You lied to me, Sup Forums. You pseudointellectual idiots always told me that SAO was trash.

Well I'm watching season 1 right now and it's fucking great. Terrific escapism. The drama and romance are handled surprisingly well. Loving every story arc thus far. I am mentally 12 and have zero pride; I am certainly not above self-inserting as Kirito.

My verdict is that SAO is a reverse pleb filter

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Get to the end.

No spoilers plz

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You must be seething that people are actually having level headed discussion about SAO in the other thread

Ah, no, Sup Forums is still right about the show OP, you're just at the same level as a human being - that is to say, a piece of worthless garbage - so you look at it and don't see anything wrong because you are on the same ground.

That thread looked good but I stopped reading it because Might pull it out of the archive if I remember later

daily reminder to drop SAO after episode 14
then YTbe Shino best scenes

I never claimed I wasn't worthless garbage, honey

The game ends in episode 15 or something, asuna gets molested, pretty much any enemy that's ever a threat gets dealt with by Kirito with minimal imoact, none of the main characters ever die because that would be too sad for haremshit self insert tripe.

Your shitass taste doesn't lie though.

>The drama and romance are handled surprisingly well

Do you have negative standards? The reason sao is garbage is because of the way it juggles all of it's themes half assedly and aimlessly

>I am mentally 12
If you weren't you wouldn't have stomach for SAO. If you are capable of enjoying it too you are most probably a powerless narcissist.


It's impossible to spoil because the ending doesn't actually make sense. Not even like gainax, it's just like "then a skeleton popped out, WHO WAS PHONE?!? xDc" and ends. It's all downhill from the fishing episode.

Exactly, to become a true otaku you need to become an even lower being, far less worth than garbage, worth so little you can't be considered to as worth anything at all. Some might even call you a parasite, or a fag. Join us in degeneracy.

Kayaba Akihito is Heathcliff. Kirito beats him through some asspull (probably; I don't remember shitty anime that well).
Also Kirito turns into a literal monster (minotaur or some shit) for an episode by means of yet another asspull.
Asuna gets molested (which was admittedly pretty hot) and Yui disappears (I think).

Also glop.

What, you mean where everyone in Underworld gets fucked in the ass? Pretty cool seeing an entire world die.

you have shit taste user and also you suck cock

>self-inserting as Kirito.

I'm certainly above self-inserting, but I will say I do like Kirito as a character. Too many anime feature male leads that are indecisive airheads that literally cannot see an answer right in front of their faces. Kirito on the other hand is able to read between the lines and pick up on things that most anime guys would comically miss. He's basically the complete opposite of the romcom beta male.

If you don't like SAO, you don't like anime. Leave "critical analysis" for your agenda-driven Western garbage.

my wife Shino is so cute!

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> He believes that Sup Forums is worth anything to judge the value of an anime.

Even when Sup Forums is right about something being trash, at least half the time it's still worth watching once. SAO is one of those cases, mostly because it's so fucking popular that it's going to get referenced in other works.

It's fun.

>I am mentally 12
>it's fucking great

Also at least half the time when "Sup Forums says it's trash", it's just a small number of people who really vocally hate it, while the show was just forgettable for everyone else.

Forgettable shows aren't necessarily trash. They're just not super groundbreaking.

Anything is a masterpiece when you have shit tastes.

>romance are handled surprisingly well
>every person with a pair of ovaries instantly wants to pole dance on Kirito's pogo stick
>after obvious girlfriend, they all stalk him in the harem club
plz stop OP

>drama are handled surprisingly well
>insert problem
>insert god savior Gary Stu
>problem solved
stawp plzzz

Oh no. OP is a faggot

>it's just a small number of people who really vocally hate it
SAO has the biggest hatebase in anime right now, period.

First thread on autosage?

Time to migrate to this thread to talk about Philia being a hollow, how great Kureha's sister is, retard AI daughters, and Asuna being a cuck I guess.

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>Kirito on the other hand is able to read between the lines and pick up on things that most anime guys would comically miss. He's basically the complete opposite of the romcom beta male.
Yeah, except for missing the fact that every girl he's acquaintances with desperately wants his dick.

SAO shaming was a form of self defense Sup Forums developed to keep away the rabid fanbase.
Other tasteless newfag at the time jumped in to fit in and lastly trolls joined in like flies lured by shit.
It worked, actually, even if today only memes remains.
What I don't understand is why self moderation is no longer a thing?

Go watch a couple of youtube videos on it, see people cry about how Kirito being overpowered is the worst thing ever and how MUH ASUNA getting molested is the most disgusting thing, and soon, you'll find yourself calling SAO a shit show to fit in. Most people go through the same process.

Except he knows every one of them wants his dick? I mean, he followed Liz under the bridge to console her and his sister made sure he knew she wanted the cousin-D.

