He’s back at it!

He’s back at it!

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Who's the one with the chains?

It looked like it was a practice device. All the elite monsters seem to be training/sparring before the big battle!

The absolute MADMAN

16 pages left, folks!

He’s redoing all the faces on this page

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So how will Rhino die? He was introduced alongside the redesigned Phoenixman and of those three monsters; Jelly Slime is obviously going to be one stain in the hallway when Garou comes back, Pheonixman dies to Child Emperor, so will this guy die to Dark Shine before Bug God, Saitama, Tatsumaki upending the fortress?

There are actually faggots who thinks he won't make it on Thursday when there is still 1 and half day left.

Prisoner didn't get to win a fight in the webcomic, maybe it'll be him.

True, but Prisoner is also probably going to fight the cat that invaded and turned his "darlings". But I could see that too.

they weren't "turned". The prisoner accepted the cells because they want revenge on Pri Pri.

Oh right, those guys. In that case I could buy Rhino running into Saitama. There's a joke to be made as a callback to him rating the attack power of B-class heroes.

Is that true? Because all I remember is them setting up to defend themselves when the cat shows up, and later we find out that some were turned into monsters and left.

>In that case I could buy Rhino running into Saitama.
That's what I'm seeing. Also why I think he might meet DS but that's redundant because Dark Shine essentially does Rhino's gimmick to Bug God.

What are you talking about, we don't know their motivation for accepting the monster cells

Where does saitama get his money?
ONE said he doesn't even touch a single yen from Genos' rent so how does he buy stuff?
HA's pay is peanuts so that can't be it.
Is this a plot hole?

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O shit dr kuseno is there now?

Reworked her thickness.

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>Bomb's face

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he answered it in some interview. Other than savings, he occasionally had part time jobs.

It's not really a plot hole, as it can easily be explained without thinking too hard about it. It doesn't really matter. He could have had wealthy parents as well who send him money. The fact that we don't know anything about his family is troubling me much more than where he got money from

He had part time job before he joined the association. I'm talking about now and he doesn't seem to be doing any part time job now. And like I said ONE said he hasn't touched any of Genos' rent at all.

Not him, but Saitama is always broke. So I don't see where the fuck you got your plot hole idea from.

Cabbages aren't expensive and HA's pay must be just enough to buy some.

>I'm talking about now
Did you miss the part where Saitama joined the hero association that pay salaries to the heroes?

Yesterday it was 28

Never doubt a CHAD

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I can't believe King is about to die.

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Did you miss the chapter where HA pay peanuts to heroes below S class?



Right, i totally missed the part where they mentioned that they don't pay enough for a cheap apartment in an abandonment city.
Oh wait, they never mentioned that, it was just your own headcanon that it is not enough to pay the cheap rent.

Yes they pay poorly to C-blass(which saitama has been beyond now for a while) but we don't know how much exactly.

How dare they gaze at Saitama's hotpot.


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>I'm talking about now and he doesn't seem to be doing any part time job now.
There's a reason Saitama lives in an abandoned part of a city and is always price hunting for groceries. He's perpetually broke even with whatever he gets from the HA for his work.

Read the damn chapter. Saitama can't even buy a can of juice from his hero salary.

do you know how low paying people live?
First they pay for what is essential to live, like the bare minimum of food etc., then they pay(if they are good hearted people) bills, like rent. THEN they look for any change they might have to pay for luxuries, like a can of soda.
If you think the change he had when he wanted to buy that soda was ALL the money he got from the association, then i would kindly advice you to quit the internet, because you're too retarded to be trusted alone on a computer

Saitama must be glad A-class heroes get employer-provided apartments in A-city.

We don't even really know how well the S heroes are paid.

Murata needs to finish 14 pages.

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can't wait to see Murata eat his dinner on stream, it's always cute

pre shit


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that's not how dress works tho

Please stop replying to him, these threads are for the OPM manga.

Murata is back, but he's probaby going ot eat right now

He’s actually drawing

Tell that to Murata.

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but her body is arched here and in the model she's standing straight

Post the gif

Slimming the waist was an improvement.

