Bokuben thread

Let's discuss why sensei is the miracle of the universe

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World End Harem is better

You're an idiot if you think this is true. WEH's MC is a beta shitlord who's about to get cuck in a world where only 5 fucking male population exists. At least Bokuben makes better sense. Don't even lump your trash manga with Bokuben ever again.


Let's talk about the miracle that is meme magic. Pic related were responsible for stabbing a father and son in Chile.
It had to be a Fuminofag.

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www facebook com/search/top/?q=Marco+Antonio+Fallas

can we just all agree to remove all the other girls and just focus on Sup Forums ship for the progress?

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This happened in Costa Rica, not Chile.

>no new content
Stop turning these threads into generals.

Are you the same guy who has been making a thread everyday since the start of this week? If so, please stop. We need to stay with our text spoiler-gooks-translation routine.

honestly this, the TOC thread isn't even up yet and the spoilers won't be out for the next 22 hours or so, let's not force this

WEH have multiple protags, and with the exception of the aforementioned protag, all of them are way better than the faggot mc of bokuben

Senpai isn't going to win, is she

Why do I always pick the girls who have no hope

Ask your parents

Why don’t you complain on ever DitF and DBS threads too faggot

>not complaining about DitF and DBS threads already

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Can we be on-topic now?

Why is sensei best girl and why choose other girls that are objectively inferior?

do you really want to make this threads as bad as those? besides this is a mildly popular manga, not the meme show of the season or one of the most popular shonen in existence

>DBS and DitF threads are garbage and mods aren't doing their job, so it's okay for me to turn more threads into garbage!

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This is a manga board and mods make rules here. What makes you think I’m not allowed to make a thread about a manga you don’t want to discuss atm?

/li/fags are worse

Are you that shitposting ninofags? Because I don't want to believe senseibros are this cancerous.

>muh general
>muh safe space

Sup Forumsutism at its finest

Oh no you got me

I was going to post this last thread before everyone started complaining about reddit and the thread got deleted. Maybe we should do it again and get this one deleted.

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Let’s just blame it on ninofags

>It had to be a Fuminofag.
Are you sure? Those three panels are pretty popular on the internet.

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Why is South America such a violent nation?


Don’t they dream to become a single unified country in the future?

I thought all the SA countries hate each other. At least that's what one user from Chile told me.

>in the future
That was in the past, when the guy who declared independence on half of the continent made Gran Colombia.
It went as well as one could expect.

Europa is the same but look at EU now, it’s the most powerful country in the world but only if it becomes a country.

Do you really think it could be a coincidence, user?

Well, it's in Central America. But this is just a regular homicide, happens everywhere.

Sensei's nobra chapter ranked well.
05 BokuBen ch.049

They killed the father and son and stole anime dvds amongst other things.
That the killing was done by stabbing is the cherry on top.

Not #1? Shamefurr dispray

Meh. Bokuben used to rank higher before.

Fuminofags have always been the most vicious shitposters in bokuben threads.

At least it wasn't a Fumino chapter.
One of her latest chapters ranked fucking seventh. God damned nips.

It would be perfect if the victims were drugged before the stabbing and one of them has Nino avatar.

You cheeky bastard.

I bet the fake confession will be stuck in her head for a while and she'll start having funny dreams about moeyuki.

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So what's good about notNisekoi?

It's not Nisekoi.

So, when should we be getting spoilers?

I feel like this shitter going in every thread should be called betterfag or something.

>naming shitposters
Just report and move on, Jesus Christ.

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I raped Fumino and she cried

Was she that disappointed on your dick?

my dick is ugly and too hard for her, i almost puncture her weak stomach

>i almost puncture her weak stomach
>wanting all those acids on your dick
I mean, to each their own, but I don't find genital mutilation arousing.


Don’t worry BokuBros, we’re going to retaliate when their thread is up.

How about something better, like FumiNinofags?



