Isekai Maou airs Summer 2018

Just announced on their website, the anime about LARPing as a demon lord.

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>a shitty 12-dozen isekai anime
Why should we care at all?

Almost couldn't recognize what this is supposed to be because of how vague "Isekai Maou" as a nickname is and how different the elf looks from the ugly manga art

>another MMORPG anime


it's ecchi as fuck

Why should we even care? My question still stands.

He's got social anxiety and acts chuuni as fuck to mask it while in his head he's panicking. I enjoy the concept.

Diablo is funny in his "I am a Demon King" role he cannot break from, also the harem interactions are kinda funny.

Why care about any anime? If you don't like isekai anime discussions you could just not participate in the thread.

>little brown demons
>Deckard Cain

Threads are gonna be fun

I'm about to leave the thread, but the shitty isekai loving taste just never cease to amaze me.

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Well, Death March is according to stalker threads doing horribly in the preorders, so you may well get your wish soon.

I can't wait for the doujins.

All of these isekai anime would be vastly improved if they just started cold a hundred chapter in. I'm sick of the same old starting infodump for the same stock fantasy setting. And by then the shitty amateur author has kind-of learned how to not suck complete ass.
Now one will do that and be successful,. spawning tons of shitty imitators that make me regret ever wanting this.

You'd probably enjoy this when it airs, then. It skips directly from him arriving in the bronze age norse world to 2 years later in medias res when he's in directing barbarian clan wars, and only flashes back later to how he struggled to integrate for a long time with things like language barriers and food quality. It's also not an amateur work.

Forgot my pic.

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It feels like anime studios are running out of anime to produce.

It's the 3rd most viewed in china after VEG and overlord.

This is the bestseller novel of Kodansha Light Novels imprint, it's not a bottom of barrel scraping. They still have much more to go before running out.

Does that matter if they are failing to sell BDs? And chinks never pay for anything anyway.

Chinese will just make inferior ripoff isekais of death march. If you want some truly dreadful isekai, read the chinese written/drawn ones.

They pay hundreds of thousands of $ to license each ep, with it being so cheaply made they're making good profit.

Apparently this thing is probably at least partially funded by bilibili so you may be on to something.

fuck off with this elf slut, where's my perflat wife?

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That's getting an anime?

Manga art is garbage holy shit

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Yeah, that pic was an anime key visual.

It's being promoted by the bilibili booth at Anime Japan so it's probably funded by chinks.

meanwhile no shieldbro news, sigh.

I thought the Shieldbro anime would set off a massive anti-slavery backlash against modern isekai anime but this may beat them to it.

>Gary Stu
>Elf girls

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does isekai maou put that much emphasis on slavery?

The joke is that the MC is an /r9k/-tier autist with crippling social anxiety who can only survive by LARPing as a gary stu maou.

And he's not even the strongest.

This LN barely feels like an isekai story at all, it feels more like a love comedy action story with highly structured arcs largely consisting of the protagonist constantly reacting to things or miscommunicating. On the plus side it's got a fairly cute heroine duo and romance.

I'm pretty sure the elf is gay for the catgirl too.


You lost me at Isekai.

Yeah, it feels a lot like a Sena/Yozora character dynamic (referencing Haganai).

You know I liked it better when novels and anime were all about incest instead of Isekai

No thanks.

Starting to get bored with all these harem op'd protagonist isekai. I like isekai as a genre. Log Horizon, Grimgar and Gate being favs just wish they could focus more on story than on the harem hijinks.

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I still can't believe how good this is despite having some flaws. It's practically an antithesis of much of what anons complain about.

Smartphone, Arifureta, Hyakuren, now this. I'm guessing Isekai Mahou is getting an anime too.

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Basically isekai smartphone done right from what I've heard.

No. It's a misfired pet summoning spell, not the usual isekai slavery. It's mostly just played for jokes and later romantic remarks. It's barely relevant except as a mechanic to force the three main characters together at the start.

Well the elf is an incest baby. And there's a whole arc about her brother trying to force her to marry him.

How about Lazy King?
I can dream at least

Tsurusaki Takahiro is miracle to the universe.

He isn't Op.

Will it come with autistic commentary in the TL notes?

He's boosting his Bronze Age clan into the Iron Age, in the context of the world that's pretty OP.

It's an isekai so I'll still give it a go, but if it has Smartphone or SAO level harem bs, then be dropping it like a hot fucking potato

ehh. It is generic as fuck with absolutely nothing outstanding, but MC if nice and waifus are good and should spawn sufficient pixiv/doujinshi. So it's good i guess. Also completely forgettable. Even Death March this season is more interesting.

>read harem
>if it is harem I will drop it

You forgot Shieldbro and Slime tensei.

