Go toubun no Hanayome

>bitchy attitude
>drugs people when she doesn't like them
>dumb as a brick
>is probably going to end up as single mother by age of 18

Why do people like this cunt again?

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Because she's best girl

>ninofags drove koreanon away

That was just the worst.

Why though? There are 4 other girls with the same face that are just nicer

You forgot shallow.

She is a realistic female character

Rotten personally makes great for hate fuck. Also gap moe when she turns deredere

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>falls for any blondie bad boy


Started to read this yesterday.

There's no point to keep reading right ? The author will just tease us with Miku for all the manga just to make her lose in the end.

Keep reading and engage in best girl wars. Also 14352

Is Nino the new face of romcom harem war?

no it's just the new volume cover coinciding with the series reaching a high popularity

Itsuki has all the harem main girl scenes, despite being pushed aside for the other sisters most of the time. If anything Itsuki has more of a chance on winning, but she hasn't fallen for the MC yet. She doesn't hate him anymore though.

>Making new thread without new material.

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Itsuki was first girl. Of course she will fucking win. It bums me out how predictable harem shit is, yet I keep falling for it.

We generals now!

Shit threads like this is the reason why BokuBen threads will always be better.

all harems are shit
except syd

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Mori is best

But I already know how it's gonna end.

Ichika will lose but still be happy because she became en actress or something.
Yotsuba is just a nice girl, too nice to everyone. She'll get her arc, lose but not be be bothered too much by that.
Nino just has daddy issue (she said that she wanted to prove stuff to her father) + can't wait for the mangaka to pull a nisekoi where we'll get the twist "what, all the girl actually met the mc in their childhood not just nino"
Itsuki will win just because she is the "main girl"
And Miku will lose, and to reuse nisekoi, she'll end up with a shitty onodera-like end.

Fuck, I already hate it.

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Fuck off ninofag

>Implying /bokuben/ doesn't have the same problem
I bet the one making this thread and bokuben thread right now is the same person.

Kotomi a best

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Dumping to save this thread.

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Komi-san is superior so who cares? Stupid Ninofags.

Too repetitive.

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Komi-san is just Tadano's harem

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>Yotsuba is just a nice girl, too nice to everyone. She'll get her arc, lose but not be be bothered too much by that.
You're like a little child, so naive.

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Yotsuba is best Toubun, fight me.

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Why is she so perfect?

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Based Fuutarou

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When is filed trip namek over?

>he wonders why people like Nino

Be in this hobby for over 20 years and then come back with that.

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Translation when?

best current shounen romance/harem leads?
Nariyuki vs Fuutarou vs Takatoshi vs Tadano vs etc,etc


Is Busujima best Grand Blue grill?

A harem end is so dead, holy shit. Well, assuming that's their mother speaking.

Negi screwed the pooch here, he couldn't imply an Itsuki end harder than this.

Miku is on the phone with """Ichika"""

So no Ichika vs Miku confrontation yet.

I feel you, at least Fuutarou makes the ride enjoyable

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I can't believe Fuutarou is fucking dead.


>Fuutarou ded
>Raiha ded
Is this the end of Uesugi family?

>Itsuki winning hard
>memers no where to be found

Buy Nino's book

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I actually stopped because some faggot ITT was reposting my shit to Reddit

I'm confused, was she telling """Ichika""" that they should both dance with him at the same time for fairness sake?
Who are you exactly referring to?

They are getting worried since they don't know where Itsuki is and Fuutarou realizes that "Ichika" called him Uesugi-kun when he couldn't stop skiing.

He's that one Itsukifag who refers to fat jokes as "memes"

They need to fuck off.
Yeah, Miku is suggesting 3P for it is a fair. Probably puts them on even footing for the war to come.

I get the impression that the quints father was a cheater and that's why Nino and Itsuki are so completely asshurt.

I think their father is just workholic. Something something blame him for their mother dead.

2-3 chapters at least.

