ITT overrated trash

ITT overrated trash

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>A mistake

This thread again?

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You have no idea what is the show about, don't you?

some gay faggot trying to save their parents from some magical nip realm

That faggot happens to be a dragon (oriental).

still gay as fuck


It was fantastic up until moot brought /r9k/ back and created Sup Forums. One of the two being more responsible then the other

Also, Elfen Lied is garbage


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Gurren Lagann, not so good

ITT: teens post popular anime they've heard about in an attempt to troll anybody

Koe no katachi

Clannad After Story

your favorite anime

Look mom, I am like, this sophisticated like, everyone likes this anime, auuuggghhhh like I can't like that mom, ugghhh

>You have no idea what is the show about, don't you?
tell me please

Politically Incorrect: it doesn't even follow the definition, it's just a haven for all bigots pushing their own ideological agenda whatever it is.

This shit.

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Maybe slightly overrated, nowhere near trash.


Can someone genuinely explain the appeal of this movie to me? I watched it and felt nothing, I was constantly checking my watch and bumping my mouse to see how much time was left. I paused several times to go make myself food or do something else around the house. I didn't feel the slightest bit engaged with the main character and I didn't understand the antagonist at all, he just wants to eat stuff I guess? When I got to the end and the credits started rolling I just went "Oh, it's over" and shut it off. Barely even thought about it and moved on to the next movie.

Am I missing something? What is it about this movie that grabs people? Girls my age seem to love it, less so the guys

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Child prostitution and tons of other controversial stuff from jap history. Google it

Darker than Black? More like BROWNER than SHIT.

>I hate stuff because it popular edition 1 000 426 865...

At least give us some proper reasons why you think it's shitty.

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I tip my hat to you fellow connoisseur and gentleman.

Full metal panic.
I finished it but it was a challenge.
I didn't watch it when it was new so I have no nostalgia for it to cloud my judgement.

Did you mean Perfect Blue?

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