Do you have a favorite anime werewolf?

Do you have a favorite anime werewolf?

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>just posts grills with cat ears

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what the fuck is up with that waist

What is she gargling?

No, but whatever these mythic creatures are are my favorites at the moment, I think they are called pawns, demon hunters, or horned fairies

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I figured we all did.

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Is there a full moon tonight?


Also, she's my favorite

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cat is better

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Needs more steam

Classic stomach_bulge template waist.

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And she has human ears too on top of that

Do you stick your dick in there?

>ctrl-f no lupu

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Based french foxposter

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mua dick

That's a cat...

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Holo isn't wereanything.

She's only half, but she's all there.

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>had to ctrl+f like 20 posts
sasuga lupus, dumb mutt

Wolfs are shit.
Dogs are superior.

Wolves are man's enemy.
Dogs are his friend.

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Fuck you.
You will never see this after waking up.

>wolf devouring poor man.webm

Dogs are only animal considered man's true friend.

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That man is the very opposite of poor.

>waking up next to famished wolf, ready to pounce you

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It's Oda's legendary femoid design which only gets better through the ages.

She's only thirsty for dick juice.

Thats worse!

That defenseless man will loose his manhood when she bites off his penis to get it's blood.

Animal girls need to be trained and leashed properly.

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Dick juice != whole body juice

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This is how good and properly trained dog behaves.
She submits to her man.

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smart enough for (you)

Sex games aren't enough,i want child raising games with this spunky beast

You could install some mods for Rimworld and create a custom sprite for her. In fact I'd be surprised if someone didn't already do that.

Yes you just posted her.
>tfw Magipoka aired 50 years ago.

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She's also an alien but she transforms into an animal and that's good enough for me.
>Aired: Apr 4, 2006 to Jun 20, 2006

are you an intellectual?