Loli Rakko is CUTE. Astral Buddy #10 is a flashback which should be interesting.

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>inb4 Frenda is in the facility as well

What did Kamachi mean by this?

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>"Iruka-chan, don't leave me alone..."
F-FUCK. ;_;

Pump and dump Rakko.

How much rape does it take to fix Kuroko?

>level 0s are lab rats too
Is nobody safe from the crazy scientists in AC?

Are we sure Rakko is a level 0?

Post True Number 100

Yeah railgun chapter 83 confirmed it.

>yfw this flashback is an entire mini-arc on its own
>it takes countless volumes of flashbacks before Junko reaches Misaki like the Golden Age part of Berserk

Will Misaki become a potato for 2 decades?

No wonder Rakko is in a no-name school, she doesn't even fucking qualify for Tokiwadai with her onee-san. Poor girl must've felt lonely when "Iruka-chan" left her and is the reason why she wants to make friends and become popular.

Even at Level 0 you should still be able to see some of the power assuming the power is smell detection

Meanwhile Junko continues suffering the entire way.

She has drills. She deserves it.

She still attends a school for ojous in the school garden so it's not all that bad.

Rakko a cute dog

>school for ojous
So she's gonna get molested because all ojous are sluts

Ojous are a dime a dozen in School Garden, but an ojou with super powers in the most prestigious school in the city containing two of the Level 5s, that can't be beat.

>still no Rei look alike

Misaka would be closest since she has short hair and was cloned

>a cute shota who won't stop stalking Kuroko
>"p-please be my girlfriend!"
Make it happen, Kamachi

Why are you posting a picture of Kakine's toy? She gets PLENTY of company and loving

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More Scavengers screentime when?

Literally next Railgun chapter. But it would be neat if they debuted in Astral Buddy.
>gets hired by spats and Iruka
>manages to fuck things up immensely but gets away alive and in a better position than before

Bravo Kamachi!!

Hangyaku-sei Million Arthur anime announced, 2 cour.
Director: Mitsutoshi Satou
Studio: J.C.Staff
Tetsuya Kakihara
Ayana Taketatsu
Inori Minase
Natsuki Hanae
Yuichi Nakamura

>already confirmed how many cours it will have
>meanwhile Index III we still don't know how many it will have for its season


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>Bravo Kamachi!!
can't see anything related to Kamachi

>Wrote the entire main scenario for Million Arthur and supervised the details of all the card characters. Did the same for the sequel.

this motherfucker is not Kamachi

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>Touma is Kamachi self insert
Lolling out loud

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He is the game developer, Kamachi is the one who writes the scenario and card details.

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Especially as a loli.

I see, Astral Buddy wants to play with the big boys.
I'm sad because Accel manga didn't include anything interesting to it's plot.

I can't tell if Iruka is the older sister or if Rakko was a crybaby who relied on her imouto. Either way I want to know what they feed these middle schoolers.

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Accel manga is going to feature Kiharas in this arc so there's that to look forward to. The new girl might actually be one herself.

There's a slav drink that supposedly makes women's boobs grow called boza.

Let's hope so. This and that it'll speed up a bit.


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Yes, but not many people like it, since it's taste is somewhat weird. personally I fucking hate it.

>if Rakko was a crybaby who relied on her imouto
You mean oneesan, right?

did you skip the first part of the sentence?

So its confirmed that Iruka and Rakko are sisters? Makes sense. I'm guessing we'll finally find out what happened to Rakko eventually. I'm assuming she is probably dead. But maybe not.

No wonder the novel releases slowed down if he's working on that as well. Sasuga Mr. "I take a break from writing by writing something else".

Rakko a ded.

For you.

Atleast a day’s worth

What are the odds the sixth level five is introduced in Astral Buddy to help it compete with the other series?

How would they get Pierce to cameo? Snuck into the school for a panty raid?

I don’t know but they’re going to have to do a lot of explaining as to why he’s poor and working side jobs while all the other level fives are filthy rich not to mention Misaki seeing him in canon and not acknowledging him as the sixth. Not only that but he’s been knocked out pretty easily in the LN and nobody at his school ever hints at him being a strong exper which is pretty obvious though considering he’s in the equivalent of esper special ed with Touma.

