What did you guys think of Helck? How'd you find it?

I found I really liked the first half or so, it affected me far more than I ever expected. But the latter half didn't quite grab me as much, it was fun and concluded well, but it wasn't quite the same.

I think I would'a preferred Helck with Vamiro instead of Alicia too, but then there wouldn't have been anything for Alicia to do, so I dunno. It's just that she was such a small part of the story, while Vamiro was with him from the start to the end.

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It ended?

It was very nice until the 2nd half of the manga became essentially a single drawn-out boss battle.

I enjoyed it. I'm glad Aricia came back. She was cute.

best friends story.

Yeah, pretty solid ending, much less suffering than I anticipated really. Everything gets resolved and everyone lives.

>But the latter half didn't quite grab me as much,
That's putting it mildly. Every reveal made it worse. The story was just a series of addenda.
How many final bosses did they have to defeat in the end? I lost count. And interest.

It was alright, though I kind of expected the final boss fights to continue on forever. It was like a six stage boss fight or something like that.

I will miss Vamirio forever.

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It was within the top 5 I've ever read. Vamirio is perfect and I liked so many of the characters. I really hope this gets a good anime adaption, so the author is compensated even more for his work.

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I like clearing my tear ducts.

Why is there no porn though.

The comedy was great, the adventure was great and the tragedy really hit like a train, especially the "please always smile" scene. it went off the rails however during the final battle, which turned into a "not even my final form" shitshow. It was way too long, with way too many unnecessary twists and bullshits.
There was also quite a lot of wasted potential, with a big chunk of setting unexplored like the northern border, imperial capital or the rest of the Empire's bigshots. Instead of dragging the battle against humans, author should've just ended it in reasonable time, given us a few SoL chapters and moved the plot somewhere else.

Great start, nice ride, meh ending.
I hope we'll get a sequel soon. Vamirio-chan is too cute and I still want to know what happened with Edil and Hyura.

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This is how I felt too. After every fucking fight I felt that the characters should have gotten a chance to rest, but nope. Straight to the next battle.

Some people don't understand that for action to be interesting, it needs to be accompanied by other stuff. You need to care about the characters and their goals before you can care about the outcome of a fight.
I mean, Helck did deliver on that front at the beginning, it's far from the worst offender of this, but that endless battle was just draining.

I could have forgiven everything else about the last arc if only best couple had gotten the ending they deserved.
But they didn't.

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I mean, what else do you need to be said?

She keeps going to him. She's looking after him in Helc's place and it's been made clear they're going to find a way to save him.

For a moment I thought it was Ibitsu. It this worth reading?

The beginning, certainly.
But it's just frustrating the way it refuses to end. At times I regretted having started the manga at all.

Yeah, even with all the complaints people in this thread seem to be raising, it's still really good and doesn't overstay it's duration much.

Fantastic story and a great read. Probably one step shy of being a masterpiece.

Since this already ended guess I'll give it a try, thanks.

What got me the most was it started out as a fun parody, with comedy and lighthearted fun. Then it took a dark route of suffering. Which was cool. Then it did another drastic turn into a massive and drawn out boss battle. And at that point I felt fatigue. Wish it was handled a little bit better but it overall was a fun ride

Definitely go ahead. I think that many of the common complaints about Helck get severely lessened if you read it in one go while the impact of the good parts is still fresh and don't have to wait week after week just for Mikaros to pull something new out of his ass for the 20th time in the later parts.

One of the most overrated by Sup Forums manga of last couple of years. Beginning was fine (nothing more than that) but it gradually went down the shitter.

Mediocre and dulll.
Started promisingly as fun adventure, but end up being so dull and uninspired I don't even know what to say about it, drama is annoying and felt unnatural, humans are typically bad and elves/demons are gud guyz, there's no tension for any of teh characters and there's not really much of characters to care about, and they have no character development whatsoever.

Actually that makes a lot of sense. I read the whole thing just today and yesterday, I would have probably gotten really sick of the pacing if I'd had to read it week by week.