WSJ TOC 2018-17

Weekly Shonen Jump #17
Hero Academia (Cover/Lead CP)
1. Dr.Stone
2. One Piece
3. Haikyū
4. Kimetsu
Neverland (CP)
5. BokuBen
6. Gintama
Noah's Notes
7. Black Clover
Ziga (CP)
8. Act-Age
9. Sōma
Boruto (CP)
10. Hunter×Hunter
11. Hinomaru
12. Yūna-san
13. Robot
14. Bozebeats

Absent: World Trigger

Weekly Shonen Jump #18
One Piece (Cover/Lead CP)
CP: Sōma, BokuBen, Robot

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01 Dr.Stone ch.044
02 One Piece ch.893
03 Haikyū ch.288
04 Kimetsu ch.096
05 BokuBen ch.049
06 Gintama ch.669
07 Black Clover ch.143
08 Act-Age ch.003
09 Sōma ch.249
10 Hunter×Hunter ch.372
11 Hinomaru ch.179
12 Yūna-san ch.097
13 Robot ch.043
14 Bozebeats ch.004

Bozebeat is dead. Based Japan

>Absent: World Trigger

Expect KnY to drop in rankings soon
Also Bozebeats also getting axed

>8. Act-Age
based voters confirmed for decent taste

Plz survive ;_;

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I thought it’s common sense to see that if Noah’s Notes ranked above bottom 5 for first few chapters then it’s most likely going to survive.

What is the appeal, it seemed kinda boring to me?
Why do you like it, I am legit curious why because more people seem to like it.
Is it because of the gyaru slut.

Based gyaruposter.


Story wise it’s mediocre
as fuck

>05 BokuBen ch.049


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Oh okay I can see why then.

>Act-Age is gonna outlive the traditional action series

Average over last 8 weeks

01 One Piece 01.50
02 Neverland 02.67
03 Dr.Stone 02.80
04 Kimetsu 02.86
05 Haikyū 04.67
06 Black Clover 04.83
07 Hero Academia 05.00
08 BokuBen 05.50
09 Act-Age 07.33
10 Gintama 07.67
11 Sōma 08.50
12 Hinomaru 09.33
13 Hunter×Hunter 09.50
14 Bozebeats 10.50
15 Yūna-san 10.71
16 Robot 12.00

Bozebeats looks like a Nuharihyon-tier clusterfuck but without waifus.

>act age
Is anyone working on it since its looking to survive the initial axe?

>08 Act-Age ch.003
>09 Act-Age 07.33
Is it safe enough for those anons to pick it up yet? I want to read it.

Not those anons, but I would not classify it as safe. It's always slightly below the middle.

Is Dr. Stone picking up sales? Will it reach at least Black Clover numbers? Will the "push" help WSJ to regain peak form in terms of cash? (inb4 muh quality= good sales lol).

That's still 5 weeks away, right?

>without waifus
>not wanting to be balls-deep in Madoka's butt
Eh, to each their own.

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>14 Bozebeats 10.50

from old thread
first quarter average

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>13 Robot ch.043
How does this manage to cling to life?

It has the infamous "color page of death" next issue. It will be gone probably in 12 chapters XD

Decent sales early on, but it's not showing any signs of growth.

>Hero Academia (Cover/Lead CP)
guess they are trying to push it because of how shit its ranking was for the past months

Isn't S3 of the anime coming out soon?

The last work of the mangaka was Kuroko. WSJ is probably still hoping that the series will catch on.

Yes, so they're trying to push so that more people would see it

Doctor Stronk

RxL sells better than Kimitsu

It's plain that the guy never understood why his own work was appealing. No reason to think he'll make another success.
I remember whenthe first chapter was released and it was brought up in the homothread. Reactions were like so.
>heh, i read it but the boys were plain and boring, i'm not interested in golf either
>yeah same
It was already a failure the second the first chapter was released.

It was to good of a series. HxH broke the mangakas back, WT broke the mangakas neck.
We truly only deserve OP and mediocre series's.

it doesn't

11│**89077 (7)│*110729│*******│*130267│-------┃*,130,267 (*28)┃2017/12|鬼滅の刃 9

13│**61678 (7)│**78014│-------│-------│-------┃*,*78,014 (*14)┃2017/12|ROBOT×LASERBEAM 3

I don't care for it either. Kuroko was trash as well.

