Just started this, what am I in for?

Just started this, what am I in for?

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Something you can discuss with your normie friends while you fuck off.

Boring soyboy MC is a disappointment. Watch it for All Might and Bakugo.

greatest anime of all time


It's a shonen. You know what to expect.
Nice character designs though. Very popular with normie weebs.

Good anime with as usual shitty MC.

Unironic faggot, kys piece of shit.

At least wait until the end of season three, when we get the USS moment before making that claim.

Had potential to be something good instead became an extremely boring cliche shonen.

Also has some extremely generic and unlikeable characters. The worst offenders are Deku, Iida (generic incarnate), Grape (why does he even exist), and by far the most annoying character possible, Bakugo. Get ready to cringe with him especially at the forced friendship/rivalry with the MC. All Might is the only character worth watching it for.

All in all don't waste your time.

90% yaoi doujins. 9.9% genderbend and prolapse. .1% actually good ones.

Unstarted it. It's another medicore shounen and the fanbase also pretty cancerous.

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Why do normalfags act like this is the best shounen of all time

Drop it after the all for one fight

It's a love story to saturday morning cartoons.
It's nothing special, but it's not bad. Most people on Sup Forums will hate it simply because it's a shounen jump title.

Before the anime came out, you could talk about it and you'd rarely get anyone hating on it, if at all.

It takes a bit to pick up. Read the manga, honestly. It's faster.

Naruto for people too embarrassed to admit they like Naruto.

It's the only good current shonen beside OPM that is as popular.

uhm black clover exists sweetie

This. It's decent until that point, then goes full retard and never recovers.

and now the thread devolves into pure autism

Inb4 i-it's Shonen because I say so!!!
No faggot, it gets published in a seinen magazine therefore it's a seinen manga


Fucking this
It becomes mediocre and tuns into another shounen trash manga.
The moment All Might retired is also ironically the moment the manga started dropping in quality.

BNH is yet to reach OPM-level of popularity Even though it has 2 season (36 episode) while OPM only has one season with 12 episodes

a fun time

give it to me straight, Sup Forums

if I sort of liked the show, will I enjoy the manga? if a new season comes out, I may watch it, but not going to bother until the season ends. i'm just meh about this series, but i've been told that manga will always be the definitive edition for any anime.

tl;dr is the manga good enough to compensate for the generic show

If you don't like the anime then the manga won't save it for you. What comes are season 2 is fun for the most part but not particularly any better than what came before it. Besides, eventually there'll be a massive drop in quality.

*after season 2

you people are retarded
OPM is bigger but it's similar in that it's relatively new and sells well, there are no other contenders.

Good but over hyped. I watched it all in 2-3 days. What I disliked was the character focus was a bit all over the place and some of the design of character ability concepts are a bit under or poorly developed. Neat fighting scenes, there are some nice creative arc in the middle with the protagonists showing his growth among his peers but it could definitely be better outside of that story line.

If you don't like the anime a lot then you won't like the manga as well. Also the manga drops in quality after the 90th chapter or something, so there's that.

damn, that's unfortunate. I really wanted to fall in love with this series, after becoming interested during the villain invasion arc. sucks to hear it doesn't get any better.

You can still fall in love with it though faggot form your own opinions

God you're pathetic.

Incredibly slow pacing

frog being best girl

A fun ride with good production value and disappointment that it's so short right now.

How are you this much of a drone? Anyway the 3rd season starts in March if you want to just wait for that.

the only shonen where the OP's and ED's get worse over time. Also season 1 is the best.

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sports festival is best arc




>BNH is yet to reach OPM-level of popularity
>My Hero Academia – 5,852,310 copies sold.
>One Punch Man – 3,223,151 copies sold.

Funny when OP2 is leagues ahead of the first

Shinsou being best boy.

If its just because you like song 2 better than song 1 I can see that but OP2 is mostly people doing their morning stretches to some chill guitar.

How about you watch it instead of seeking other people's opinions

The action parts are much better too faggot

If you aren't a jaded fuck who likes the genre you might enjoy it, but you already made the mistake of asking for Sup Forums's opinion on something popular that normies like.

That's called backlog sales my friend

Episode 3 of season 1 is good workout motivation. There's a few decent parts sprinkled throughout both seasons, but nothing so far has the weight of the end of S1. Feels like a regression.

Now add all the people that read Opm on the official site faggot. Wonder what would happen.


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>in a seinen magazine

>watched all 40+ episodes plus OVAs
>waiting for S3
>mfw I found 90% of the conflict boring and generic as shit
I don't even know why I'm doing this to myself. It's probably the girls carrying it for me.

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This, surprisingly high number of prolapse porn about this series

im a normie weeb

A Virgin MC

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You take that back.

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It was boring for me. I dragged myself to watch the first season. But i admit it, for some part it was well made it, i just think i am changed alot to appreciate this kind of stories. If you like the genre, go on and watch it.

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It's the new Naruto.

Really good start that slowly devolves into high school crap, mediocrity, and retardation.
So just your average shone.

