Why was there no season 2?

Why was there no season 2?

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Author was involved in some sex scandal.

Butthurt author turned to 2hu

I'll be honest. When I first started watching this show, I dropped it after the first episode because I thought it was going to be some gay shit.

I was a pleb, I admit. Great pleb filter episode.

The author was butthurt that the anime flopped and preemptively ended the series.

The author found Jesus christ and is now a very religious follower of god, preaching the good word somewhere in South East Asia

>still parroting this shit
Reminder that the origin of this was pure speculation on some user's part. The anime sold well enough for what it is and the manga did well.

Japan hated it with passion.

Because it was a hit anf miss comedy with way more misses than hits.

The author got married

The movie is s2.

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Is that true?

this is utter shit right?

Gundam needed the money.

Tadakuni woke up.

No. Why do you think the scenes from this show, like the one in OP, get parodied so much?

No. It's funny and it has a story.

It wasn't funny 90% of the time

Go watch Nichijou you damn fujo. This is a boys only thread.

how was she in the movie?

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Do you even know what a fujo is? A fujo would never prefer Nichijou over Nichibros.

I think you're confusing Nichibros with Nichijou

Because this shit show wasn't funny lol

Shit taste. kill your fucking self lol

they never ordered more. Just read the final manga chapters for some closure.

Nah, I'm not at all.
>haha tadakunis sister is SCARRRY hahaHAHAHAHAHA

>Humor is subjective
>But since i'm severely retarded I can't understand that
Fuck off retard.

You are actually a degenerate. Go watch Nichijou becauae you obviously lack any sense of humor.