Hunter x Hunter CH 378

What do you think of this arc so far? Surely its gaining my interest but i have the feeling that its too much characters

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The only thing I'm worried about are hiatuses dragging it down.

I want more illumi

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As long as I can remember the important people and who the lesser people are allied to it's fine.

great so far. loving the premise, the new characters are interesting for the most part, the nen beasts and other hatsus we've seen are also really cool and like the other arcs, we're still learning more about nen.

my only problem would be the pacing, keen for a proper nen fight soon

How close are we to our next hiatus?

I'm just waiting for the slaughter to start
With this many characters introduced it'll be a bloodbath

same here. has there ever been anything more twisted and confusing as this?

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Chapter 379: Blackout
Theta is revealed to be a top level nen exorcist who can erase anyones abilities
Tse has fulfilled all conditions except for the final one, Zetsu
Tse will not go into Zetsu
Oito is seen talking to a person in the shadows
The conversation is not seen but Oito is shaking afterwards
Basho and Luzurus are smoking cigars and laughing
Luzurus likes Basho and wants him to be his right hand man when hes king
The lights go out briefly and when they turn on Luzurus has been wounded badly
Basho heals him with a haiku
Fuu explores her ability and finds out she can return anywhere. "With this I'll definitely save Kacho. Just one more day, wait for me sister"
Last page is Mizai leading a meeting of the Zodiacs. The topic is the disappearance of 2 members from a sealed room during the blackout, Saccho and Gel

someone was shitposting about an ability canceller being next in the other thread so i'm calling fake

I want more Cammy!

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I don't know that, many don't ever get uploaded. On twitter I see people uploading covers of doujins from conventions and there's stuff even for unconventional pairings.

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>phone pranks to Shalnark

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Real Spoilers
Ikalgo is on the ship, he's having a fight with the sharks under the ship for the next 2 chapters.

if fake, very well done

they keep getting better but we wont get the real spoilers for ~10-14 more hours

>they'll never meet again

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>but i have the feeling that its too much characters

Once the party starts that number is probably going to go into freefall.

CammyxGon confirmed best ship?

-The witness to the mass murder on tier 3 is also a member of the Heil-Ly Family(Leader: Morena) and they talked to Mizai with the intention of misleading investigations.
-Luini sneaked into a Cha-R Family(Leader: Brocco)'s base.
-Ken'i Wang(Cha-R's glass-kun) approached Nobunaga's group about cooperating with them while thinking about when is the best time to betray and kill the spiders.

Not convincing enough. Togashi rarely has events happen out of the blue that have not been hinted at.

A reminder that we already have the real spoilers.


-The witness to the mass murder on tier 3 is also a member of the Heil-Ly Family(Leader: Morena) and they talked to Mizai with the intention of misleading investigations.
-Luini sneaked into a Cha-R Family(Leader: Brocco)'s base.
-Ken'i Wang(Cha-R's glass-kun) approached Nobunaga's group about cooperating with them while thinking about when is the best time to betray and kill the spiders.

Dude, the real spoilers drop at 7-8pm jap time, as always. Everything before that is bound to be fake.

Today is jap holiday, they get the copy 1 day earlier


Chink leaker said so

Let me check 2ch and I'll report back. So far mangahelper seems to think they are legit.
But its true that last time there was a jap holiday, we got the spoilers earlier


if mizai is tricked by fodder he is fodder

Yeah so, this seems to be confirmed real on 2ch and it also seems that we will get FULL text spoilers today.

Mangahelpers also thought last weeks' fakes were legit.

Ken'i's on his way to get decapitated

Problem is that everyone enjoy having fake spoilers more than the real ones. It's like thinking like pariston. Having real spoilers directly would be annoying.

We won!

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>while thinking about when is the best time to betray and kill the spiders
Ok. Why Togashi, why? What's the fucking point of shoehorning a forced plot about mafia members trying to assassinate the Troupe. That's like shoving in a side plot of Nobu going out to buy a new flip-flops during Yorkshin.
There's no god damn point to these events, they're fucking paper wasters.
I hope to God the spoilers are fake.

