Can humans get spider monsters pregnant? I'm going to try either way but it would be nice to know the odds of successful fertilisation before I start.

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Do not bully the bug! She did the best she could!

I tried that a long ago, but nothing happened.

The existence of such bellybuttons doesn't bode well for Nazarick

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I want to make babies with her, not bully.

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What a waste.

jesus christ mare is a sadistic fuck

Why are her eyes like that? Is she unable to hear, is she mute?

Heteromorphic races can't breed with humans, and neither can demi-human races. The only kind of cross-breeding that's allowed is Human races (Elf and Dwarf and their associated subraces).

It's a mask, she's actually a giant bug monster.

The anime is so fucking shit.

Its a BUG that looks like a face a giant bug monster wears as a mask.

Details, details. You're right, of course.

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Come to my house and say that.

Okay, one more question. What is the best way to transform from a human into some kind of bugman?

There's a few race change items that are mentioned. Fluder gets the Book of the Dead which lets someone become an Elder Lich, Heaven's Feather lets someone change into an angel, and Fallen Seeds let someone become a devil. It's implied that Renner gets such an item, but there hasn't been an instance of any race change item get used. Evileye got turned into a vampire at some point, but that's probably more mundane.

No word on bug race-change items yet, but it's possible. Don't give up hope, user!

Invent a teleporter and inadvertently allow a fly into the chamber.

So would bug maid have won if it weren't vampire girl didn't have bug spray magic?

All signs point to yes.

Yes, pretty easily. The other two couldn't even scratch her kimono and she ran straight into a non-bug spray spell with no reaction.

are you idiot? the name demi human means they have human and god blood, so demi humans can have childrens with humans, learn some mythology

>god blood
Are you a moron?

Man, that boss chick Mare dragged away was real cute.

This is Overlord lore, not [other setting] or real-world mythology. Demi-human in Overlord is like Bafolk, Quagoa, LIzardman, etc.

ya its shit and i love it

Evil Eye a CUTE.

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Evileye is BUG FOOD.

Anything approved by God is canon.

Demi-human is subhuman user.

>armored skeleton stops demi from fucking shit up

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I liked the sound of his arrival. Good weight.

No idea what the fuck are you talking about.

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What's her problem?

Seldom gets to enjoy juicy fetus.

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she didn't get to lick Ainz's body clean

it works the other way around, spread your cheeks and she will make babies with you using her ovipositor

>not injecting eggs through sting directly into the abdominal cavity

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Got the untranslated one?

Should we just call the ambulance right now? I can't imagine user fucking his tarantula went all too well.

Shouldn't Evil Eye sense that he's not on the same level as Demiurge?

she prolly ate the fetus when she was aborting... err cleaning up the ryona

>not a skeleton
>panty soaker

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>Heteromorphic races can't breed with humans
So I can't get Nabe pregnant?

That's not how spiders breed, silly user.

the dude just has a bunch of spider guts on his dick now, as for the spider... a taxidermist mebbe

that is exactly how japanese spider monsters breed, i cite sad panda as source

Anime only fag, please.

>Implying Evil Eye has the time to detect anything like that, while also having to keep her ovaries in check from the presence of such a hunk of calcium

Tsuare a cutie.

>sad panda


Why did evileye create a bug spray spell?

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Maybe she hates cockroaches

only read through the lizard arc in the LN

does Ainz resolve Albedo's stupidity when it comes to the name change shenanigans?

Ainz is under Perfect Warrior, that makes him better at plain Melee than Demiurge. Demiurge is weak af physically for 100lvl. That's why he has Gurren at his floor.

You dare imply that the great Momon is working for the cursed undead king? HERESY

To kill Cocytus.

You're the one who refuses to acknowledge Maruyama-approved extra content as canon. The fuck do you think he's gonna do when it's time to present DDDL on the stage? and it will happen because he's in vol7 intermission,
"Sorry guys movie door pamphlet was wrong DDDL is actually a jobber?" Get the fuck outta my face with this weak reasoning.

think back on playing rpgs, vermin/insects are a pretty large portion of monsters adventurers run into

Revelation that her "evil eye" can see the future, when?

