9hrs & 27mins til AOTY

How do the rest of you cope with waiting? This next episode is likely to be an interesting one.

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I want to see more of her arms

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>How do the rest of you cope with waiting?
Working on my backlog.
I'm definitely looking forward to the next episode and I hope we get to see Ishihara direct the finale

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Asenshi editor is still in niplands right now,so we must wait for Netflix rip version...

I make cinegrids and rewatch previous episodes to study the characters, themes, direction and motifs

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>Working on my backlog.
Thanks for the advice, i do still have an episode of magus bride to catch up on.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111 You mean im going have to wait an extra 24 fucking hours or ill have to watch the raw?

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more or less 9 hours after the usual Asenshi release

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make another cinegrid but this time 3x3 & only keeping the best shots.

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That neck is weird as fuck.

Reading japanese VEG tweets, reviews and blogs

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A cute

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loved this scene, very kawaii

Ann is good, but don't forget Olivia

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shit, no

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It looks perfectly normal though.. how often do you leave the house?

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reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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This is quite literally the epitome of Animation, in fact, I would go so far as to say that this is Kyoani's magnum opus. Violet Evergarden was always a boring novel but the setting was definitely the most interesting part of the VEG series. Violet Evergarden finally getting an anime, and one produced by Kyoto animation is probably the best thing to ever happen to anything. Honestly, the fact that such a good thing came out of that novel really makes me question why the trainwreck that was Phantom World was released at all. Imagine if the budget for a 24 episode anime like A Silent Voice went into Violet Evergarden, the world would be a much better place.

Firstly, the setting is straight up the bee's knees. Rather than using the normal modern-day setting, Violet Evergarden takes place in the far future inside a simulation within a Europe machine god which is pretty nifty I must say. Violet is basically the best thing since sliced bread and I've honestly never seen a character so attractively animated in any anime ever besides maybe some of Kyoani's other works but take that latter claim with a pinch of salt. Really, it honestly begs the question as to why any other anime even have female characters. If the animation isn't going to be as good as Kyoani's then they should probably just stick to Yuri flicks. It's almost a bit of a cop-out. The protagonist is kind of boring, I suppose you can't really blame Kyoani since taking a blank slate Light Novel protagonist and turning it into an anime character is probably difficult. She is however a million times less awful than Kawakami so far. At the end of the second episode the protagonist exploded into shadow lightning while The Genral muttered something ominous in the distance so I guess he's probably actually really cool and Kyoani is throwing us a cheeky red herring.

Kyoani is officially over, it's never going to get better than this. Kyoto animation saved Violet Evergarden and by extension anime.


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>tfw Edward chapter never,because the anime went full happy happy route
just fuck this shit

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eli5 what is the deal with this shit

How would you cheer up Violet when she is sad?

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I cope by watching Antarctica.

Bioretto chan looks so beautiful here.

it's an anime??

fair enough

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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Tell her that being an axe wielding maniac is actually the coolest thing ever?

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why everyone liek this piece of crap?

Why is he so beautiful? why are all the guys in this show so beautiful? we need a poll this guy vs dietfried. Someone do a straw poll i don't know how to.

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user,speak properly.

8hrs and 15mins til livestream

Why is it taking so long?!

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>why everyone liek this piece of crap?
Maybe everyone "liek's" it because is actually good. This is a show with actual depth. If your too much of a pleb to appreciate the subtle nuances then that's you're own fault. Kyoto Animation's type of story telling is an acquired taste.

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Probably because you're thinking about it, try re watching the episodes or occupying your mind with something else in the meantime.

This is the beauty of highly detailed 2D animation. The Bougainvillea look better than in real life. This is the true beauty of Japanese Anime.

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So what do you bet will be today's episode?

30% Aiden
30% Edward
10% Gilberts/Dietfrieds past
10% Groom
10% Original episode
5% Episode based on vol 3
5% Start of Finale
0% Lux

OST seems to be in anime order, so at episode 10 we were at 12 "Always Watching Over you", so next should be

"Torn Aprt at the Seams", "Interweined fates" and "Stench of Fear and hatred"

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TFW Lux is you're favourite character.

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She'll get a movie on her own.

Your list is probably the most accurate Aiden is most likely & what i want to see. Though i also wouldn't mind either Dietfrieds past or groom.

I just want this already.


2 more days?

it releases on the 28th right?

Stop teasing me!!! Oh man just imagine Violet Evergarden on a movie budget. As it stands it already looks far better than most movies.

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>Re-watch ep 1 for the first time just now.
>She rubs the plushy dog on her face because she can't feel anything with her hands.
The little things.

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Endcard was posted

---google translate so don't throw stones---
Ann 's house is located in the center of the center of the state of Lechtend in the southeastern part of Telesis Continent. The country is one of a group of nations declaring neutrality with Botiacha and Salvato in the north, Lalendand in the south, Vivace in the west and Botiachcher and Lalendand. Also, because there is a continent's largest lake to the east of the country, the border with the Salberto sacred country was a mountain range and the main purpose of Salberto sacred country to invasion of the intense, so in the last great war unlike Botiacha, It did not become a battlefield. However, dispatching troops to Botiacha, they are being damaged.

