Chie almost ruined Persona 4

Chie almost ruined Persona 4.

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No one likes manly girls.

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She ruined my pants.

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I agree, she was so perfect that the other girls didn't even have a chance.


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what is manly about her? she has a pussy and acts feminine

true, no one else had a chance at a romance with her around seeing as she's literally the best persona girl out of them all lmao

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She was a nasally-voiced cockblocking ballbuster who was so devoid of any feminine traits that she could have passed for a guy if her voice were deeper.

You nuts? She was great. All of them were great.

>want to play Golden
>don't want to buy an almost dead handheld just for one game

Vita emu can't come soon enough.

Reminder that Dojima is a terrible father and should have his custody revoked.

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Op you re not being fair it is the yukiko/chie duo taht brings down the p4 cast. Every scene they have to open their whore mouths to talk about meat or about yukiko's fucking retarded laugh

Short hair is the opposite of being feminine.

real talk, naoto almost ruined persona 4
>child genius meme
>has solved crimes that even seasoned vets were unable to
>completely clueless when it comes to setting a proper trap
>nearly died because of her incompetence
>the reason everyone thinks /ourguy/ kanji is homosex
just get rid of her and the story improves greatly

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>posting disgusting soywars image


Her and Yukiko were both really gross. Chie has the manners of a zoo animal and a really nasty diet. Yukiko would cry during sex.

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>the reason everyone thinks /ourguy/ kanji is homosex
You mean more like she's the only sign of his possible heterosexuality.

>Yukiko would cry during sex.
that's a bad thing?

The price of a Vita is worth it for Golden alone. It really is one of the best games ever made. Or you could get a PSTV, those should be cheaper than a Vita.
Also if you're the type of person who would like Persona then there are plenty of other JRPGs and VNs on the Vita that you would probably like as well.

>that's a bad thing?

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>Her and Yukiko were both really gross.
But they are the best.

>Golden is worth it
Fuck off shill

Naoto > Yukiko > Chie >>> Meat Riser > POWERGAP > Marie


I love Fuuka!

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Tomboys are too adorable, she ruined P4 by being too good.

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persona is shit

Reminder that Chie is the embodiment of P4.

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This, SMT got overshadowed by this shit series

persona 2 is decent, but everything after that is a shool dating simulator rehash. also it's for the best that good things sometimes become overshadowed

Virgin spoted

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Cry me a river. You should be glad people are paying attention to that shitty franchise because of Persona.

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Gay spotted

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I liked PS2 Chie better. Fight me

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people only like SMT so they can pretend to have taste

I want to bury my face in that puffy vulva

such an idiot

Like how everyone pretends NGE is good but when really it's a pretty shit mecha show that is the poster child for 2deep4u?

short hair accentuates femininity

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Short hair makes you look like a man

To make matters worse he had to an image from the shitty sequel TLJ

Not even prequel

Not even Sheev

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>Not even Sheev
Sheev a best though.

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what are you, gay?

>plenty of other JRPGs and VNs on the Vita that you would probably like as well.
What other good translated JRPG/VNs are there? All the most "interesting" stuff are Japanese-only. It's only stuff like Senran which you can get on PC too.

Yukiko is so cute

Bullshit. She made Persona 4. It's not even possible to imagine Persona 4 without Chie.

>Bullshit. She made Persona 4. It's not even possible to imagine Persona 4 without Chie.

Yukiko is so shit

Does long hair make you look at a women? Just curious?

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Naoto fixed p4 by being the only member of the group other than Yu with more than 6 brain cells. Her being a Mary Sue is a result of shitty writing in other places. She’s also the undeniably best p4 girl

>Does long hair make you look at a women? Just curious?
Yes, it kinda does.
Just because Arnold is a steroid monster it doesn't mean that a non-fat normal person wouldn't look like a feminine fuccboi with long hair.

>She made Persona 4

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>Naoto fixed p4 by being the only member of the group other than Yu with more than 6 brain cells
But she was just a literal second parrot for Yu like Yosuke. Hell she was so stupid that she didn't bother to set up any type of surveillance despite planning to set herself up as kidnapping bait.

>dresses up like a guy
>can't wear armor for guys
Naotofags will defend this.

so there are exceptions? Chie doesn't look especially burly or boyish.