Btw, if you actually like it, leave Sup Forums. You have shit taste and reddit would be a better place for you.

I found grape to be more cringy. Bakugo is annoying as fuck, but damn, grape makes me want to destroy the series. They completely ruined the prestige of UA by adding useless characters like him. Iida and deku are boring, like you stated, they get too much screen time.

The only thing that this series is good for OP is the villains. They are somewhat interesting, however not all of them. Worst offender is the chick with the blood fetish. Falling in love with the MC is retarded, and she seems to only be there for the ironic goth kids. Every other villain and allmight are alright.

>current shonen beside OPM

This is how you bait people. I'm proud of you user

Deku is All for one's father.

Endeavour will die against corrupted PepsiMan.

Isn't Toga the only female villain in the show? Kind of boring, given how many female heroes there are.

The manga is worse.
The anime has a decent soundtrack, good quality of animation, and the director seems very competent. The problem is that the source material is trash.

Manga is boring, art is mediocre, irrelevant characters get too much screen time. The author doesn't seem to know what he wants to do with the characters. A lot of them are generic or purposefully annoying to fit an archetype. All good characters start fading away while the annoying kids take up screen time. You might as well watch your generic high school show with action scenes sprinkled in. It's honestly awful.

Mei is best.

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Same. I really dig battle series, and the anime is a very good rendition of the manga. It can get you hyped up for the next fight. However, the story is just really boring, and if you are not in it for the waifus, you are not gonna care for it.

It's sad, being a fan of battle manga is suffering.

You mean the "Let's get Todoroki to stop being a sad faggot" arc?
The tournament did nothing to highlight the characters and was a giant waste of time.

A bad shonen that was literally built from the ground up to be a clone/replacement for the equally bad shonen that it replaced.

Follow this simple test:

>is it good?
not sure
>does Sup Forums hate it?
>then it's good

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yakuza arc is great you fucks

It has my sunshine on it so it's a master piece.

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More of her when?

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Would you agree that Boku no Hero is one of the few well written shounen manga?(HxH is good too and a few retros)

So, I discovered Boku no Hero thanks to my boredom. I had nothing to do one night so I decided to give the anime a chance and fell in love with it instantly. Once I finished the first season, I read the manga and caught up with it. I have to say that there isn't a single flaw, at least one that I can find, in the manga or anime. Everything is perfection. From the characters, the plot. It is amazing. The one thing I'm appreciative of is how everything has logic or an explanation to it and not easily written off by the author as "this happened because I can make it so" or because willpower/asspull power ups/friendship type crap. The characterization is awesome! When I first started the show I got a little down thinking some of the characters I took a liking to wouldn't get any screen time, but I was wrong. Judging from how the manga's going it looks like almost every character is going to get some type of backstory, which is simply brilliant. Btw, aren't the villains just freaking cool? They aren't your generic "I'm gonna take over the world" type villains.

So what do you guys think? In terms of plot, story progression, characters/characterization, etc where would Boku no Hero stand among your list of favourite manga/anime? Or what score would you give it out of 10?

6/10 in the beginning. The manga is a 3/10. Bad series.

is this ironic or genuine autism

What's the source of this?

We have paintfag.

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OP here, just binged 17 episodes.

Its good. Also Frog girl best girl.

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waiting 2 week and 3 day for saison 3.
> also PLUS ULTRA !

I'm surprised how many people took it

I don't understand.
Why is Froppy showing him a video of herself and someone else having sex and telling aizawa to expel her?

This is a pretty good guideline. Sup Forums has dogshit taste.

Bad shounen

A bad time.

It was objectively good up until AM vs OfA. Piece of shit afterwards.

>It's shounen
It's Battle Shounen.

>mfw Eraserhead continues to not kick out the Grapist while everyone talks about how strict he is and how he kicks people out for doing minor shit or not taking U.A seriously
>mfw people still defend Izuku not even working out and learning self defense to become a hero when dipshits like Toru get in no problem
Why the fuck do people take this show seriously?

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this is one of the very few times when Sup Forums says it's shit and it is shit.

The third worst fandom on Sup Forums at the moment.

It's alright I guess. Certainly isn't the anti-christ and certainly not the greatest shounen ever. Has it's moments, good fights, some charming character moments (not the character themselves overall though). Animation is competent. Amazing music. All might might just be the best character. Deku is annoying and doesn't do whole lot of things minus the "epic hero moments". Kacchan is a shit character. Occhaco is generic strong willed OP love interest. Purple guy is generic comic relief. Todoroki is generic loner character who is over-powered. Writer doesn't know what characters he wants to flesh out more, ends up trying to get everyone screen time which results in severe lack of development on that end.

>third worst
It's clearly the worst.

>mfw Eraserhead continues to not kick out the Grapist while everyone talks about how strict he is and how he kicks people out for doing minor shit or not taking U.A seriously
Eraserhead is the biggest jobber in the series and needs his quirk in order to stand a chance

>Piece of shit afterwards.
t. Brainlet

Not while "Muh directionless battle shounen pastiche is actually super deep" and "Ciud/a/d de Mexico" exist.