Fumino are just as cancerous as Nino

Yes, that's exactly what we need, more people autistically screeching at public enemies instead of discussing the series. Because it absolutely doesn't lead to a spiral of shitflinging, name-calling and paranoia where everyone is too busy with the fanbase civil war to actually discuss the series itself. Just like in lolishogi threads that totally aren't full to the brim of witch-hunts and people crusading against boogeymen.

These threads already have a fair share of people crying about their arch-nemeses while shitposting twice as much as those they complain about, e.g. retards above my post.

Ninofags were fine but then some really dumb bastards found the series saw the occasional panel edits the old non cancerous Ninofags made and saw an opportunity to shitpost, eventually they'll get bored and leave but they'll do real damage to the fanbase before it happens.
fundamentally Sup Forums is a cancerous place where arseholes are free to be dumb waifufags because they're inherently stupid.
Nino is fine same as the other girls but the threads turned into toxic waste dumps with nothing created or actually discussed.

All popular series are effectively just victims of their own success.



At first I thought Nino is some side character from Bokuben that everybody tries to meme against for being the worst girl ever made in the series, turns out that she’s from that Wedded Brides series.

SYD is better than this shit

I raped Rizu and i ate her udon

>Raped the autist

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If Franxx can have at least 5 waifuposting threads up at any one time, then we can have at least one constant bokuben thread.

>then we can have at least one constant bokuben thread
The problem is that bokuben is very light on content, there's basically nothing to discuss aside from MC being moe and girls being cute without devolving into shitposting.

all i can think of is fanfiction and we have no further new things to talk

>tfw Mangadex took down nearly every Bokuben chapter

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Seems like Jaiminie asked them to.

I hate all the fans of all the girls.

they have to eat i guess

ther only sensible option

When will the popularity polls' results be posted? I know the WSJ one is some time in April, but I don't know beyond that.

i kill you rape your sister burn your house

That's fair.

I want to see Asumi do her hair up something like pic related. Fumino and sometimes Uruka seem to be the only heroines who change their hair, but I don't see why Mafuyu and Asumi can't.

Hell, I'm surprised that, of the various hairstyles Fumino has had, something like this hasn't appeared. Also surprising that she hasn't had proper high twintails yet, just low twintails.

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That hair style is only for best girls though.

Bokubros the Ninofag spammer is here

Isn't that similar to Sawako's hairstyle?

Hey, it sort of is. I guess it checks out.

Including Rizu fans? How can you hate what doesn't exist?

you're just as bad as each other

Senpaifags > /chem/fags > /sci/fags > Sup Forumsfags >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> /sensei/fags >>>>>>>>>>> /lit/fags

Her hair is (was) a top bun. Whatever you'd call is more of a clip holding the ends of the hair poking up in a sort of fringe or something

So you're saying it would make sense for Asumi to have it?

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Senpaifags are children fall into fanservice trap

All the characters are fanservice.

Why are you so obssesed with /lit/fags user? It doesn't seem healthy.

There's something about the sensei I just can't deny, and I usually abhor teacher/student thing.

I'm just really into initially cool-headed women being ignited through romance, I guess. Same thing happened with the last arc of Nande Koko ni Sensei Ga.

Sensei is the only one, she serves nothing but butts and sexual tension. She cannt win anywhere

Why is this fully grown woman such a short stack? I want to find things to bend her over etc, etc, etc

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Sounds legit.

You mean Senseifags, right? She's the one that Tsutsui constantly draws with her ass in the reader's face.

All the recent sensei chapters just make me like her even less. I mean, her chapters are definitely good in a humor sort of way, but she continues to slide down the the best girl rankings by constantly being just such a colossal fuckup all the time, and not in a cute way.

walking fapbait deserve nothing but senseless animal fuck

>animal fuck
And tender post-coitus care

only for refractory resting for next round

This desu. There are more posts complaining about /lit/fags than the actual /lit/ posting in this thread.

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