When you see yet another hand-holding is lewd joke

>when you see yet another hand-holding is lewd joke

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>haha we're all little girls on Sup Forums
>me on the left

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>pro-handholding degenerates shilling
buy an ad, heathen



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>when you see your favorite reaction image but it looks disgusting

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We have no-one to blame but ourselves, user.

>it's another police/fbi/hansen/jail joke

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>it's another realisation that your life will go on exactly like this until you die

>another "lolis are evil masterminds" thread

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>4 active franxx threads
>somebody makes another one

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>its another Eva waifu thread

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>its another thread

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>it's another Sup Forums bites bait to act persecuted thread
>it's another thread made by someone obviously fishing for perverted comments so they can fap

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>Another (another) thread

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How much of a spineless weak-willed bitch do you have to be to actually be affected by "bad fanbases"? Not a day goes by on this shithole website without some whiny autist vomiting the same tired complaints like:
>the fanbase ruined it!
>it's a good show, but I hate the fanbase!
>you can't talk about it anymore because of the fanbase!

The amount of faggots braying about this shit VASTLY outnumber any "cancerous fans". Oh no, new people are going to start saying stupid and uniformed things on the Internet? Well what a fucking change from the daily grind here, right? Do any of these obnoxious fans affect your real life? Do they follow you and harass you personally? Of course not, you're just whimpering about icky icky bad people getting into your cool kids club, and don't fucking try to regurgitate your bullshit "points" about how that totally isn't true, and you have a totally legit reason for having the mental capacity of a fucking toddler.

Of course, nothing anyone will say to you faggots will ever make a difference, so post your fucking MS Paint comic about how girls ruined Magic the Gathering and go one with your sad fucking life.

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>when x
Fuck off back to facebook

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>forced animation
>[insert series]fags

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>when every post starts with when
absolutely d a n k e

Hold on... Stay still...
*punchs you out from Sup Forums*
Never come back.

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>when you see yet another FBI-loli joke

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THIS right here is the most annoying shit ever

>it's another Megumin IMAGINE thread

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>It's another ebin trap thread

>when the post starts with when

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>wanting generals

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I haven't seen Hansen jokes in years.

Keeping to one thread doesn't equal generals, dummy.

I fail to see how having multiple threads is better than having generals. Am I a brainlet?

>When a Precure thread gets ruined by GoPricks/Heartcasuals

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It's more about the redditors being unable to skim through the gallery to see that a relevant thread already exists.

is franxxx reddit the anime

Multiple threads promote a general Sup Forums community with crossposting. You see an interesting remark in a thread about an anime you don't care about, you reply and maybe even get involved in a conversation. Thus Sup Forums shares common ideas and creates an Sup Forums culture.
A general is rather exclusive to a particular group. Not even the fans of a particular show/manga, but really just the people who feel comfortable with that particular general. But it's self-perpetuating, and so whenever somebody who doesn't like the general wants to discuss the show/manga, there's technically already a thread about it, leading to many people never getting to discuss it at all.

But then, the number of threads a particular show warrants depends on how many people watch it. When people just spam threads because they're shitheads and they can't keep any of them alive, then they should be called out on it.

unrated post

This is the first thing here that I don't mind

I mean I enjoyed them at first, but honestly they get old. It's ususally the same few images and phrases repeated every time. Don't get me wrong, I want to sex Megumin as hard as the next guy, but those threads get boring fast.

100000% this

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Xfags is an age-old Sup Forums tradition.
This is not your safe space.

Wrong, this is a safe place. There's already one post deleted


t-this is n-not a safe space! g-get out

"a", yes. Not yours though.

>when you nut but she still succin

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>Manga thread devolves into blogposting

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There's nothing that can be done user. We have to nuke Earth.

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Yeah, be proud being similar to Tumblr/reddit

This guy knows.

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>virgin safe place

I think I understand why people hate generals now. Thanks anons.