One Piece

Spoilers in 24 hours.

When will we get to Reverie and eventually Wano? How do you see this arc ending?

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Monet will save the Strawhats.

Our precious Charlotte Family celebrating and eating cake over the broken bodies of the Germa 66.

I hope...

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She didn't do a fucking thing.

Reverie in 2 months or something.
I want this arc to end with Capone escaping, Carrot joining and Caesar finding and joining Buggy. I don't really care what happens to Germa.

>How do you see this arc ending?

With Jinbe's DEATH

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She's going to. Seriously, think about it. Who is on their feet right now that's actually strong enough to stop her?

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Reverie in 2-3 months.
Wano starts October/November.

Big mama eats the cake and probably will try to get to some sort of arrangement with the mugiwaras after some hijinks. "Leave Sanji with me as a cook and I wont kill you all".
Luffy will scream something about nakamas and say no to her, Mama will be distracted by Capone's assasination attempt and they'll escape the fleet probably helped by one of Jimbes fish friends again




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Oda, where's my friend Jack?

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He fucking died lmao get over it pussy

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Someone mentioned gomu?
Now this is a hxh thread, faggots

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I know you guys call Oda a hack but don't compare him to hack-fraud togashi Oda actually sets up his bullshit

Stfu Jobren, don't make me call him...

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Someone needs to cut out the "far into the future" part.

Holy shit what a beautiful thread full of honestly beautiful memes.

Like this?

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Like what exactly? What makes Togashi a hack fraud? Care to elaborate? If youre talking about O my rubber nen then you clearly have no clue what Nen is and what it can do

W-whatever y-ou say pffff you oda cocksucker pffff HAHAHAHAHA

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I wanted the "pretty" word to stay you know.

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Already been done newfag. Didn't save the pic though.

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>The ants

Favorite Charactes, Go
Franky's ironically tied for number 2. Kazuki Yao always gets the most bombastic personalities.

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bungee gum has the properties of both rubber and gum

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who are you quoting retard?

Ah. I see. So like this.

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More like this

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TOC out
OP is 2nd


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I don't think I wanna play anymore.

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When it's not first it's second. Seriously, when was the last time One Piece was third in ranking?

I don't usually pay much attention to this. Is the rank based on how well the previous chapter did, or is it based on an earlier chaoter?

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Hold it right there, Kizaru!

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Ignore that user, I found it great.

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Dude it's 2nd consecutively. Never happened for past 2 years. It has always regained 1st after one week

Please do not kinkshame Kizaru, Benu beckumanu.

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can someone explain this manga to me? does it even flow well or is each arc pretty much self contained?

>especially you op

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>When will we get to Reverie and eventually Wano?
Don't care at all. I really enjot WCI.

Oda, where's my friend Zoro?

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Jobji fag uh?

Just read it or don't

Should have let Kata win.

Already done

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I forgot it mentioned op but thank God that is included, fuck you degenerate scum, carrot is not "the ninth"

What did he mean by this?

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Weekly Shonen Jump #18
One Piece (Cover/Lead CP)

No break between 899 and 900.

>no clue what Nen is
Nen is the power to bring out asspulls. Amazing that it does that and you guys excuse every asspull due to nen.
>kurapika sacrifices himself to be able to fight on an even level with his sworn enemy
Not asspull, Nen.
>Gon ages 20 years in order to fight enemy
Not asspull, Nen.
>Gon gets saved by Killua's fag brother
Nah, that's a calamity power that Togashi just made up. It's not an asspull because Togashi just asspulled it out of nowhere. Face the facts, HxH has the same bullshit as every other series. He just conned you into thinking it's impossible to have asspulls.

Please, stop, you angry child.


Why is Kizaru never considered for fleet admiral?

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Weeb-san, TOC is based on 8 chapters before.
And that was before the result

Sorry user, I'm just telling the truth with all thse faggots and their gay shippings

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It's a story about a dude who want's to be the person with more freedom in the world and is gonna have to fight for it.
Some arcs have more things in common than the others, interconnecting the world, but everything is part of a big story.
So start at page 01, chapter 01 or watch some of the movies to see if it's your cup of tea, or don't. Do whatever you want.

He will definitely job again

Glad ur back

It's both. They're all self contained (though there are a few sagas that work with 2 or 3 arcs) but most of them still have significance in the big picture.
Basically they land on an island and that becomes an arc. Next island, next arc, rinse and repeat. Of course for every new island there is a new set of characters. But unlike people like Kubo Oda actually manages to make them stay relevant and/or explain what they're up to even after the main characters leave the island. That's also part of the fun of following One Piece.

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Will you buy the new game?

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Because he was never shown to really give a fuck about anything.

He is too cool for politics, he just wants to wear a fancy suit and kick pirates at c

I have a fan theory that biggu mammu force fed him the jobber jobber no mi. You can never win fights, but you can never die either, and the fights are always close

I didn't bother to read the fight: The post

He doesn't want it, or it could be the fact that Kizaru is pretty much unpredictable. That's why Akainu and Aokiji were the better options.

I'm a true op fan and I admit hxh is better

>Sabo is in it
Aaaaaand dropped.


t. Not a true op fan

Sure, I love One Piece and have been reading it for a decade. Contributing something to it and getting more content from the series doesn't sound too bad.

But where's Zoro?

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I'm not a true fan of both, and I state that HxH is edgy shit for teens, while OP is something people can enjoy when they are over 20.

You're right, that's Jimbei. She's "the tenth".

Aokiji was the one withe better sense of justice. Akainu was the one more bent on violence. He is unclear justice, he may have sayedAdmiral so he can pull a fast one on a bad/terrible/unjust Fleet Admiral.

Chapter 899 spoilers

[Spoiler] chapter is out. People blame sanji for jobbing again. [/Spoiler]

>make an open world
>make that open world the most generic non canon location you can think of, in a world where Barcelona with Pont du Gard and toys, a half cold half erupting island, and Cake Wonderland exist
Nah I won't, and they were asking for it anyways.

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what did he mean by this?

Yeah man there's literally zero reason to read anything other than the newest chapter and even then the anime is way better so maybe you should just watch that? But the anime kinda sucks too since it's so long so just go watch the movies.
Movies 3 and 5 I think get the point of the series across the best and once you've seen them you'll know everything you need to know about Wan Piss, mainly that it sucks and that you should stick to Boruto.

Look private Faggot, I'm gonna give you three seconds; exactly three-fucking-seconds to wipe that stupid faggotry off my thread or I will gouge out your eyeballs and skull-fuck you! ONE! TWO! THREE!

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Oho one trash still ongoing?

Black Clover has only 150 chapters and surpassed it lmao

Yes that was it, thanks.

>black clover
>naruto 2.0
>surpassing anything including bleach


the only reason Luffy won is because King Cobra was faster than Kata's big ass mace.

Rubber is also better at tanking hits than Mocchi, which can be pounded. Luffy literally pounded Katakuri into a Jobbing Mocchi.

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Oda, Where's my jobber Sanji?

With all due respect Sir you still haven't seen anything Sir!

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Right here with a complimentary shot wound!


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Black Clover atleast no asspulls. Tabata isn't a hack like oda

>black clover
literally any thread you go to that series will get shit on, just stop watching so you can embarrass yourself less.

Don't answer him.

>Black Clover
>Autistic Screeching: The Manga/Anime
>Ever coming close to the Shonen gods

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