Doesnt suprise me, they need to cash on the hype the series still has, and they cant really expect it to sell superwell (exspecially to new people) given how current arc is SoL.

>implying OP isn't mediocre or worse

This, Noah's Notes is great, please survive. ACT-AGE is also good, so I hope it stays around unlike Bozeshits.

> confirmed to have shit taste

One Piece is dead.

Where were you when Act-age outlived the traditional tired shitty battle shonen series? Good riddance to Boze. Jujutsu and Ziga are next, while Act-age smugs after it survives.

>HeroAca isn't rank

How I am going to shit post right now?

All the 2018 series are bad and should be axed

no u

Good riddance.

I wish we'd get digital sales for maximum shitpost.

Here. I never thought Black Clover would ever be more popular but here we are. I dropped MHA a while ago but I'm guess it must be shit right now

Noah Note is good fight me!

I'm sad for Jujutsu. It's readable and I like it so far, but it's definitely not great and there's no way it's going to survive in a magazine as competitive as Jump. My only hope is that it becomes the new Samon by having a bunch of shit cushion it.

Fuck you, Act-Age is great

Why is Black Clover so high?

When will anyone scanlate Actage?

It's good

I can if nobody’s claimed it yet, though I think someone did before.

Noah and Actage are good you nigger.

>when BnHA is below top 5 it's shit post galore
>when BC is below top 5 nothing happens


Please do it user, no one has touched actage and most likely no one else will.

Why the editor even publish boozebeat?

I wonder what it takes for Jump to actually be satisfied with its lineup. They've been axing everything before they even have a chance to do anything. I don't remember them always just cycling through everything this fast before.

Based user, pls deliver

Thank you for the laugh user

Kimetsu is already at volume 10, don’t we have the latest data for that?

No one has, the anons who said they might have been MIA since its 2nd chapter thread

There's only one shitposter that can easily reset his IP and he has a mental illness.


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Dr. Stone

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They've always been like this, Jump has had a reputation of a sink-or-swim environment for decades

Robot x Laserbeam

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Kimetsu and Neverland anime when?


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I know but I feel like they haven't always been cycling at this rate. They probably easily axed 10 new series within the past year.

And Neverland

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And Love Rush, if anyone cares

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They're desperate

>I don't remember them always just cycling through everything this fast before.
Wrong, theyve always been this harsh. Its easy, the shit manga get axed quickly until a good manga appears.

Good One-Shot, shit serialized manga

Remove Kimitsu and let Noah’s survive

Announcement some time after Ghostits' anime ends.

Actually that's the average rate of death, at least 8 series end per year since 1969, and Jump started in 1968.週刊少年ジャンプ連載作品の一覧

Neverland already in development
No news about Kimetsu but it will eventually get one so stop e-begging about it

Huh, so if I'm reading this right Love Rush's pure ranking actually rose up before it got axed? Also that ecg flatline is amazing.

Did Black Clover already outsell pre-anime BnHA?

People enjoy BC because they like it. So even if its low nobody cares.

Sales =/= quality of writing user.

Would it not make more sense to remove RxL instead?

I like the story though. The lesson in this series is more engaging than Dr. Stone.

That's not what he was asking.
And I'd be interested to see the question answered as well.

>Expect KnY to drop in rankings soon

Why do you think that?

Jump is giving it a chance because the kuroko guy is the mangaka

RxL sells a lot for a newly serialized manga
Kimetsu has to take at least 2 weeks to sell at 100k, compared to Neverlands, BC, and MHA, Kimetsu is doing below average

Kimetsu is doing exactly the same as BC in the same timeframe


It was sentenced in chapter 3, and chapter 6 is the last ranked before the axe

Kimetsu is actually doing exactly the same as BC when it was at volume 10.

Peaks at UM introduction and it slowly went downhill after that.

>Muh Gyaru make peepee big
Jujutsu is like Bozebeats, the art is nice but the artist needs to make it work as a comic and work on panelling and basic storytelling.
Act-age has the worst art I've seen in a long time, it would still be bottom tier in a shoujo magazine. The characters are unlikeable so it's really just carried by being a shonen manga about acting.

The nippons will decide that, not you.

>05 BokuBen ch.049
NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Gotoubun-bros, we can't let them get away with this, bokuben is mean to fail and get axed.