I really hope they don't make headphone girl in lesbians with Haruko...

I really hope they don't make headphone girl in lesbians with Haruko. I don't want FLCL ruined by "progressive" bullshit.

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Never fear, Sup Forumsnon. Abe shall bravely defend his people

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Than you God-Emperor Abe.

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Abe likes yuri though

They should just to make your kin butthurt

No self-respecting man does.

Don't worry, OP. Judging by the staff list it seems this Haruko is just an imposter or some shit (Different VA and goes by Raharu). The season 3 one is voiced by her actual VA (at least in Japan).

Every self respecting man does

The only men who dislike yuri are little crybabies like you who always have to self-insert into the the male character and can't stand the thought that two girls can have a fulfilling relationship without a dick between them.

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>implying you have self-respect.

fuck, you're right. I was wondering why her voice sounded so different in the PV for season 2.

yes. Unlike fag like you.

>goes by Raharu
But that's Haruko's actual name.

Change "progressive" with "ceap fapbait"

BASED Abeposter!

>getting this ass-blasted over other people's opinions.

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>anything gay is "progressive" now
Where has the world gone?

>can't stand the thought that two girls can have a fulfilling relationship

it's just porn, dude

Amarao is not a trustworthy source since he also thought Atomsk was a man.

Original was ceap fapbait too

Seasons 2 &3 are called Progressive & Alternative respectively.


>muh assblast
You are still a faggot

If only.

It's a anime dude

That’s in reference to musical genre

True, but not having guys in the relationship makes all even cheaper.

Only in your head.


Either name could be an alias.

Why? Because you need a self insert soyboy?

It's what Amarao thinks is her real name.
But the staff list still specifically list the season 2 one as "Haruha Raharu " and the season 3 one as " Haruhara Haruko". You can clearly hear the difference in VA work during the Japanese trailer too.

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I hope they do so there'll be less crossboard newfags in the threads.

The art looks like such generic trash now.

The only thing yuri would lead too is increased shitposting.

Not really. The cocksmokers who get triggered by yuri would abandon the threads after a couple of episodes as their disdain for yuri outweighs their appetite for shitposting, and then everyone else can get comfy. It'll be like what happened with LWA threads, and that didn't even have yuri.

But how could Haruko and Raharu be different people without contradicting the first season? Amarao and Haruko clearly knew each other and everything he said about Haruko was pretty accurate but with the details wrong.


FLCL:Alternative Cast-
Mayumi Shintani
Karen Miyama
Yuri Yoshida
Riho Iida
Mutsumi Tamura
Katsuyuki Konishi
Takuma Nagatsuka
Ryouta Suzuki
Miki Itou
Katsuji Mori
Kaya Matsutani
Yutaka Aoyama

FLCL:Progressive Cast-
Megumi Hayashibara
Miyuki Sawashiro
Inori Minase
Jun Fukuyama
Tomo Muranaka
Masatomo Nakazawa
Tomoyo Kurosawa
Kikuko Inoue
Koji Ohkura
Takayuki Sugou
Jin Urayama
Reiko Suzuki

Does that mean Megumi is voicing Raharu? It really sounds like it.

Don't worry user. She might actually like glasses boy but just won't admit it. She just needed someone to jump start it.

listened again. It's definitely Megumi trying to sound like Haruko.

>The cocksmokers
Fuck off. Yuri has one place and one place only, in hentai anime

why is Shintani only in Alternative?

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Sorry but if you literally get triggered by yuri then you are literally a faggot, or a muslim.

i'm sorry i don't share fetishes with you and don't like plots forced into anime

At the end of the manga adaptation a woman identical to Haruko pops out of Naota's head, claiming to be Raharu's superior. Haruko's real name is probably Raharu and she was impersonating Haruko.

There's a difference between not liking/caring for something and literally being so triggered about it that you constantly whine about it on the internet. You are undeniably a faggot or ahmed, don't even try to hide it.

As long as Haruko treats her with the same, rather mocking attitude that she treated Naota's affections with, it'd be okay.

I thought that was just Haruko fucking with Naota but you might be right. Would make sense for the new staff to read the manga and novels too for reference.

Yeah, but weren't all things coming out of Naota's head from Medical Mechanica? Wouldn't be person from organisation which was fighting with Haruko lying just to take advantage of Naota?

I have this nagging feeling that its going to be absolute shit, FLCL was great because it wasn't pretentious, most people just considered it a weird show with a great sound track. Now it seems like they are trying too hard to bring back that same kind of vibe and it feels artificial as fuck, The original protag in FLCL wasn't some angst kid trying to be cool, he was just a kid that fell in love with the eccentric alien bitch. Crazyness of the show came from all the consequences of that.