I am reading Chinese novels mostly nowadays, abandoning japanese LNs almost completely. Japanese are far far worse and it is hard to dig anything decent from the piles of trash. Chinese are a lot better and interesting also there is a lot of the same stuff, but once you reed 10 similar novels you can start reading parodies on them making fun of that.

>It is generic as fuck with absolutely nothing outstanding
You realized this applied to Death March right? At least this one has a more interesting MC and somewhat strong villain. Also
>muh Japanese cuisine
>muh slave loli harem
>interesting than anything at all

Subhuman drone spotted, I'm sorry please don't exterminate my whole clan, just a slip of tongue.

TLDR: did not read Death March

With all it's downsides, DM actually has a decent story with intrigue and world building with all sol backdrop. No doubt it is trash, but there is still degree of comparison. Maou is just a novel you read for fanservice/jokes.

Was kind of hoping for an anime about actual LARPers but I'll still watch this because I have shit taste.

Read the whole post I said Smartphone or SAO level harem bs.

The harem hijinks in Log Horizon or Gate don't both me because the story is of greater importance. But most of Smartphone and SAO's substance was about the harems, Christ at one stage both of them were getting a new waifu every ep.

Fall on you knees and call me your Grandfather.

The china poster is strong with this one

There is no discussion. Chinese novels are superior. Starting with a fact it is mostly not about 15 years old school kids transmigrating.

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Log horizon isnt a harem, theres like 2 girls after the MCs dick and only one has a chance of winning. Half the series is filled with super obvious pairing.

To be fair all this proves is your a chad, and hate beta. To be honest though I can't swallow either.

Actually 3, Henrietta is after him if she could get him despite her Akatsuki fetish

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While Japanese novels have beta MC's, Chinese novels have sociopathic power-drunk MC's

I liked that first, problem is that's basically the only joke the series has and it just keeps getting repeated and repeated

>It's barely relevant except as a mechanic to force the three main characters together at the start.
Then why mention it at all? That ain't triggering shit.

God I still remember how utterly btfo I was, I though Kanami was going to be this darkhorse heroine and then I discover she's married to a chad doctor and is raising a kid. I initially threw quite a tantrum, before I realized that a high woman like Kanami deserved only the best

Still doesn't mean its a harem when ones a middleschooler and the other doesn't stand a chance. This is mamare were talking about here

I actually got tired of xianxia novels, mostly reading parodies on them now and the novels not set in wuxia but real world/science fiction now/showbiz.

Wrong generalization, not every novel is Warlock of the Magus world. I find majority of xianxia MCs being mostly fun idiots or honorable white knights. The most fun aspect of chinese novels that is different from Japanese is Face Smacking. It is just too satisfying reading MC face smaking opponents, to a point my favorite novels right now consist exclusively of that like I'm Superstar and Library of Heavens Path, Emperor's Domination.

But there are also plenty of real good stories with nice plot, development and emotion: Release That Witch, Against the Gods etc.

Not to deny there is piles of formulaic trash that is hard to distinguish from each other, but it still provides fun reading for large part.

The harem will exist since MC is a young successful leader. People around him are throwing him girls even.

I have only read volume 1 but I would compare it with something like Madan no Ou to Vanadis. The story and the wars are very important here.


Should I expect nipples?

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>in anime
you'll be lucky if their bodies differ in any way from baseline normal because that's what korean 'animators' are taught to draw

I wonder if the sworn familial relationships will annoy incestfags.

Maybe, it's a pretty ecchi series.

Anime when, I want Fran fanart(no lewd)

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They tweeted another key visual with Rem.

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Looks bad compared to novel/manga.

I want art of Fran's ass impaled on that hilt.

that's... different.

Hopefully. I Just want to see buff old men calling MC and the girls' father and mother.

Begone, Fran is only for petting and hugging

I did roll my eyes when one girl called MC father and another called him big brother right off the bat.

>Should I expect nipples?

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Hello normalfag

I don't like it. Well, I like it, but not for Rem.

I don't know what you are implying.
It's different formats.

>compared to manga
Not really.

Anime will have censor tags and then you can buy the dvd and surprise, there's still nothing. Just like manga.

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Hopefully after the LN have gotten into the beast kingdom arc, so that the anime can end at the end of the tournament arc. Though I really doubt it would as many episodes it would need to properly cover that.

So, the demon lord is gonna use his big, thorny cock to penetrate those elves' gentle, wet pussies?

That's inevitable, but I really hope he gets that 12-year-old bunny cunny, too.

The guildmaster? Pretty sure she's an adult of indeterminate age.

No, Horun, Sylvie is fine, too, though. I won't mind two or more bunnies to join the demon lord's concubines, though.