Unless you meant to describe a trait rather than his personality. In which case, that's only just the angry virgin within talking; you hate him because he's not a complete social outcast, isn't inept at his job and attracts loads of bitches. The rarity of his character archetype is what makes him good, though there are a lot more of those since SAO was written and when it was later fleshed out.

>Terrific escapism. The drama and romance are handled surprisingly well. Loving every story arc thus far. I am mentally 12 and have zero pride; I am certainly not above self-inserting as Kirito.
Congratulations, you are the target audience of the show. Well done.

I suggest you watch something like Ready Player One too, people like you would enjoy it.

>ready player one
That's too much even for a saofag like me, seriously

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Fucking this. Compared to most of the seasonal garbage like Darling shit, SAO is actually good. At least it gets the popularity it deserves, most of the contrarian trash limited to YouTube and YouTube dicksucking sites like reddit and Sup Forums.

The setting itself seems fine and has a decently thought out base; the problem is that the actual story is written as "its just like what happened in reference #1, #2, #3, and #4"?

wtf i hate sao now

That's actually why I want to see it. Transformative story telling is kinda nebulous but in recent years I feel like it's started picking up and a lot of interesting ideas happen, though execution hasn't really hit it's stride outside of really niche areas like Fanfiction and AMVs

>how MUH ASUNA getting molested
That is the strangest thing. Even though it's not common it still appears from time to time. What kind of complaint is that? It's not normal and not universal. It is not something the average user would get upset about in such s uniform manner. Anytime someone's says or writes it, there's a feeling of that person being coached or he's just repeating what someone else said.

yeah it was fucking awesome till he cleared the game half way through season 1.

Part 2 was better than 1. It drops substantially in edginess and this overdramatic concept of virtual marriage sanctimony and fake ai baby for lighthearted sexy sweet sis romance. Plus the most annoying character is in a coma for the majority

Why do they look like Bug Bunny knock-offs in that picture?

The fucking STATE of FB’s AIs jesus

>muh first half is great
I want this meme to die. There's only one SAO episode that it's actually good (the first one) and few scenes that are decently handled. Sure, it looks great and sounds good but that is all it has. It takes itself too seriously to be good. Just make a dumb harem/romcom. It would still be shit, but a sincere shit at least.


>What I don't understand is why self moderation is no longer a thing?

Jannies and mods are selfmodding. They don't get paid.

The general consensus now that the generic hateboner Sup Forums has for anything popular is that the first arc is good enough, second is decent, everything after that is trash.

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Last time I said RPO, I got a warning from mods.
OG is fine. Part 2 is superior Oreimo. GGO is gay and so is Shino the feminazi. AIDS is great. OVA swimwear edition helped fill in the missing swimsuit episode. Thor arc is filler, but great for the deban crew.
Copy pastas ironically is still shiposting.

Ironically using unnecessary names is still bad form. Whoops!

I want to do lewd things to sugus butt while she wears those boyshorts

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What type of “boy” uses something that short

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Don't know either

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it's just a modern term for a style of short-shorts, and they were quite commonly work by men decades ago

just like hose, and skirts, and many other things that are now considered "women's fashion" used to be worn by men

I am and still proving a point that anyone can be a namefag and it's totally optional and anyone can do it. IT's easy! It's doesn't mean a thing. You can still track people's IPs(or proxies that are about to be banned by a hiro) with OR without namefagging. IT DOES NOT MATTER. That's the point. And as long as retards like you don't get it. I will namefag. I could also change it to Isekai fag or Blacksword fag to be more relevent. But IT DOES NO MATTER. Free japanese board, baby.


Sorry I never had shit taste.

IRL Betas be jealous they're not Kirito. Hating on it is a meme at this point.


Alpha wolves doesn't exist. In human or wolfie society. Also Trapswordsman isn't real either. Realredpill.

ironic shitposting is just shitposting, fag

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You appear to have used a name when posting, but your identity has nothing at all to do with the conversation! Whoops!

When the faggot known as Digibro made his video on SAO, he nitpicked the fuck out of it. One of those nitpicks was how Asuna, a strong female character in the first half, his favorite part of SAO, was relegated to the role of being a damsel in distress in the second half. What's worse, in his opinion, is how she was "disrespected" by being used for cheap rape fanservice. Being tentacle molested, having her top be exposed and mouth raped to build cheap tension. Rape didn't fit the happy tone of the series, he thought. It was too dark.

Completely ignoring how DEATH and MURDER were part of the show from the beginning. Completely ignoring how Asuna being molested did, in fact, work as a valid method to raise tension. Now mindless people repeat his words. SAO, like every other anime, always had a sizable hate group. They never used Asuna molestation as a criticism, though. They were above that. Fags who started hating SAO after watching his video, to fit in, do use Asuna molestation as some sort of criticism from time to time.

