Why is Caster so perfect?

Why is Caster so perfect?

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She deserved better than that aspergers man

So a Caster and Shirou route? That would be a pretty potent pairing.

I don't know user, I think she'd really keep Shirou on a tight leash. Like he was living inside a bottle or something.

>Shirou self inserter

Who am I supposed to self insert as?

Based Kuzu

No fuck off they were perfect for each other.

Tohsaka's defenceless anus.

The loli. You always self-insert as the loli.

she was considered as a heroine but they thought it would get too confusing, fucking hacks


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Because she was made that way

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Superior caster

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You appear to have posted the wrong image my man

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Caster Shirou would be cute.

I love her casual outfit.

What is going on with her tits?

they are very large

Her birthday suit's the best, but I can't show it here.

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He's way better than Greek Shinji

I remember a fanfic about it.

Who knows?

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Peasant witch.

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No one.

She did chopped a nigger into tiny bits.

>Ara ara, would you rub them user?

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Falling in love with assholes is literally her fate.


kuzuki is unironically one of the best people in FSN

more royal than your bastard ass

If I pull those nails out, would she die?

It would be extremely painful...

You would.

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It's the fluffy tail.

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Nah, I'm not a footfag, sorry.

>useless without her NP
im pretty sure ill be fine

what does the inside of her shoes smell like

with pleasure

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"did nothing wrong" and failure

Shes duo class.

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Why does Semi wear the nails anyway. Semi could never give Shirou a proper handjob.