Darling in the FranXX

This is Ichigo! Code 015.
The Strawberry and fifteenth star of Orion!
Team leader!

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Very cute!

terrible team leader

demotion when

Pushy shortflat who doesn’t know how to pistil, lead, plan, or love.

BTFO in literally every episode.

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I want Ichigo to be my leader.

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02 go away.

>still using low quality gif

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So small, plucky, tiny, fierce, and cute. She was born for to be picked by her underarms and be given head pats.

She doesn’t even deserve early 90s jpg artifacts.

Well it's a gif of Ichigo so that kind of quality is to be expected.

What a cute

This is your Ichigo for the night.

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Cute. CUTE.

I remind them.

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>no boner

>I feel nothing


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>this is a 10/10 for Ichigofags

Interrogator: "Officer N59G-3-25, let's begin. Ready?"

015: "Yes, sir".

Interrogator: “Recite your baseline.”

015: “And blood-black nothingness began to spin. A system of stamens interlinked within pistils interlinked within a single franxx… And hopefully equal within the plantation, a tall white fountain played. ”

Interrogator: "Unit".

015: "Unit".

Interrogator: "Have you ever been in an orphanage? Unit".

015: "Unit".

Interrogator: "Does she keep you away from your Unit? Unit."

015: "Unit."

Interrogator: "When you're not performing your duties do you ask another man to take you? Unit".

015: "U-Unit".

Interrogator: "Second".

015: "Second".

Interrogator: "What's it like to hold the hand of someone you love? Second".

015: "Second".

Interrogator: "Did they teach you how to feel finger to finger? Second".

015: "Second".

Interrogator: "Do you long for having your heart in a cell? Second".

015: … "Second".

Interrogator: "Do you dream about being Second... ?"

015: "Second!".

Interrogator: "What's it like to hold your Unit in your arms? Second".

015: (averts gaze) "Second".

Interrogator: "Do you feel that there's a part of you that's missing? Second".

015: "ye- Second".

Interrogator: "You are my Hero".

015: "You are my Hero".

Interrogator: "Why don't you say that three times: You are my Hero".

015: "You are my Hero. You are my Hero. You are my Hero" (her eyes start to water).

Interrogator: "We're done. 015... prepare for debriefing”.

015: "Thank you, sir".

Note: Unfitting to command her team. Replacement is required.

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Cute! CUTE!

I don't remember Cocona being this straight.

Manlets don't count as men.

No, but this is.

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Amai, I like her taste.

a is still blue, at least use spoilers as a show of good manners.

>dark colored nipples

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Why has there been a sudden surge of Ichigofags?
What happened?


Has there? She still seems to be most hated amongst the girls.

She's a jap.

People realized Goro was best boy and now Ichigo is riding his wave since he confessed to her.

Most of the haters are baiting though.

It coincided with the rise of Gorofags and the namefa's infamy in these threads
really make you think

Eh, I can see why she's polarizing. Miku and Kokoro are just there to be cute. Ikuno is kinda under the radar. 02 is everyone's seasonal waifu. Ichigo is the only one that has some serious character flaws that can be irritating.

>she's a jap

It's never stated where exactly they are


>terrible team leader
Apparently P13 president had a different opinion about it. He only knows about their successes and not interpersonal shit so as far as we know he is impartial.

Ichigofag since episode 1 reporting in.

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Aside from vocal retards like Michlan, Ichigo is still the least popular girl.

Same here. Oni's abrasiveness turned me off, while Ichigo is the kind of underdog character I can get behind.

Because she's the best.

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It's because she's cute! CUTE!

She's the second most popular character in the show

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Hi guys this is my waifu, can I sit in your general for a while thanks.

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You're fucking retarded if you actually think this

Shoo, Michlan

She gets a lot of screentime but she is still pretty hated. Or rather she gets treated like a joke.

Opinion on Ichigo?

02, Hiro, Goro and Miku are more popular though

Only on Sup Forums, she's second most popular in nipland and even in the west

It's like how no one gives a fuck about Nana except in these threads

Hiro is only second most popular on here because as of a side effect of 002, and Miku and Goro aren't as popular as Ichigo

Michlan is my ally despite being a fag, so that means, fuck you

Michlan and his ilk really push me towards dislike, but I'll just remain neutral.