To be honesto rape is always the easiest route when you want to create an antagonist

It's a simple story with a gary stu for the main character and a very badly written romance. The author is literally some 15 yr old kiddo self inserting. I'm glad you enjoyed it but you can't really blame anyone else for not liking it. The only thing it has going for it is the wish fulfillment, a very heavy guilt of pleasure show for horny teens. The MC gets to fuck the girl, kill the bad guys, become super badass famous beater and have a cute perfect little daughter that in no way behaves like an actual child.

>Talk about SAO. Tell people to be on topic and talk about animes
>It's "shitposting"
Have a YOU, shitposter.
It's more relevent to SAO now. I love black swords so much now. Did you even read? Fucking ESLs.

Using unnecessary names is still bad form. Whoops!

When it's on random, nameless characters, sure. But not many anime let the main heroine be mouth raped. They might be THREATENED with rape, they might be in danger of being molested, but I can count the number of anime that have the main girl mouth raped with my fingers. It's a rare and somewhat ballsy thing to actually have someone go down on the main girl.

Yeah sure, the author needs balls to write something like that, but it’s still the easiest route to take
While he gets points for having the balls for actually raping the main girl, the villain was still fucking shit

SJWs and feminazis always get triggered when women aren't all stronks and winning.

stop watching as soon as they get out of the game and youll have a decent experience. dont watch any further

mfw I see OP's thoughts about SAO

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>mfw i see yfw you see op’s thoughts on SAO

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> watches infamously bad show
> passes verdict before finishing
you really are 12

In that case, what isn't an easy way to establish a villian? The exception would be a villian who plays psychological games. That type of villian relies on actually playing with viewer's mind. But any and every other villian, those who physically threaten the characters, they can all be called easy. There is no hard way to establish villian that plays the part of a physical threat instead of a psychological one.

Personally, I'd say the cheapness of a physical threat depends on how believable the threat is. How well they sell the danger the characters are in. Most anime take the actual easy way, the girl is in danger of being raped. That's cheap because everyone expects the protagonist to come and save the girl before anything happens. It creates easy, cheap threat, with no real damage, the girl remaining pure and fine. A PERFECT example of this is in SAO itself. The end of GGO arc, when Shion is about to be raped. That was shit.

That was not the case with Asuna. The villian does go down on her. That made the idea if the protagonist helping her more questionable. She was in actual danger of being raped. They sold the threat. I wouldn't call that the easy way out. Now, I'm not going to praise it too much. Even if Asuna was in danger, it was only her virtual avatar. Her body was fine. In fact, they make sure to remind you that, by having Asuna outright say her body is fine and pure. It's still not the most ballsy move. But it managed to create threat nonetheless, more so than actual cheap shit like the Shion scene. I'd give credit to that, at least.

Based digibrony dickrider!

SAO is just a mediocre LN show. Nothing more, nothing less. When someone insists that it's some sort of 1/10 abomination, that pretty much 100% confirms that person literally watches Anime Youtubers, since they're the ones that really pushed the "SAO is the worst thing of all time" meme.

the fucking STATE of neo-Sup Forums

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I will never forget the shitposting and Frodos from SAO season 1. The fanbase was ultra defensive and the shitposting was absolutely unrelenting. It was some of the darkest times on Sup Forums. It was pure cancer that shat up the board entirely. Am I the only one who remembers how bad it was?

The thing with Oberon was that he was all about the rape, the fact that he imprisioned 300 people on the game was really sidelined for the raping of Asuna
I think they put too much focus on the rape and how he’s a rapist and forgot to develop him more

Yeah, Oberon was a SHIT, one dimensional mustache twirling villain. Not going to defend that faggot.

I was there when Forever Suguha was a thing

>Am I the only one
And what you described is literally every anime. Everyone who dislikes the show shits on it, the fanboys defend. Try harder to pretending being an oldfag.

I regret reading this book.

Yeah, it's really kinda silly.
He had other motivations for what he was doing, but because only one of them (taking Asuna) was in direct confrontation to the protagonist, that was the only one that was focused on at all, even though it only served to make him more one-dimensional than he needed to be.

its a good anime dude, people exagerate because i was overhyped by teenagers in 2012.

Reminder to give Kureha lots of hugs and headpats.

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I had a dream last night where Asuna got poisoned. Her skin turned yellow and she pissed blood not like a period and I had to stay and watch make sure she was fine because Kirito was doing fuck all somewhere else.

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SAOfags should an hero like that redditor

Did that turn Asuna into your waifu?

I wish I was Asuna Tbh

I wish Asuna would die Tbh

The AI on extreme is fucking infuriating holy shit
It’s like I’m playing solo

Asuna is my self insert.

AI are glorified heal/buffbots in FB.

You shouldn't expect them to do damage, lucky crits from Aho-sys aside.

Too bad I only have one healer on my team because I need to grind affinity with Itsuki and Joe, and Silica is fucking garbage at anything that isn’t rolling around like a retard