Never change, cammyfags.

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a-are they holding hands?

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That's a one-sentence summary. It's possible that they actually have a sound plan on cornering them, and they're also looking for Hisoka. Also, more foithin' in the arc.

The ship arc contains too many information for a speed reader like me. I get the gist of things that are happening but can't remember any of the new character.

>no full spoilers
i sleep

Is the boat arc a speed reader filter?

>The witness to the mass murder on tier 3 is also a member of the Heil-Ly Family(Leader: Morena) and they talked to Mizai with the intention of misleading investigations.
This doesn't make sense, the survivor faithfully reported that the assailant had a crescent-shaped mark on his cheek, which later tured out to be true.
If he were from the mafia then he should have lied about the appearance.

He's holding Cammy's cammies.

2ch thread where the spoilers got posted, if anyone cares:

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Anybody else sees this?

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i love chrollos face in this

It captures how irrelevant Bono and Kortopi are.

>morena listed among the princes

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Well that explains a lot.

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I cant handle smug and ugly Tubeppa makes me want to throw up everytime I see this chin

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nobunaga no bully

So raws tomorrow?

Can someone remind me how a Prince actually wins the succession? Does everyone else need to be killed? Can you drop out to save yourself?

its up to the Pricnes how they interpret the succession war

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Damn, look at those thighs. PItou btfo.

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Halk already withdrew of the competition, but it did not make him drop out (since his Beast is still with him).

Goddamn it Viz. make him say it once already, kings a weirdo so he needs that fun little expression

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Is Togashi still tracing characters?

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Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate what you're doing.

great work user

But how did you do that? Especially the last one.

No problem, Morena confirmed to surf the web for historic photos.

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checked and keked

Never mind, I found it in 30 seconds. It's not that hard, heh.

is morena a Sup Forumsatarde?

It's a really famous photo.

Well, I guess everyobody got this reference, but I'm still icluding it.

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I miss ISIS.

>Well, I guess everyobody got this reference
That's because it actually suits the white supremacists' propaganda unlike .
Double standards are beautiful.

What's Togashi's beef with human suffering and nature? Did they beat him up?

And someone in SJ looked at this said," y-yamete, Togashi-san"

No worries 70% of them will die in D.C

I'm not a religionfag, but i believe this quotes to have meaning, which is that you don't need to experience suffering to feel empathy, a reasonable mind is enough.

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Drawing manga destroys the soul.

How long until actual spoilers? 12 hours?

Yeah yeah, call me shitposter but I think this is getting out of hands, at least the whole parasitic type nen was menacing and give a good revision and clarification of the whole nen system, without to mention that the "Clue" like game was pretty cool at least for me, but now Togashi is just introducing hundreds of characters and subplots that are completely irrelevant even if they aren't, it's like if back in Yorkshin Togashi made a whole arc for the Shadow Beasts and Dons, pointless, take for example Chimera Ant, sure it had its fair amount of characters but they were all already on the table and Togashi simply played what with he had, he didn't introduced a last minute team that was introduced just to die. What i'm trying to say is that, just stop, each new chapter is getting more and more boring, just play already with what you have, and don't fucking go hiatus you faggot.

These reminded me of something. I think age wears you down.

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Does Togashi's use of Christian symbols have a deeper meaning or is it just there to look cool?

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Isn't Mizaistom implied to be strong as fuck? He should man up and go kick some butt like right now.


The short spoiler is already out so it could be anytime.

Does he lurk Sup Forums?

Christianity exists in hxh

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I'd not care about hiatuses if they make the writing quality goes up.

Togashi Keyaki stealth reference once again

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The Christian symbolism came into play when they spoke of a Judas in Yorkshin. And Pitou was portrayed as the Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy, which alludes to her saving Komugi from her mortal wound.