With Netflix now producing/buying streaming rights to anime series...

With Netflix now producing/buying streaming rights to anime series, will we see western influence infused within the anime industry?

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If gaijin want to fuck with anime, they'll have to go through me first

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What makes Abe-sama so perfect, Sup Forums?

Yeah, it's not like anime have been influenced by the west since the beginning.

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I'm guessing you're afraid of SJWs getting a foothold in the anime industry. The truth is we don't know how things will play out. We can only wait and see and, if it comes to it, vote with our wallets

If western companies make anime it's literally not anime

I imagine Netflix will hire hire studios to make things like Neo Yokio but there not anime

I thought so too but then I watched Aico. It had everything you'd expect from a terrible anime, panty shots included. I'd say we're good, at least for now

The panty shots was the best, and only good, part.

Difficult to say. It depends on whether the people in charge are money driven or agenda driven. If the former, we're in the clear. If the latter, pray

Luckily Netflix doesn't seem to impose their political views on their partners.

>buying anime

Praise Abe! I would sodoku if the west started meddling with my precious anime. I watch this shit to get away from the US.

>Devilman threads are allowed
>Neo Yokio threads are instantly deleted

I can't imagine why threads about a cartoon animated by westerners, produced by westerners and voice acted by westerners would be deleted from the anime and manga board.

Anime is an artstyle. I bet you also get pissy about champagne and scotch too, retard.

Weak attempt at bait desu.

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Hopefully not

I hope not. Half the fun is how non-western anime is

funimation has been funding anime for a couple of year now as well

nothing has changed

>fast forward five years
>generic SOL Highschool
>So Hana-chan, will you be my girlfriend?
>I'm sorry did you just ask me out? Don't you realise how oppressive that is? This is what I'm talking about when I bring up toxic masculinity
>I-I'm sorry Hana-san, I understand that girls like you have it rough
>Did you just assume my gender?!
I'm scared Sup Forumsnons

Except those few dub changes

This. I wonder if they'll leave loli anime alone, some nambla bullshit or something might make them be ok with it.

>I'm scared Sup Forumsnons
You shouldn't be since not even American shows are like this.

Because they weren't before, thats why every show had broken engrish somewhere in them.

SJWs have no power over anime, the fact that Netflix funded something like Devilman proves it.

But SJWs loved Crybaby

That cult has no power over anything including video games and movi-

>generic SOL highschool
>MC having enough of a spine to actually ask a love interest out instead of being a gormless oblivious beta

The fuck are you thinking?

It'll depend on how much creative freedom anime studios are given

I hate to imagine Netflix executives standing over character designers saying "Have you include X number of Y to appeal to Z" or "Panty shots are problematic, let's make our heroine a butch transgender muslim so as to show how progressive Japan has become"

It's good then that they would never do that.

I hope it never comes to that

oh, my sweet summer child

After seeing how little they actually spend for companies that pandered to them like Marvel comics, I think anime will be fine.

>western influence infused
Where have you been for the last 20-30 years?
Have you not watched a single Bones or IG show?

>Have you not watched a single Bones or IG show?
why would you?

Even if someone accepts your premise of Devilman Crybaby being a western production, threads would still be allowed just like threads about live action Death Note were, because the source material is manga.

Because they make good shows at times.

Because they are still good?

Why the fuck are you retards so obsessed with these ridiculous scenarios you make up in your own heads to justify the unhealthy obsession you have with insane tumblrinas bleating on their blogs

Because its exactly what happened with the video game industry, movie industry and comics industry.

>modern wealth inequality
>still living by "vote with your wallet" boomer advice
>paying for anime at all
the absolute state of

someone post the fat loli dragon dub for this hopeful user here

There were always things that SJWs liked you raging retard.
About the only thing you have any right whatsoever to whine about being ruined by political correctness is capeshit, in which case you deserve to be unhappy anyway.

You should never watch dubs anyway, so who cares?

no because they get more revenue from merchandising and literature sales than they do from streaming

netflix will continue to fund niche titles with overseas appeal

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Your a smart guy.

How is idol isekai an overseas appeal?
Or a mecha by Kawamori?

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Text alone cannot convey the horror of the voice acting.
The few second webms that anons were linking after the shitstorm are still nightmare fuel.

