One Piece

What was Pudding's request?

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to kiss sanji and marry him elbaf or eos


A kiss.

Weekly Shonen Jump #18
One Piece (Cover/Lead CP)

No break between 899 and 900.

There's probably going to be a break after 900 though, since this would be the 5th chapter without a break.

Interesting if true. Last time we got 5 chapters in a row was exactly a year ago too. Though sandman said Oda was working on the chapter yesterday.

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He still has time to work on it, it's only getting shipped into stores around this time next week.

Who /oven/ here?

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"Please forget me"

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Same as last year.

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sanji is really gay.

>sanji is really gay.

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Are they an item?

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For Sanji to eternally suffer

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Wano never

Luffy is virgin asexual
Zoro is gay (but not faggot)
Nami is lesbian (but used to have sex with men for money)
Usopp is a beta-virgin
Franky is an alpha-chad (but took a vow of chastity)
Sanji is an average straight man (virgin)
Brook was an average straight man (now cockless)
Robin is an average straight woman (not virgin obviously)
Chopper fucked Bambi’s mother before eating the DF, now fucks whatever hole he founds when he is in his horny period
Carrot is pure and virgin, but not for long


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>gay (but not faggot)
>something like that exists
nice meme fellow magapede

I wonder what Gastino smells like

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Guys can someone post the red reaction pic with /ourboy/ Gastino crying? It's an emergency

No, we're /oven/ here

> Sanji is an average straight man (virgin)

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I can't believe Thatch is fucking dead...

Yonkou here!
Blackbeard returns and eats the cake
Sanji jobs
BMP's job

zyklon b

>Sanji got pounded in the ass for 2 years while Luffy was surrounded with women that wanted his mushroom

at least sanji had some action

Literal who here. Oda is a hack for having Luffy be the winner

>luffy won
t. 50 IQ

I'd like to welcome all of the autists from the previous thread telling me to kill myself for linking to this thread despite the fact that they will now be posting here as the other thread reached bump limit.

nobody cares loser

i-its not like i wanted to p-post here O-ODA

Perospero's candy escalator in the anime this week?

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Ignore this thread.

You care enough to reply and choose this thread, i'm simply welcoming you with an open heart as water under the bridge yes?

People will complain but they'll end up posting here anyway. It's actually kind of funny.

Why is Peros the only flatchested Charlotte girl?

fuck your shit thread

Chapter 899: The Disposer

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Stop, just use this one since it's already active and you can make your new thread when the time comes but later

>another nothing happens chapter cause of Odas must wait for 900 autism
cant wait

>chapter 900 is Big Meme eating cake
Is Oda dare I say... an H word?

Who's the MVP of this arc?


Luffy x Carrot
Sanji x Reiju
Usopp x Kaya x Perona x Viola
Franky x all the trash whores of the world as he is a hentai
Robin x Spooky Shit
Nami x a roll of quarters
Zoro x Stairs
Brook x Laboon or Big Mom
Hancock x Katakuri
Chicken Nuggets x Ketchup

A kiss and then she wiped his memory

You know it's Brook
the real question is who's the MVP between Nami, Carrot and Jinbe

>Chicken Nuggets x Ketchup
get the fuck out

t. Sweet n Soyboy

Never taste this fine could exist

>Luffy x Carrot
Do Carrotfags actual,believe she'll join because they think "Look out" is a proper or needed position?

Not all gays are faggots and not all faggots are gay

Faggot is a discriminative word that we shouldn't use, gay is the proper term that should be used instead.

I just ship it because they have similar personalities and their kid would be literally Goku

they unironically do

t. sub human IQ

The state of Luffy and Odafags

b-but s-stamina

Stop putting words in my mouth you sperg. We saw all the damage Luffy did to katakuri. Oda is a hack for having Luffy win after a few punches but Luffy did win the fight

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Luffy total damage
Still standing

Katakuri total damage

You literally can't defend this

more like

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Read my post you fucking retard. I didn't defend it. I said "Oda is a hack for having Luffy win after a few punches"
Stop trying to be offended and fucking realise that I'm agreeing with you

>a ship role is mandatory to become nakama

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>Luffy wo-

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Sorry, I love you.

>Not pictured: Luffy getting up two seconds later while Katakuri passes out

>Kata wo-

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Guess we can agree that Doffy won, then.

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>Hancock x Katakuri

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>being gay

>Not pictured: Luffy getting back up and shit stomping Doffy
Keep trying faggot

What about it?

At least you tried

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Luffy didn't get up after that. He was unconscious for days.


sugar is the source of power.
he simply did not have enough sugar.
Prove me wrong.

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Doffy was arrested and the entire world acknowledges that Luffy won that fight. Luffy was unconscious because of over exertion of his Haki and accumulated damage. Doffy lost because Luffy pushed his shit in

Enjoy your lack of ability to reproduce and HIV queers

Its pointless trying to justify Luffy winning the fight in the one piece universe when the real answer is that Oda wrote the ending terribly

But adoption, artificial insemination, condoms, Prep and faithful relationships with clean partners exist for a reason user.

Reminder Krieg won.

Anal sex in the alleyway

JInbe is actually pretty close to Brook. Carrot is barely more useful than Chopper. Nami is easily 4th place after Luffy.

So did Crocodile. Though out of all the Pyrrhic victories against Luffy. Krieg had it the best, I agree.

Let’s assume this is true for the sake of discussion. Why didn’t he take another Merienda while Luffy was resting on Nuts Island for a few hours, though? I mean, yeah he slaughtered the cooks so they couldn’t make him more donuts and tea and was unable to get out, but surely he still had leftover snacks from his interrupted Merienda. Were all his snacks destroyed? He also could turn his surroundings into mochi and eat them, but Awakening likely takes more energy than eating said mochi would give, resulting in a net loss of energy, so he can’t sustain himself like that.

I pray to all the gods so that the spoilers on the previous thread end up being fake. A former sweet comander not being able to catch up because of fucking canons? Smoothie taking orders from fucking Daifuku? The straw hats actually escaping without any fights, no raid suit , no Smoothie fighting or Snack showing his powers, no conclusion to the Germa relationship with sanji? Jesus Oda dont let this arc end up like Garbage

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Well what'd you expect from someone like Carrot who's existence is literally
>furrybait the character

I hate kids and condoms exist thirdworld-kun

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spoilers should come out like 12 hours from now

His devil fruit is absolute trash, if Oda gave him
Daifuku's ability this arc would be 20% better.

The Charlottes need to job so Germa looks good and Oda can shill merchandise of them user

Carrot is not furrybait, I want to have sex with her and I’m not a furry.

His devil fruit isn't trash, Oda's either a brainlet or just refuses to acknowledge how OP and broken heat manipulation powers can be

Bitch, please. Honey Mustard masterrace

> Still not understanding Katakuri lost on purpose so Luffy can take down Big Mom.

What a faggot

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