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You can easily tell how much of a hack this author is just by the way he rewinds story progression for a couple of pages every chapter.

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They're making a hilarious assumption here, aren't they?

Eve thinks that Ebino accepted Nasuto's confession.

Haven't followed this for a while. Reverse trap is going to win right? If not I'm dropping this for good

Ebina best girl. Eve trapfags can GTFO

Trash series

Ebino needs to win, I fucking hate Ririto.

did they SS?

Ebino can win the otoutobowl, in one chapter he proved that he was a better guy than MC.

I hate this series so fucking much but I keep coming back for some reason.

It feels like author is making Ebino way thicker that she originally was.

Why does Ebino even like the MC? So far it just seems like she likes him because everyone kept telling her she should like him.

Somehow I knew that there was a thread

Christ what a shit tier series, its likr Oreimo, Hayate, TWOGK ALL over again where sub par girl wins and best girl gets paired witha nobody. Fucking kill me senpai what a waste of time reading yhis garbage. Nips authors have such unironically shite taste its unbelievable.

Ebino is for Ririsu only. Tarou can have his tulpa. Otouto will just have to settle for watching.

ss? Lucky bastard
I feel that she'll end up with him

He confesses and admits that he's lacking proper maturity so he asks her if it's okay to confess again when he's ready, she tells him that it's fine but by then he'll probably have forgotten her and got himself a cute gf.

Man, she's a nice girl and he's a proper gentleman.
They're better than the MCs

I feel good for him, Ebino was made for ss.

>she tells him that it's fine but by then he'll probably have forgotten her and got himself a cute gf.
That's the problem, the manga already told us that people that don't get with their first crush get miserable or bad things happen to them so this line makes no sense. We know this from reading the fucking manga.

i miss underdog releases...

>dumb ebinofag can't even spell her name right

Fucking this.
It takes away any kind of mistery on how the couples will end with or if they'll end up suffering

I don't know why I keep following this manga if it's kinda bad.
Dame goes for Japan, I believe it's kinda popular in the magazine that publishes it

Makes me feel comfy and warm inside
How about you?

It sold like shit, unable to reach even 10k per volume, but ranks well. Since some of the chapters started being uploaded to the web site, its popularity grew a bit, and first few volumes are getting (or got) a reprint. Might actually reach 10k.

i came for the art and stayed because my taste is shitty

I guess seeing my favourite characters in this manga makes me feel warm.

The real question is. Why no Ebino doujins?

Who knows, she's quite popular

I feel bad for you. I dropped it. Feel happy. Stopping by this thread to confirm I made the right decision and yes I did.