What if I like her but don't think she is best girl?

Then just vote on like her.

Why would you use a webm for literally 2 frames?

You look a good strawberry

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I don't think you want him as your ally

Maybe they are not popular but they don't get hated on. Ichigo, Futoshi, and Mitsuru seem to be the most hated of the characters.

But that option also commits to her being best girl, which I don't think she is.

I don't know I've seen her get mocked and bullied pretty much everywhere.

I don't get it

Maybe, but that's pretty easy to figure out why

>Majority of Sup Forumsnons are 02fags
>Mitsuru and Ichigo have both made attempts in the past to upset Hiro002 relationship
>And futoshi is a fat fucking pig

I see you push this every week like you're selling propaganda for 02fags. Of course 02fags hate her for "reasons" and they are a loud majority. But so what? 015 is second most popular in Japan and it's virtually the same here in the west and on Sup Forums too.

Ew. Pubes. Go shave, kid.

They've moved on from hating Milkman. As for Ichigo people get second hand embarrassment or rage at her attempts at homewrecking because Hiro is so happy and devoted to 02 that it's pathetic to watch her.

Trips of truth

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Hiro, Goro and Miku are better received around here than Ichigo

He's not here, he's on /biz/ celebrating because apparently the coin he shilled unsing ichigo pics is making him gains
he has a thread up in /biz/ right now

Ichigo is popular only in the sense that she is a relevant character not "popular" in the sense that she's well liked.

But she's also the second most liked. I get it you love 002 but open your eyes

I'll only concede she's well liked when bully posting ceases once and for all.

Have you been in these threads lately? Bullyposting has been dead for weeks

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I want to teach her how to piss-til, if you know what l mean.

You mean that watermarked Ichigo gif? Holy kek

This poll is flawed. It needs more nuance.
I do not think she;s best girl, that's the FeMC (or Miku).
I don't hate her anymore, but I *do* hate the way she acts around Hiro, it's not healthy for her.
And lastly, I am not indifferent.
What do I vote for?


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It's died down but it still exists.

Just put indifferent. It means you don't have strong feelings either way.

Only as a very rare holdout, it hasnt been relevant for awhile. Now we're stuck with the most boring thread discussion of all, Nana. Episode 11 PV cant come soon enough

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>I *do* hate the way she acts around Hiro, it's not healthy for her
Fucking this, i really liked her in episode 9 when she got her shit together

Don't hate her, think she's annoying, though. Want her to develop on her own and let go of Hiro.
Michlan is obnoxious, but I don't hate a character just because I don't like him. That's dumb.

When will 02 walk Hiro home gently?
Please soon.

Right, it seems indifferent may be the most accurate out of a bunch of bad choices. Thanks.

They won't come back home. ;_;

You mean they will rebel against APE and find freedom and happiness together?

What did she mean by this?

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You don't get lots of haters if you're not popular.

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Yeah, apparently it *might* earn him 400%. Might.

02 doesn't get as many haters despite being literal seasonal waifubait. Just admit she has some hateable traits.

>find freedom and happiness together
They will in the fucking afterlife

I'm sure Ichigo is pretty popular. The one I can see consistently hated is Ikuno. Ichigo has the childhood friend thing going on that pulls a lot of people in because they can relate to that and the potential unrequited love.
Plus her design is pretty bog-standard otakubait, not gonna lie.
She's definitely not worst girl, though. She might even become a good girl once she stops orbiting Hiro.

That, and create a family of their own?

>having flaws is a bad thing
Maybe 002 really is a mary sue

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Is Ichigo the Mikasa of ditf?

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Well, I guess at least that's something.
Yes, four cute oni kids.

>Plus her design is pretty bog-standard otakubait, not gonna lie.
This can be said for every single girl in Franxx

Yes, even 002

02's has flaws but at least they don't involve chasing a boy who is already in a happy relationship.

I don't know, really.
The cutesy flat-chested childhood friend with short (dark blue) hair who wants to be around her childhood friend, who doesn't know how to handle her feelings for said childhood friend.