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>what is netflix japan

>Shitty dubs of a shitty anime are full of shit
We are all floored by this astonishing development

how is that any different from this

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The Kobayashi one is about inserting sjw ideology into the dub.

A channel like online service?

And the Pokemon one is inserting American imperialist values into its dub.

Agree to disagree i guess :3

Fuck off.

No, he is not inserting ideas, he is translating an object. A donut and a rice cake dont have different social purpouses

You are years late, mate. Funimation has been doing this for ages.

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They have different political purposes, since it is about removing any trace of foreignity.

>watching dubs

But Funi is its own niche site. Netflix has the advantage of being something that normies use anyways. Now there's a chance of having your anime watched by the mainstream audience because it gets recommended by Netflix.

Seems like it is already happening.

>Now there's a chance of having your anime watched by the mainstream audience because it gets recommended by Netflix
Guess what. Anime still airs on TV. Where is your wailing about
>a chance of having your anime watched by the mainstream audience

You don't really understand how things work.
No one is going to watch something like AICO completely if he wasn't into it from the beginning.

Especially since AICO is so boring.

But the will watch things like devilman,and maybe get into more normalfag anime through that.

I don't see how you can be tempted by Devilman into watching normalfag anime.

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>Hey,devilman was cool,i wan't more!
>What else does netflix have?

>b, seven sins, kakegurui, aico, fate
Not really the best things to get into with.

teen thread

teen anime

Crybaby is going to be apart of a classic group of anime toghether with shows like Cowboy Bebop and Ghost in the Shell, were normalfags will say they don't care for anime but they like Crybaby because it doesn't feel like anime.

I thought they had stuff like FMA and SNK though?

We had a lot of anime and manga with western influences before Netflix did that, user.

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Work results from concepts which are derived from influences. Things won't suddenly become American because they are on Netflix, however if this tactic manages to sell Netflix subscriptions in Japan (where subscription services are massively unpopular and fucking dvd rentals are still a thing) then a by-product of the potential market reach of Netflix would be the influence of massively publicised Netflix shows on Japan's popular culture - the same way they have been influencing Western culture little by little.
So, like, a little bit maybe but don't worry about it because globalisation is happening anyway.

The word is aesthetically and no it's not; anime is distinctively Japanese animation.

Don't bother replying to the tin foil hat squad.

They didnt do that for political reasons but for marketing ones.

>western influence

I don't think that this will be a problem unless the whole anime is made by a gaijin crew.

But i think it's great that we're getting other ways of funding anime so we might have chance of getting more experimental and interesting stuff.

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And who's to say that the Kobayashi one wasn't for the same reason.

Double nigger.

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God that show did such a good job at making me feel like shit after watching it

I'm honestly more afraid of the influence of the Olympics. No doubt the moral crusaders in the west will try to use it as an opportunity to shame japan into becoming more like them. (banning loli for instance)

That is from a different show, which I believe was later changed anyway.

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it's already there. devilman's only half as violent and sexual as the real thing. anime has removed fanservice and made nipples illegals because of the american market already. And with the Olympics in 2 years they are making sure the otaku cominity isn't allowed outside, by closing the comiket place for "renovation" until after the events for instance. (I'm sure there's plan for hakiabara as well)

Anime is the last medium I have that isn't always trying to push it's agenda on me. With Netflix and the upcoming Olympics I'm worried I'll lose it too

How exactly? I'm really interested in how they twist the story or characters to fit their views.

>flcl 2+3 is being premiered in dub
get ready for shit like

The most egregious thing is how they interpret Miko telling Miki she loves her as a romantic confession. They also consider Satan a symbol of trans reputation

Adult swim will stream the japanese with subs simultaneously.

Well that's actually good in the sort of way that SJWs would continue to talk like dumb shits and the rest of the world will keep seeing them for how crazy they are. Reminds me of how SJWs say that there is no biological sex

You make a good point but I still don't want anime to used by these people, who don't even like anime, to push an agenda

Think SnK is region 'locked' to jap service, but yeah. FMA is there in both versions.
Haven't looked for it so didn't really remember.

Who cares? Go defend MLP against neckbeards. Go cry how a fanbase x 'ruined' your favourite show y on your blog.

Hopefully netflix will get rid of moeshit


Nothing will happen, guys. Stop with doomposting