Is he the iconic black guy Sup Forums is waiting for?

Is he the iconic black guy Sup Forums is waiting for?

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No one wants black people in anime, they're ugly.

We already have Mr. Popo.


think about it, why would japs ever want to interact with the blacks.

>Mr. Popo
>black guy

That's just degrading to Mr.Popo

so many iconic manga authors have had positively portrayed black characters. better than the shit dumbass sjw white americans write in their capeshit comics to.

stop portraying your shithead racism over japanese creators

Give me one example.

one that's not ugly

>so many iconic manga authors have had positively portrayed black characters.

Ah yes, there's lots of NTR doujins with black Americans (for the same reason there are NTR doujins with pig-orcs, fat elderly men, etc.)

Other than that, no, niggers are thankfully absent from anime and manga.

>the best examples in group A are better than the worst examples in B, hence A is better than B
What's that logical fallacy called?

Anime is all about character aesthetics, there's a reason why every character looks like a teenager and a supermodel. Black people are incompatible with anime as an art form because they are ugly.

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Cherry picking


osamu tezuka, kazuo koike, shotaro ishinomori

yes the first 2 drew blackface but whatever

also modern shit like black lagoon and shaman king and urusawa's billy bat

I'm not saying there are no good black characters in cape comics, just that there's modern 'woke' stuff being done that's beaten by stuff japan did in the 70s

Tumblr teens brought to the board by BnHA getting a wakeup call is my favorite Sup Forums phenomenon


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>waiting for
Sup Forums doesn't want it and neither does Japan.

Abe does not understand. Why does it matter how many black people are in any given anime or not? Can't we all just get along?

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>and not because the role they would take is replaced by self insert Japanese characters.

I mean think about it, japs don't see their characters as white as many would like to believe, if anything the lack of white characters is also there. It's just easier for white boys to self insert in characters because they share same complexion.


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>white user speaks for japan

>I mean think about it, japs don't see their characters as white as many would like to believe,

Of course they do, Japanese standards of beauty are definitely anglo.

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>98% ethnic Japanese


>white people think only their race has double eyelids

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Bump a head!

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Bobby is the best.

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It seems like every second VN I play has a foreign character and someone comments on their blue eyes

Explain why an art form centered around having beautiful characters should add a race that, by all statistical measures, is extremely ugly?

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believing on user, the same user that tries to make his point
pretty sure the Asian beauty standard doesn't invalidate my point user. And what you are implying isn't the reason why why Asian girls take beauty inspiration from the west.

Are you ESL?

Ugly, but then everyone in Jojo is so maybe doesn't count.

I think it's a black person, and due to their primitive brains they have problems with language. Don't bully.

>user thinks the unattractive features is universal to all race.
>user thinks character design in anime today is a accurate representation of what a person looks like.
>user believes statistic from a american app represent not only all of America but also the world.
>user thinks anime needs to be realistic about their depiction of African characters while everything else in anime is unrealistic

In the end of the day I still think you are a redeemable person, but your focus on race an statistic is going to limit yourself.

Uhh, I don't read brainwashing sources, but thanks for the effort.

It is actually kind of funny to me that you are the way you are. When I was a teenager I was like you, too. I think you'll grow out of it when you learn more about the world and stop believing everything you're instructed to.

writing in my third language
but whatever

>arab ESL preaching egalitarianism on Sup Forums
please stop posting

Afro Samurai?

>Preaching Sup Forumsshit on Sup Forums with that dumb anime=white meme
You're the one who should leave

ETL technically

Holy shit, why are white people like this? Stop projecting onto others, you cuck.

No, it's definitely you who should exit and remain exit.

Why does baldness always look great on black guys? It’s so unfair.

It's not a surprise that Japan models its characters on fair skinned people.

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no, the esl retard should and this thread should have been pruned instantly dumb newfag


That's genuinely not cherry picking. Aborigine people just look like that.

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But actual statistical evidence was posted already.

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>Pretending to not understand.