Why was P4 so much better than P5?

>It really is one of the best games ever made.
P4faggots are gross. At least P5 is decent and its fags are not so terrible.

It really wasn't. P5 felt closer to a Persona game and SMT influenced than the goofy low stakes shit of 4. The only real problems I had with P5 is that the calender system means things got padded out a lot, especially the Futaba/Medjed arc and Morgana is almost as lame as Teddie. I seriously hope P6 doesn't add an annoying mascot who worships the MC again.

The bigger problem is the fans' overall shit taste because unpopularity and VA death means Chihaya likely has a small role in the anime despite being the overall best girl.

So we all agree that p3 was the best persona right?
Also yukari is garbage


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I know you're memeing but she's legitimately a shit character. I stopped liking her and Yukiko when they bought some expensive clothes for teddy, then put it on Yosuke's tab without asking him, and even before they generally treated the guy like shit. If one of your friends did that to you irl, you wouldn't be friends with them anymore.

It factually does. Have you ever seen any of the musicians that were popular in the 80's?

Yeah they're garbage. I'd totally dump those bitches and spend valentine's with my bro teddy and yusuke again

bitches didn't even put out for him!

Dude it's just anime humor :*)
Just like that time the girls took over the hot spring when it wasn't their turn.

Yosuke is a fucking piece of shit. Always being a snide little bitch to everyone, especially Kanji. He's legitimately the worst party member.

>so there are exceptions? Chie doesn't look especially burly or boyish.
There's no exceptions for Chie, she doesn't look feminine at all, she's basically flat and looks like a guy.

Does p5 have any bro good as junpei?

No one would like Chie when there's a femme fatale like Rise.

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Ryuji is pretty close when you really get to know him. Other than that, no.

his dad owns the store if he really cared he would have told them to stop

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Yosuke a shit, Junpei best magician.

>Too Pure Tier: Nanako
>Elder God Tier: Chie
>Top Tier: Delivery Girl
>Meh Tier: Yukiko
>Only Worth it For the Tits Tier: Naoko
>BEGONE THOT Tier: Risecchi

This is the indisputable power ranking in this thread. Anyone who disagrees can officially bite me.

No, it's the Persona 2 duology.

Better than how everyone treated Ryuji who got needlessly shit on from the word go.

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Ryuji has legitimate brain damage.

what exactly does Rise do that makes her a Femme Fatale?

Doesn't mean he can't be a cool guy though. At least he's better than Yosuke.

>that chick with hearts on her tits

Spotted the slut.

>wants to be hero
>takes out his frustrations on mc

>always annoyed

>"I love being a phantom thief!"
>mean to cat
>can outrun death

they are all subpar

Honestly this he kight be a complete fucking retard, but he really is a good guy through and through.
>Yusuke remarks in mementos how he mostly is alone at school
>Ryuji invites him to hang out and go eat with him after this
The fact that he always invites Mishima, despite Mishima being a little shit shows how much of a bro he is.
Ryuji is underrated.

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adding to this junpei does apologize and becomes a bro after the first couple months

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Yosuke deserves way worse for the ammount of shit he pulls

Maya's pretty much officially shipped with Tatsuya with some other characters (like Katsuya) having a thing for her. Anyone who's never played both halves of P2 needs to correct that as it's hands down the best cast/story in the entire series. There's a reason Hashino kept ripping it off (especially based as fuck Eikichi as the goofy male best friend of the MC) for three fucking games.

Also has the series' best song.


I want to impregnate Naoto so her breasts grow larger!

Is "mean to cat" supposed to be a negative point?
Because Mona is shit

Go back to Sup Forums and take your homosexuality with you.

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Marie was fucking great. Shame about her dungeon tho.

>Marie was fucking great.

>Purse owner.

Every time.

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The only bad thing about Marie was her dungeon. Her dungeon was really really bad. I still don't know how I beat that boss I pretty much did random things until it died. God that dungeon is fucking awful! But other then that Marie is second best girl behind Naoto.

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>Chihaya likely has a small role in the anime despite being the overall best girl.

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>this bad case adchee

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imagine having this shit taste

Marie was fucking garbage. She's one of the most blatant waifu-bait characters I have ever seen. On ng+ I avoided her dungeon completely, not because of the gimmicks but because I couldn't stand her.