Bless him for tat

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meant for

How can he be so smooth with this kind of pen ? Every time I try to draw with that I just sink in the paper

They're admiring its size.

Are you really trying to argue about Murata's Fubuki dress being realistic?

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Fubuki's dress is realistic

Motor skill gained through repetition. You should draw more, and more carefully.

Currently inking the Hotrod brothers page.

I'm sad every time we see the Hotrod brothers. I hope we get to see a really cool fight before they are easily killed by Flash.

What do you think of Homeless Emperor's finished drawing? His hair looks weird, but I guess that's the point.

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Probably because it's clumpy and dirty as hell.

esper power, dont have to explain shit

That crown looks goofy as hell, other than that he´s pretty intimidating.

Well he's a dirty hobo, of course his hair is like that.

It fits what looked like in the webcomic. It's just some cheap crown he must have found.

Hobo isn't a real esper though, he's only renting his powers. That that it has any relevance to whether that power makes his hair float or not. It'd be funnier if his hair was just so dirty it was stuck protruding out like that.

I recall his hair floating around as a result of his power so borrowed or not he still emanates some type of energy that causes his hair to flit around.

That guy wasn't talking about HE. I'd hate if his hate was stuck that way, it flowing with his powers would make for much interesting visuals while still looking dirty.

but on HE, say its not floating and the accumulated sweat, oils, other nastiness is keeping his hair stuck in the position it was last moved into.

Whoops, I need to learn to read.

Have we seen ENW or Gums yet? Seems weird if we got that page with BS and HE, and also FU, but not the other Dragons. Especially since they aren't the strongest.

thats what the entire infiltration into their base is about senpai.

We're most probably seeing them in this chapter. Murata only partially showed the pages.

I wonder if more Dragon level threats will be added.

Part of the reveal of the Dragon's was the sudden appearance of them. Showing us some of them makes sense given we're going into the base earlier than in the webcomic, however stuff like Homeless Emperor's face and the identity of all the Dragons is still better off being left unknown for maximum impact.

my god I'm looking forward to this scene

>Part of the reveal of the Dragon's was the sudden appearance of them
Except we'd already seen all of them before in the "This is war" panel. Sure, we didn't know who were Dragons or Demons, but the manga hasn't been revealing monsters' threat levels except when they are fighting. That's why we don't know the Hotrod Brother's, Nyan's, Rhino Wrestler's, Gyoro Gyoro's, Orochi's, Jellyfish's and Black Sperm's in the manga.

>Except we'd already seen all of them before in the "This is war" panel.
I'd forgotten that page was in the webcomic.

>Dr. Kuseno getting in on it
Shit. This nabe is getting intense.

I like the Jughead crown.

But yeah, the hair is what makes the design for me. Actually, I pretty much always look forward to seeing how Murata does the hair of new character designs.

I'm pretty sure he changed it from his scribbles to differentiate him from RR. I can't wait to see his face.

13 pages left.

Current progress.

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Now drawing Garou's glorious back.

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So we got:
>bloody hair
>bloodshot eye
>bandages from his fights
>ripped skintight suit
What else do you expect him to get to form his monster costume? He'll likely get a scarf from RR, and I'm expecting to get burnt while fighting Rover.

His skintight suit could get burnt in the Rover fight like you said, while he would keep the scarf.

I think it has to remain to some degree. It's the base of his costume and it uniformly covers his body. I mean, it could get burnt but I doubt it'll be burnt off.

Damn, Murata.

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His outfit doesn't look any different. Aside from the scarf he's going to get for shits and giggles and possibly another bloodshot eye just for the symmetry, nothing.

He keeps rotating the sheet, making it hard to grab a normal screenshot.

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Its smart that he already finished the last 6 pages, to not spoil us how the chapter will end.

IIRC he also did this with the Elder Centipede death scene, so no one really knew for sure how he'd go until the chapter was released.

>barely scratched

That back is adamantium desu senpai


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I like his little crown

the little crown make me think of that monster, it's really cute

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That's not how you plank, Garou. Geez. Poor form.

Is it me or is Murata avoiding to draw the cuts of the back? In all the panels we've seen there is practically no damage.

maybe a lack of time