The climate is mild, the land is fertile, the agricultural productivity is high because the lake is blessed with water resources. However, the population is not so large in proportion to the land where flat hilly land continues, and the whole country spreads a rustic landscape like a rural area. In the war, I eventually stood on the side of the South Confederation, so trade with Leiden Shaft had begun to become active, and various supplies came to flow in.

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Synopsis of chapters of new Volume:
1. Princess and Auto Memories Doll (episode 5)
2. Eternity and Auto Memories Doll
In a certain request, the violet who went to a girls' school of a boarding school as a maid of a nobleman's daughter ยท Isabella. Between Isabella and Violet there is a "secret" that should not be known around ... ....
3. Benedict Blue
Benedicts visits a town where Violet is on assigement and meets his divorsed sister on the street and calls her out, but..

4. Cattleya
Cattelaya is approached with proposal for dating, with intent of marriage. She is not sure if he would be a good partner, but deep inside she is thinking that he might be "the one"

Oh yeah, its is 28. So Full week to wait. Damn

KyoAni has done the animation industry a disservice by making what can only be recognized as the greatest animated piece of media to ever grace our televisions. When animation studios and producers realize they can't match, much less come within a country mile of, Violet Evergarden, it's going to require the input of a much greater force to bring the nation of Japan back to it's feet. With their close relations with India, Torkaizer and eventually Project Vindaloo will be completed and the anime industry will begin anew, awash with the scent of curry and victory. Violent Nevergargle is but a small stepping stone to achieving the final frontier of 2D animation. It is up to you whether or not you'll invest in the hard labor of hand drawn passion projects or if you'll throw it away to the hands of Skynet and their CG imitations. The future of the anime industry is looking bleak but with the aid of outside forces, Netflix and Crunchyroll will have the solid dropped on them faster than you can say "two nukes wasn't enough".

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Chapter 5 should be about Hodgins and Gilbert's youth, details posted later today.

I expect chapter 6 to be "stuff got real" moment just like final chapters of vol 1-2 were.

FINALLY people are understanding! You're getting it now. This is what makes Kyoto animation productions special, this is one of the many things that differentiates them from your average anime. This is what people mean when they say KyoAni tell their stories through animation. It's these things that the average person will not be able to appreciate. Welcome to the club user. They present thinks to the viewer thorough animation as opposed to always doing it with dialogue. Most of the retards complaining don't understand this and just want to be spoon fed.

This. How else am I going to see Violet get verbally abused in a sexual way?

Fuck off back to your own thread with that stupid edit, this is my thread.

>ywn play house and feed Violet.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA The anti-kyoani autist is getting all of his posts deleted. Fuck that retarded son of a bitch.

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What happens to the food that Violet eats?

reminder that violet wants to know what is love

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Any chances Violet-chan won't cry this episode? My heart can't stand it anymore

Ann she already told you that!

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there is a 0 percent chance that Violet won't cry.

More like upgrade.

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The difference is just insane. Ufotable just got raped HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Depends. If it is Edward's episode she might not - but it would not be pleasant for her anyway. If it is Aiden's she would (it is actually first chapter in novel where she did, as opposed to anime)

I want to drink Violet urine so bad

koyani stronk

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What does her pee taste like?

KyoAni are leading the world in 2D animation, they are taking anime to the next level. I'm so proud of them!

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Like fine wine just better.

That's GoHands though, but they are too far ahead of their time for most people to recognize and accept their work.

What are chances of KyoAni actually making Gilbert dead in anime?

My ranking of VEG episodes:
Really really good:

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>too far ahead of their time for most people to recognize and accept their work.
>Hand Shakers
Very funny user.

My least favorite is 6, but that's because i know what they cut from it and for me it felt it lacked the impact of novel chapter as it completely removed some key stuff. A confession and timeskip like in Ann's episode (also they at least shown Leon again in episode 9.)


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My VEG rankings

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Really really good:

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>Hand Shakers
Exactly. Too far ahead.

Who would have though in the 90th, that not mecha/gory/tentacle porn will define the generation of anime, but show of cute girls eating cake with their mutated hands and huge eyebrows.

GoHands is future.

6 hours

This is torture

As an anime only it felt like a really good episode.

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Hand shakers was an example of lets make the most ridiculous overkill anime and fuck up at it. It was a case of lets do something overly flashy and complicated oh wait it's too hard to draw lets use cancer cgi, lets make the city really fancy oh wait it's too hard to hand draw lets use cancer cg. I bet the though hey lets make the character designs really detailed too and came to same conclusion of using cancerous cgi but then realised oh shit if we do that it will no longer be Anime anymore. So instead they tried to add lots of hair strands and it also ends up looking retarded.

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>18 IPs
>91 posts
Nice thread.

Just accept the future, user.

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Disgusting ugly matte cgi gears, what a fucking disgrace, what a horrific waste of money hand shakers was.

I know you're kidding but here is how you properly animate gears for reference.

sys.Sup Forums.org/a/imgboard.php?mode=report&no=170086215