I hope I'm wrong and it turns out fine, but honestly I doubt it.

>The original protag in FLCL wasn't some angst kid trying to be cool
That is exactly what he was

>it wasn't pretentious
That's a bit of a stretch.

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He was trying to act adult, that's a little diferrence

then why wouldn't he do his homework at home?

>You are undeniably a faggot or ahmed

>implying that's not the same thing

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If I had to guess, his dad.

I don't think Naota would make that distinction.

because some crazy borderline bitch wanted to hang with him under a bridge and Naota, being the serious kid that he was, doesn't wanted to waste time?

I wasn't being serious but he said he did it because it wasn't cool to do it at home.

Oh he absolutely would make that distinction

Actually it's Haruko that lied to take advantage of Naota

maybe by intention. but their relationship turned out to be rewarding for both sides

you are right my friend

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looks like Amarao's VA will voice a new character called Masuaro in Progressive.

yuri =/= lgbt
japanese believed same-sex love between young girls was a transitory and normal part of female development leading into heterosexuality and motherhood
it's really just an extension of close platonic friendship between girls that develop during adolescence

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>fun little series to cheer up the gainax dudes after eva
>its about coming of age and masculinity

>new seasons have mostly female cast of some dude's shitty OCs
>they arent even drawn in the same art style
>no cryptic poetry or symbolism about eyebrows, hard bread, swinging the bat, etc. Haruko literally says she is there to unlock the potential of generic anime girl #795857
>missing the atmosphere of the original since it doesnt have the washed out colors, almost deserted town, or well drawn backgrounds
>looks like an anime from A-1 or some shit
Its pretty much confirmed to be shit, but I'm still watching it because I'm a fucking sucker.

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Class S is more or less dead. You should move on.

You haven’t watched more than 2 minutes of footage from the trailers user

>not wanting 2 girls to eat each other carpets

fucking faggot

I'm 28 and have literally never jerked off to any kind of lesbian porn. I don't know a straight man that actually does.

Is it a myth that dudes get off to lesbo work? I feel like it's always been a meme by our elders to fit in, but none of them actually liked it.

I'm mostly critiquing the aesthetic and character designs of the new seasons. This is after watching all of the trailers, including the japanese one that focuses more on Alternative. I will say Alternative looks at least better than Progressive, but I'm not excpecting it to be great.
I never thought I would have to brain bleach sequels for FLCL of all things god damn it.

you described how i feel about the trailer. with every new bit of information about sequel my hope about it being good vanishes more

same here

And then japanese girls realized being with other girls was actually the true way, thus the lesbian rampage happening in Japan right now.

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It is the most popular search term on pornhub.

This is exactly how I feel user, you are better with words than I am. Why can't people just let good things rest in peace, I loved FLCL and I want to keep those good memories of it intact.

Same with me user

Its no wonder yuri fags are hated, you guys managed to turn this thread about a beloved show into a shitfest. Just because there was the smallest hint of possible lesbian interactions in the new season, jesus fucking christ dude.

Can't you just stop yourselves for a second and discuss other things than women fucking other women?

>fun little series to cheer up the gainax dudes after eva
Why do you claim this, FLCL wasn't even their first show after Eva.


>Haruko literally says she is there to unlock the potential of generic anime girl #795857
It just sounds like AS made up that whole monologue for the trailer like they did for the original season way back.
>missing the atmosphere of the original since it doesnt have the washed out colors, almost deserted town, or well drawn backgrounds
This hurts the most

Almost none of the discussion is actually about women fucking other women.

Exactly this, even down to watching it anyway because I'm a retard.

إن شاء اللهhbt

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It was first show after EVA with mecha and other themes that Gainax was loved for.

bruh... look at this dude

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>Getting so triggered by the use of the word "Progressive"

This is the same laughable bullshit of everyone getting triggered over the Maid Dragon dub using the word "Patriarchy."

I legitimately thought dragon maid's dub was a fandub at first.

yeah, I know that's an inbetween and all but it was still very noticable and distracting. Surprised they showed that in the trailer.

this, even our 3D counterparts rather watch lesbians than a guy fucking the girl THEY wanted to fuck instead.

I have done it but it's something really rare. When I see a porn manga about lesbians I only see the first pages with talk and kisses but the moment they start to undress and fuck I close the window.
The appeal of yuri is more like an emotional thing to me if I want to masturbate I'd rather read hetero porn.

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At least we'll get some new Pillows songd

guys like dyke secks because they are insecure about their sexuality and that seeing a dick will make them gay or something

And the original FLCL didn't really have these.

You could always just listen to their new album.

Even the in between frames in the original looked good though.

I like how they picked Nonon as her voice, Nanisore is really fitting for her looks.

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i'll give you 3/10 because i replied