To fight insect demi-god. She might not be the original developer of the spell though, maybe PDL hinted it to her with "all magic" book.

Albedo kills Ainz in next volume.

Extra content is not canon.

It is continuously being mentioned in LN, it is canon.


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LN is not canon as well.

She was one of the Thirteen Heroes to defeat the Demon Gods, specifically the Demon God of Insects. She made that spell specifically to fuck that one up.

>TFW He-Man comes-on to you.

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I instantly agree. She's kind and strong, nothing is wrong.

>attacked Entoma for literally no reason even after being told she doesn't want any trouble

Adventurers are NW equivalent of Police, except they fight monsters not criminals. A policeman that just lets criminals do at they wish is either a shit cop or a dirty one.

DId you even watched?
She saw Entoma munching on an entire human arm. No amount of reasoning can bail you out of this buddy.

How strong is that fetus?

Not very strong but it can probably still fuck up Gazef.

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Because she read the light novel.

Around here if they think you're a criminal they won't come after you unless you touch their moneymaking schemes.
If they've made sure that you're unarmed and unrelated to anybody important on the other hand it's not going to end well once they've got their eye on you if you're an innocent. They won't touch active military's families though; they got slaughtered a few years back for trying it.

He has a character sheet, I think hes mid 30s. However he was a strong, yet not explicitly stated ability that activates on his death.

Entoma is such a shit name and. Why can't they have easier names like CZ2128?

>Around here
So dirty, I see, but that's not how good policeman supposed to work.
Point still stands: monster chewing on a human hand in a middle of a capital is equivalent to a criminal caught with human head in his hands IRL.

>mfw watching Overlord


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She was munching on the arm of someone that Princess Adam had come to fight. She should have thanked Entoma and moved on.

Any request for webm, stitches, or transparents?
Will you still make babies with her even after she took off her mask?

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I would only get harder

>Nazarick residents
>Anime instantly becomes better

I'd prefer it without the mask.
Is there one of her shooting the bug gun? Maybe with a delet this added.

What kind of an insect produces a human like face?

And to think I live in a country that has spiders that have crosses on their backs.

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The Gagaran flurry of blows, preferably looped, please.

>spiders that have crosses on their backs
Spider Jesus?

The novels and first conversation of Victim being introduced to everyone implies it's a "sacrifice self, full-heal/rez raid group" sort of ability, but one later mention of him makes it sound like the sacrifice ability does some sort of massive debuff or CC on the enemy group instead. It's probably the former though.

Spraying webm plz.

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Good man. Hope she doesn't eat you after mating.
Like this?

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Someone's gonna post that comic of that spider bug thing sucking off a guy

Or do you want the full one.

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I just want to get dominated by a strong woman with pussy muscles so tight my dick might get pulled off.

what does Entoma slobber taste like?

You don't get it, anime fags. Anime omits lots of details and overlord is all about details. Did you know that Malmvist rapier was a very deadly weapon? That it was deadly because it was enchanted to cause grievous wounds by merely touching/scratching skin and was covered in poison? And that Sebas stops it with his gloved fingertip? And that Malmvist goes insane thinking the glove was a powerful item? That he snatches it from Sebas and laughs hysterically until he gets killed?
Anime also skips all inner monologues and again overlord is all about those monologues. The gravity of situation for Sebas when he is confronted by Ainz is completely unexistent. Were you aware that even Solution being much lower level was ready to fuck him up? Did you know that it was exactly at that point that Sebas managed to finally sort out his paladin programmed shit?
Anime is like some cheapest burger with meat being reprocessed japanese shit.

Some fantasy bug, I guess. I wonder if Entoma have any spare face bugs.
Here you go.

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that Oglaf comic?

Ran out of arguments? Try harder next time, kiddo!