You're going goblin slaying, Sup Forums!

You're going goblin slaying, Sup Forums!

Who would you take with you? Any character from any series is fair game.

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I choose Goblin Slayer.

Goblin Slayer

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Rape you say?

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Nakiri Erina

I'm bringing truck-kun. He'll run me over, then after a few months with my truck given cheats I'll be back and strong enough to wipe out All the goblins.

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Guts>goblin slayer

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Those rock girls from that one cgi anime seemed pretty crafty. I would take them.
That one loli with the evil grin seem good with magic. Maybe her too.

But Guts is a troll slayer.

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Not raping males doesn't make any sense.

Donovan > Guts therefore, Donovan is the better goblan slaya.

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kenshiro or saitama


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Jesus i haven't seen dragon half in years, at least a decade

Who the FUCK just said goblins?

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Goblins? What goblins?

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raining cats and dogs eh? to go alone with ratmen, northlanders and goblins.

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That game and its sequel still has some of the best character interaction and interparty dialogue (also bantz). It reminded me of Fell's Five.

Ryner from Densetsu Yuusha no Densetsu for Magic Support
Ragna from Blazblue for DPS shut up it has an anime so it counts
Saike from Saike Mata Shitemo for when shit gets really bad
Escanor from the Nanatsu no Taizai for tanking, DPS'ing and burning goblin with the power of the sun

His sword is not for goblin caves

Any gundam
Fuck you goblin shits.
Or bobby b

What happens when they realize he single minded autistic crusade rivals even Goblin Slayers?

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Kazuma Kiryu

>Goblin army

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But he's never killed anyone

Surely she can wipe them out on her own

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Father from Drifters. It will be one of the few times gas and ovens will be legit. Also seeing Goblins crushed by German warfare will be glorious.

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La luz extinguido.

Easy choice.

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also goblin slayer to kill the goblins

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>Truck-kun will never isekai a goblin in fantasy to only be reborn as a wage slave nip in Nippon land
>reincarnated gob-kun struggling day after day not to molest school girls on the train
>being picked on for being a scranny midget just like in his old world

We can revolutionize ecchi and the isekai world Sup Forums,

Gotta love the classics. If I'm hunting Gobs then I need the greatest team of psychos you can find.

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I recognize the first three, but who are the other two?

Sarge (Quake 3)
Caleb (Blood 2

As someone who hasn't seen Danmachi this doujin is all I know of these two

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>Can literally make weapons and armor out of the goblins blood.

>Instantly close any wounds we get.

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Is mayonnaise a character?


"victim Girls"

user he doesnt need his sword to kill small goblins, he is going to use them as ammo to kill more goblins