Now that the dust is settled, what can we say about Tohsaka Rin?

Now that the dust is settled, what can we say about Tohsaka Rin?

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She has nice thighs and a ripe asshole

that she pleases old men for money?

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That she was rendered inferior in every way by this charming lady.

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Get lost.

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Rin just needs to admit that she wants the blonde pussy.

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Nah, she doesn't.
Rin exists in pretty much all Fate games and Luvia is irrelevant parasite that never appears alone without Rin.
Her single character is so fucking garbage, no one would want to see her.

Case files.

Her anus is defenseless

What's wrong with pleasing old men for money? Especially when the girl has a defenseless anus?

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Forever best girl for me.

She could please women for money. She's equal opportunity.

Smells like fish in this thread.

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Is that a fucking nipple?


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Well it's not a JoJo reference...

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Dirty whore

>she wants the blonde pussy.
She did get the blonde pussy.

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How does Shirou know about educated prostitutes

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I want to sleep on her cross!
Second best TM girl

zettai ryouiki queen.

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Literally got into Type Moon shit when I was a horny teenager because I loved her looks.
12 years later she still gets me diamonds.

Built to creampie

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Can't blame you.

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Get that body snatcher out of my sight.

She isn't saber.

The ride never ends

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I want to lick her thighs