One or two heroic niggers every now and then cant hurt. I love it how they were routinely depicted as hired muscle, thugs or rapists in older anime though.

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What an absolute fucking faggot.

I don’t think I’ll be able to get an erection in a whole month, thank you user.


ugly features would only ever look tolerable on ugly people

black people are pretty gross desu poo skinned and ashy yuck

so asian men can only fuck black women?

Black lagoon

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>buhhh tumblr
I've been here since 2005 and while I'm all for edgelord humor, there's an obvious difference between making jokes and just straight up being a racist shithead devoid of any humor
Mad Bull 34 had an entire arc about a cop accidentally killing an unarmed innocent black kid and the entire police force working to cover it up, except for the protagonists.

Kazuo Koike likes making racial jokes (see the poor black neighborhood raiding their car in a few seconds when it was unattended in volume 1 of MB34) but he's not a Sup Forums moron. Color of Rage had a cool black co-protag.

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How can one man be so based?

She's a cutie pie.


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You have been here for less than 6 months. Try to lurk more before posting, newfaggot.

Bald is extremely ugly, yes

That's not robert.


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Your post sounds so forced.

Bald looks good on anyone masculine enough.

Funny that both aint white

>implying Sup Forums is waiting for nigs

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Cherry popping, user.

both are nignogs.

He's ugly tho

>it’s a Sup Forums invades Sup Forums thread
Go back to your containment board you inbred retards

Portuguese breakfast

Heyyy T-Dawg, what is up in this hizaus?

Bloopers are better.

>b-black """people""" are ugly r-right
>no i'm not biter about high school

Stop projecting newfag


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You say that, but Asian faces aren't really that different from black ones in terms of features, if we disregard the epicanthic fold.
Blacks just have a little bit more prominent mouth area on average, and that's about it.

>egyptians wuz black

Come on

Whites are delusional. Next you'll be saying that Hispanics and arabs are actually white and then turn around and call them shitskins or mudslimes mere minutes later on a different thread. Here's the reality, asians like certain features just like they like certain aspects of western culture. Their cultures are all about copy smart, take the things that work or things they want and discard things they don't want. You'll notice no one is rushing to look like white trannies

>we'll never get a full adaptation
Why even live

>Come on

>user accepts the idea of black Americans.
>not black Egyptians
>even though during second season of part 3 they talk about the different ethnicitiesin Egypt.

People that don't believe Avadol is black is either fake jojo fans or retarded.

America is a nation without a strong racial identity, which is why patriotism is so strong instead. Places like Egypt and Morocco aren't like that. A dark skinned egyptian isn't a black from west africa unless they're migrants, in the same way a dark skinned indian isn't black unless they're an african migrant.

>Sup Forums
you have to go back

We already have one...

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Pretty much it's like with Eddy Gordo or Christie from Tekken, they are both Afro(Black) Brazilians yet some would argue they are latino but when I ask my Brazilian mates they all said they'd be considered black in Brazil

>africans only migrate to america
>not other places in africa
whatever, let us just ignor that avadol is the only black guy in egypt, or that in part 3 s2 they talk about black egyptians
Avadol is just the the darkest fucking arab you have seen, that's why he have small dreads

To be fair, there are a lot of very dark Egyptians who look a lot more like Arabs than Sub-Saharans.

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What's this referencing?

>Avadol is just the the darkest fucking arab you have seen
>t. whitey living in a suburbian bubble

you should meet more people from east africa
if you removed his hat, he could easily be Eritrean or Ethiopian

This kid exists

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Looking at the picture I would've guessed Ethiopian or Indian

So on the topic of black anime characters, I always assumed the village hidden in the clouds were meant to be black because of Killer Bee
although apparently some people see them more as a southern asians

Forgot my picture

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for me it's pic related

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Killer bee raps and have cornrows. Feel like you have to write black on his chest to make it any more obvious, If anything it made me wonder if Masashi Kishimoto was aiming for Naruto to be white. With him having blond hair and blue eyes?

They're black as fuck, south east asians don't even look anything like that at all. There's nothing resembling them