Billion Aleister>Million Arthur

>I don’t know but they’re going to have to do a lot of explaining as to why he’s poor and working side jobs
He's not, he just thinks living at a bakery is an easy way to meet girls, he does side jobs to meet girls as well. Also his anime fig collection is substantial, even his Level 5 stipend has trouble keeping up.

>Misaki seeing him in canon and not acknowledging him as the sixth
She knew, it just wasnt relevant to bring him up.

>Not only that but he’s been knocked out pretty easily in the LN
He's a masochist

>nobody at his school ever hints at him being a strong esper
Not a lot of people know probably. Or maybe Touma didn't over hear anyone saying anything about him since he's busy thinking about his own problems.

>he’s in the equivalent of esper special ed with Touma.
He likes being scolded by Komoe

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>"I take a break from writing by writing something else".

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Since there doesn't really seem to be a fanbase for it here on Sup Forums I think Million Arthur might get absorbed by us Kamachiverse posters.

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I have to wonder how much the class knows about the Delta force. I mean they treated Touma tanking a city block engulfing flamethrower and one shotting an element as business as usual.

That would be a bigger ass pull then the ending of Clannad Afterstory.

And not even in a good way because everybody expects it.

>She knew, it just wasnt relevant to bring him up.

So then who was the guy beating literally everybody up at the riots if Aogami is the sixth? I’ve always imagined that was him.

>So then who was the guy beating literally everybody up at the riots if Aogami is the sixth?
Aogami's avatar, duh

Pierce's bastard son he had at the age of 6

I’m starting to think this whole Aogami being the sixth is an uneducated guess at best. There’s really nothing in the series even hinting at it besides the mc claiming he’s a strong fighter which only makes me think he was the guy in the riots at best.

Also the name Aogami Pierce is hinting at Aogami being an American spy although that could just be a coincidence.

Also there is a certain power in this series described as a level five ability that a rensa wouldn’t in canon be able to replicate no matter how hard she tried which would make sense for the sixth and it isn’t Aogami’s power. I’m guessing that’s why she’s never able to use the sixths power if I’m right about that.

I thought the power she couldn't replicate was Gunha's

Then again I don’t know how you can consider him strong when he lost against Touma in a fist fight.

That's correct, you're just replying to MP who enjoys making shit up.

Well probably not his as well but that’s because even he don’t know how his ability works.

Yea I definitely remember when Rensa used the sixths ability. That definitely happened.

It’s a good thing we’re smart and read the LN and know for a fact Rensa used the sixth level fives ability. That’s why we know what it does now.

Othinus? More like Cutienus.

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Ten Thousand Misaka>Billion Aleister>Million Arthur>One Hundred Thousand White Queen

not!Rakko a cute

So Raildex in autumn and Million Arthur in winter, right?

Every time you talk about it the date gets pushed back one week.

Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to Tokiwadai Middle School tomorrow.

>He’s going to try and mess with the Tokiwadai students

Try not to get hurt.

I only want to kill Kuroko.

Even worse.

>t. Kakine the jobber

>tries to shoot up the school
>only manages to shoot himself

Dubs confirm. Sasuga True Number 11

I seriously thought the guy who shot his head off was Kakineposter. Dunno why, though

How long until we get shota Touma?

It was him. He just didn't die again. Fucking DM bullshit.

Shut the fuck up, Awaki.

Kill White Queen

>Million Arthur got an anime before Blood Sign

Colorless Little Slut a shit


Is dumb and gay

If there is one thing Mikoto isn't it's gay. Her lust for Touma's cock is unbeatable.

This kills the Blood Sign fags

Accelerator = Sloth

Kakine = Envy

Misaka = Pride

Mugino = Gluttony

Misaki = Greed

Aihana = Lust

Gunha = Wrath

>O-oh no, you look lost. Well, with my power I can just take you hom-
>Wait, what's going on, my power doesn't work?!
>I guess...I-I'll just have to carry y-you on my b-back.

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What exactly is Mugino gluttonous for?

>O-Oh no, you're all sweaty now, let's undress you so we can dry your clothes and wipe you down. I'll undress too so you won't be embarrassed!
>Oh, wow, looks like your peepee is hard all of a sudden. But don't worry, onee-chan will take care of it with my mouth.

>not Index
One job, user. ONE JOB

>implying Awaki ever had her way with a shota