So that you spend the entire arc wondering when Griffith is going to make guts hate him.

Yeah also the first episode of 97 anime was what hooked me into Berserk

Because you are left to wonder how Guts ended up being sacrificed by his best friend. There is also the development of Griffith and what drove him to sacrifice Guts.
In Media Res is a perfectly fine way to start a story

Because it was easier to hook people with Guts fucking a demon woman before blowing her brains out with a cannon in his arm followed by three volumes of demons and him getting into death matches using his gigantic sword while still establishing the setting as dark and crushing and Guts as a complicated character with a lot of emotions rather than starting the manga with some baby in a mercenary camp gets raped story.

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I'm pretty sure it was just that when Miura started the story he didn't know what the fuck was gonna happen even 1 volume onwards. I even remember some interview where he said he just wanted to have a villain and the idea to make it Guts' former friend just came up at the last moment. Same with the fetus.

So I'm to assume every time you start a new story, be it manga or show or book or movie, you first jump on wikipedia and read how it ends because "finding out how they get to the end is so much more interesting than experiencing surprises or betrayals as they happen!".

Because Muira never had any of this shit planned out. He never intended to have the Golden Age arc last for as long as it did, but he just got caught up in it.

I agree, it should have built up as a huge twist that Griffith was gonna go apeshit. Also the supernatural should have been kept to a minimum until the eclipse to drive home the shock/scale of it. Zodd is fine but the rest of the supernatural should have been left out. 97 anime had it right there

series should have ended with eclipse anyway, forcing guts and a chained up crazy casca along for the ride on a never-ending and ultimately hopeless quest for revenge.

The series has never been fulfilling since the eclipse ended beyond memes

Because if you didn't slowly, very slowly, build up and prepare the reader to the sudden eclipse, it would never have been as impactful. Think about alien from 1979. They spent most of the movie just showing dark corridors, even though the first word in the movie is literally alien. It's simply gold narrative technique.

So if you played through the MGS series would you skip 3 because you already know Big Boss becomes a villain? I mean, why bother? We all know stories are only good if they're filled with shocking twists and reveals that you never saw coming. Knowing what Griffith becomes doesn't ruin the story, if anything it makes things more and more tense as you read on.

I mean it sounds like it would have been neat, but I liked the fact that I knew Griffith was evil the whole time, but I just wanted to see how it came to him being evil.

Imagine if they did this same thing with Shin Angyo Oshi.
I fucking HATE Aji Tae.

Because the start of the manga gives you a more accurate portrayal of it as a whole than if you started with The Golden Age. It takes several issues before Zodd even shows up if you start with The Golden Age, so if you were expecting it to stay as a somewhat-believable medieval fiction then adding demons and Hellraiser shit may have turned you away from the series, if you wanted Army of Darkness: Beyond Thunderdome you wouldn't have seen it until you got past The Golden Age.

I always recommend people skip the fist episode of the 90's anime, because I don't expect them to read the manga and the first episode of the anime is a poor representation of the anime as a whole, which builds-up to the demons on it's own and ends with a climax inside Casca.

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No retard, the Golden Age arc is full of suspense because you know that /something/ is going to go horribly wrong but you have no idea what the details are. It changes Grifith's character from during the arc from being perfect at everything to being suspicious and mysterious.

A better question is was that retarded rape scene really necessary because it's why Berserk will never get a good anime adaption.

In redias mes.