So who's the better trap?

well, Sup Forums? I'm waiting

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Felix is cuter but Astolfo is the better bro.


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Teabagging is a great way to introduce yourself.

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both are awful

Jesus Christ, that artstyle. Why?


CalArts needs to fucking burn


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>so who's the better trap?

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Felix actually looks like a girl. Astolfo only appears as a girl on fanart, in the actual show he's not that feminine except the hair.


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I fucking hate Jun. He's the most boring ass trap imaginable with generic galge design.

Ferris is better written and cuter so he is better.

Why can't western artists draw for shit except for a tiny handful of them?

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the entire point was that he was indistinguishable from a heroine in a VN...

honestly that was the answer i was looking for



please tell me you're joking

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Never heard of him(?)

someone please tell me who this is

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Fuck off.

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