Their mother specifically referred to a men should make a choice without being fags about it. This affects Itsuki's thoughts through all this. Ichika isn't a 'tard with feelings like the others and sees through Itsuki's reservations about Fuutarou and his relationship with females. Ichika reassures Itsuki that Fuutarou isn't anything like his father and he isn't a manwhore.

My guess is either their father cheated or he remarried.

>isn't anything like his father and he isn't a manwhore.
*isn't anything like THEIR father and he isn't a manwhore.


Wait, which chapter is this?

This one.

Second page.

Heh, I don't know moonrunes. I don't understand what she said.

Geeeeee.... I wonder where will it lead?
>Legend that binds
already explained it means only hand holding
Itsuki was holding Ichikas hand. Almost held Fuutarous when he was sick from Mikus cooking.
Next chapter (or two, depends) we will get sick Fuutarou taken care by the sisters (bar Nino who will wait for Kintarou). Now in the best case scenario we will get each sister holding his hand.
In the most probable one it will be Itsuki because "muh foreshadowing" and "muh first girl"

Next year

There's still Chad-Dad who can easily impregnate Nino.

the set up here might be that everyone will be worried where Nino went, Fuutarou will somehow find the strength to go and search for her because he might be the only one to know where she would be.

>Itsuki was holding Ichikas hand. Almost held Fuutarous when he was sick from Mikus cooking.
Next chapter (or two, depends) we will get sick
>In the most probable one it will be Itsuki because "muh foreshadowing" and "muh first girl"
I thought that too but I don't like it. I am a fan of gotoubun end over Tubs McGee getting the end. Yotsuba is the only one who can save us from this. I doubt all of them will hold his hand since Ichika is sick, Miku has a terminal case of autism that prevents her from making a move, Nino only cares about that dashing rogue Kintarou, and Yotsuba may not be as much of a master as we think. The handholding has only been foreshadowed with Biggie.

Worst timeline confirmed. Dropped.

>Itsuki never got her complementary promotional sketch
Truly she can't catch a break

Miku and Ichika aren't really that into Fuuts so if they lose it isn't a big deal.

>Nino will be the mother-in-law one of her sister

Funny cuz she would absolutely spread her legs for him.

Does that not look cute as fuck

>fatty devours chance of harem ending
Fucking hell, this first girl shit sucks. Authors not even hiding it

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>Miku and Ichika aren't really that into Fuuts

Come on, her entire character is basically "I have feeling for the mc". She reached the point where she blushes everytime she sees him.

Itsuki is a good girl and very cute. The other sisters have gotten the lion's share of development and screen time making you think they are better or that you like them more. The only reason she is mean to Fuutarou is because he was a complete ass to her at the start and still is sometimes.
She is taking the Ichika stuff just fine.

Harem End a shit

Volume 4 to be released on 05/17
It's finally time for a Miku cover
Now accepting bets on the color of the petals that will surround Miku

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What is the color of NTR?

>She is taking the Ichika stuff just fine.
She learn to share. But only with Ichika.


>Fuutarou has two hands so he can hold a flower in each!
Miku reminding us that's she's the best.
ETA: -7 hours

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Based Mikubro.
But we know Yotsuba the best.

Volume 1 was a cover of the quints not just Itsuki. Negi made a drawing of all 5 of them, I'll try to find it

>Yotsuba the best.
I respect that.

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She occupies like 70% of the cover, I think it's safe to call it an Itsuki cover

Don't give up.
Don't give in.

Have you read the first chapter?

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Itsuki will be the Cover girl for Vol.6.

Itsuki is 70% of their total mass.

Ichika is more into Fuutarou than Miku, and the latter only blushes when Fuutarou doesn't respect her personal space and gets too close

Already did.

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Korean user here.
I've stopped translating because I wanted you to beg me for it to improve my self worth.
It turns out nobody gives a shit about me, so I've decided to complain about reddit, Sup Forums, bokuben, ninofags and generals in every thread to make everyone as miserable as me.
Ah, I almost forgot. I'm also a massive faggot.

If that were true then it means they were a massive faggot anyway

They're not even using diff shades of pink, neggi's really inconsistent with his color,
they're quints, unless its confirmed that some sisters bleach they're hair!