Isn't Vegeta technically stronger than Goku because he can go beyond blue and doesn't have to rely on a meme...

Isn't Vegeta technically stronger than Goku because he can go beyond blue and doesn't have to rely on a meme transformation like ultra instict that isn't even fully sustainable?

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Goku enters UI for a minute and wipes the floor with Vegeta in that time. Doesnt need to last any longer than that

Yes. Form for form Vegeta is always stronger, that's why Goku gets new shit first so he can be temporarily ahead.

Will Vegetafags ever give up?

>meme transformation
Retard detected

I think he's on par with Kaio Ken Goku Blue.

>Goku survives a Spirt Bomb
>Something that's been done by other characters
>Gets UI
It was the definition of asspull you fuckin retard

>Kaio Ken Goku Blue
He would've lost to GoD Toppo, Vegeta is way stronger than Kaoiken Goku Blue which wasn't even stronger than Hit full power

blue Kaioken=Vegeta meme blue

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Goku was occupied with Jiren the whole time Vegeta was having his Battle of the Second Fiddles.
Goku could have just as easily dispatched Toppo.

No. New movie could have Yamoshi put Vegeta in wheelchair and lose to Goku, and Vegetafags would still rationalize it in a way that Vegeta is top dog.

This. Every form Goku and Vegeta share, Vegeta is stronger in the form.

Just let me get that straight, Goku can temporarily overpower a foe that was overpowering Vegeta in his kawaii transformation even before said enemy got a massive power-up. Ie: Goku is stronger. But Vegeta's transformation isn't a "meme" so Goku's transformation doesn't count so Vegeta is stronger. Is that correct? Doesn't that sound slightly stupid to you?

Also I'm pretty sure all the kawaii transformation does is making Vegeta reach Kaioken Blue levels. But eh, I suppose that at this point you could say Kaioken Blue is a "meme transformation" so it doesn't count either. So yes, if we count the latest Vegeta power-up and invalidate the two latest for Goku (even though I'd count the half mastered UI as it's own thing, it's been more showcased than the completed form at this point, so it would be the last three power-ups) then yes, Vegeta is stronger than Goku.

Doesn't it make you feel like you've been hammering a cylindrical block into a square hole for the last half hour? Because that's exactly what it looks like from where I stand.

Kaioken Goku Blue was equal with Golden Frieza and Golden Frieza got his shit pushed in by GoD Toppo. Vegeta Blue is stronger.

You sure about that, dog?

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>Kaioken Goku Blue was equal with Golden Frieza
SSB Goku and Golden Frieza knocked each other. Goku didn't use Kiaoken on him then

Isn't dragon Ball shit and not worth watching/talking about anymore?

>"Technically stronger"
Do you even think about words that leave your fingers

Not until next week.

Not really.


Does it really matter when Vegeta essentially got a friendship powerup in order to negate the power of a fucking God of Destruction?

At that point who gives a shit about measuring power levels objectively

>At that point who gives a shit about measuring power levels objectively

Not that guy, but its definately an asspull powerup considering Jiren was wiping the floor with Goku which caused him to lose all of its stamina and energy. Yet Goku managed to regain his ki and beat Jiren silly.

Its funny when the villain loses stamina like Frieza and Cell, its game over for them. For Goku its no problem.

all transformations are memes

17 is the only legit fighter left in

I just finished rewatching the saiyan saga and I'm on the Frieza saga now. The animation and fights sequences for super are really nice, especially last weeks episode, but the overall story and flow pale in comparison. DBZ was just so much better in terms of story and coherency. Forgot how amazing it was

Buu saga ssj2 goku was stronger than ssj2 vegeta, majin power up just brought them to parity.

>Fairy Tail-tier powerup
>Beats Toppo GoD
Literal shit, and I'm a Vegetafag.

Power levels mean nothing in Super, deal with it. One time this character or transformation is stronger, other time is not.

Goku was already SSJ3 level at that point. He was humoring Vegeta by staying SSJ2.

Its manlets defending comanlets

Goku has been going beyond blue since U6 tournament

We all know who the real strongest fighter and transformation is amigo

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