Hangyaku-sei Million Arthur anime announced, 2 cour

Hangyaku-sei Million Arthur anime announced, 2 cour.
Director: Mitsutoshi Satou
Studio: J.C.Staff
Tetsuya Kakihara
Ayana Taketatsu
Inori Minase
Natsuki Hanae
Yuichi Nakamura

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>2 cours
>video game shit
It will be absolute shit.

Absolute fucking mad men.

Is this the one written by Kamachi Kazuma?


Whales looked prety good, so don't know what you are implying.
Think you should be more concerned about director.


>Kamachi Kazuma
Count me in, even if its a game.

This will actually make decent anime. Source is shit, but unlike most of generic isekai/battle harems this will have nice balance of combat, waifus and fun. Kinda like Danmachi

Any idea why are they adapting it? Sequel coming or something?
I know nothing about it.

The youtube shorts were pretty funny.


They had a Million Arthur character in Neptunia already. I had a feeling an anime was coming.

what's his role in this?

The Author
Horizon and Railguner I guess

I played the SEA version of the first game, all I remember is the Arthur who was literally a blonde Misaka Mikoto.


I don't think many have played or even heard of the game, but since Kamachi is attached the threads will be 90% Raildexfags.

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The real question is will this have it own Story or follow game?

Also it seen like the main character will be female

>Also it seen like the main character will be female
Made me chuckle remembering all the shitposting over FGO and Granblue not using their female MCs.

>video game shit
For what purpose? Why do they even bother making these steaming piles of dogshit, they're always bad.

What's this? Cutesy type of show or something?

We're getting this instead of Index S3 now.

It's King Arthur but with railguns, giant robots, magic and 1 million King Arthurs.

What a disgrace to label index as railgun.

The threads will be livid if this ends up being better quality than Index S3.

>JC Staff
Where the fuck is Index 3, faggots?

So something fun. Well it looks like a show to pass the time or something.

Lesbian fairy if Neptunia was anything to go by.

>it's from 8-bit

>still believing S3 is coming
You're all being baited. They might have announced a S3 but it doesn't mean they can't drag their feet and stall until people lose interest and they cancel it.

It's been repeatedly confirmed for Fall season, don't tell me you fell for the "no PV" memeing. Even SAO doesn't have anything yet and it's airing in Summer.

> 1 million King Arthurs.
So, it's a Fate show?

Sounds like a mix of Railgun and Fate


>Kinda like Danmachi
Danmachi was the definition of gutter trash though, you aren't inspiring confidence.

Unless your definition of "good" involves incredibly bland and generic waifus leaping onto your standard betamax player main character's dick for no reason at all.

Saber MC is cute.

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>Kamachi Kazuma
>author of Horizon
I haven't watched or read Horizon, but the impression I've gotten is that the author put an enormous amount of time and effort for making an incredibly detailed and fleshed out setting for his generic trashy LN. Is that correct?

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Kamachi Kazuma wrote Index, not Horizon. And neither are generic if you actually read them.
All the generic battle harems that pop up basically spawned from Index without any of what made it popular.

Horizon's author is Kawakami Minoru. Karachi wrote Raildex and Heavy Object, among other things.

Oh, whoops. Blame this guy.


though they samefags as js09.exe?

Just one of these days I want a game that's actually good to get an adaptation.

I wonder if mobage and MMO adaptations are always terrible because nobody on the staff gives a fuck about them and nobody wants to devote any actual talent and just see it as a quick paycheck, or if there's executives staring over the staff's shoulders and sucking the life out of the show.

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The game being good doesn't necessarily mean the adaptation will be good too.

I know, but at least I could give enough of a shit to be disappointed instead of just assigning it into the endless wave of seasonal trash that nobody cares about.

Whatever game that you think is good, is most likely crap by Sup Forums's standard.

And? It's Sup Forums, nobody likes anything. No matter what anybody picks they'll get an overwhelmingly negative response by default.

It's Kamachi, so I'll watch it. I really doubt it's gonna be as good as his novels however. I know he's a madman but there no way he put the same amount of effort into a card gatcha game as in his own novels.
Also, buttmad nip faggots in 3, 2, 1..

Plenty of good games got adaptations, and they fuck everything over everytime without fail. It just hurts.
At least with mobage crap you can't really be outright disappointed because the source material is barely worth even a glance in the first place.

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Kamachi puts effort even into the smallest of jobs, so at the very least this will be more entertaining than your usual game adaptations.

130 pages of sex in Index soon?


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It has trap, Memestolfo will be replaced for a while.

Touma is going to fugg someone one day. No one expect him to be has alpha as Quenser or Shinobu, but come on touman is surrounded by walking onaholes who expose their skin for magic

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wasn't this the one where they have to cut half of the text for the game since Kamachi wrote three novel worth of scripts for this?

No, that was for Virtual-On.

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Works from Ai Mai Mi's author are good. Too bad no one is subbing that one.

I'm sure that's standard for everything Kamachi is involved in.

>fem MC
>action Anime
>not yuri shit

Have my eyes deceived me

You deserves to lose these garbage faggot eyes.

>another gachashit anime

Never ever

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Fuck it, i'll watch it.

>not /u/
Picked up

Dancho Saber - Amamiya Sora

It becomes yuri later on

>Kinda like Danmachi

Danmachi was trash only popular because of one girl.

>male characters

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Saved. Will give it a chance.

>Tetsuya Kakihara
picked up

Good. I'm all for yuri if it goes that route but anything that deters "waaah muh males" shitposters is fine by me.