Self Inserts

ITT: characters you self insert as or want to be like, regardless of how different you actually are irl

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>poor people

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Every harem protagonist

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>seigi no mikata

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The only good Protestant is a dead Protestant

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Who doesn't?

I aim to be HF Shirou

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This is the only acceptable SAO insert

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>Hates Protestants
>Goes Full Henry VIII and declares himself the new head of the religion

Where can I watch this? CANNOT find it anywhere

Oh I'd insert into Sharo alright.

Same for me OP. Reinhardt is the ideal example of what a man should be

the Chad Yang
the virgin Reinhardoh

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Hidive has aquired the license to stream it and currently has the OVA and most of the Gaiden. They haven't added the movies in yet but say that they do plan to once they've finished adding the rest of the Gaiden. Episode releases are pretty regular too so should tbe too long. Here's the link to the show page on Hidive
> of the Galactic Heroes

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Thats just a description dumbass. Not a link to actual episodes

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I'm watching it from that site rn you stupid fucker

Oh and this pic is outdated because it says it will never be licensed in the west and it is now. So all the info about the availability of subs/licensing is probably outdated

>He doesn't have a BakaBT account

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not joking btw

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Hmm maybe it's different on a computer. I'm phoneposting at work rn and all I see is a description

how do so many thickos who STILL can't manage to find tv shows online exist in 2018?

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Fuck off.

>inb4 shinji posts

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I always wanted to be a good cook, but can't make even a decent sandvich

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>Illegal sites with shady ads
It's like you actually want malware

This is the correct answer

I'm on Linux my dude, no malware for me
>paying for anime
minuscule brain

You are supposed to torrent, retard.


I wanna be as cool as Char is

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>Not just torrenting shit you wanna watch for free
I understand not everyone wants to pay out the ass for anime, but there is no excuse for giving these slimy faggots on gogo and kiss money

I wish.

Just look up recipes online and follow the instructions to the letter. Once you get the basic idea down then start deviating a little bit and add your own touches.

The Chad Kaiser
>conquers entire known universe
>establishes a new dynatsy

The virgin Admiral
>dies like a cuck after being shot in the leg
>childless, probably never even slept with Frederica

the "Kaiser" couldn't even beat a guy who didn't even give a shit ever and just rode on the alliance/nobles being a bunch of idiots

You say it like it's a bad thing. Children are ugly and annoying. Yang was smart enough to adopt already a grown-up kid.

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Back to /r/incel

No matter if you're a man or a woman, if you don't aspire to be like Oscar, you're just living your life in the wrong way.

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>hurr durr browsing non-kosher websites gives you hdd aids
wow you sure showed us all, you chad of websurfing, the worst you can get is miner botnets and doxx extraction surveys

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The smart girl from steins;gate

It's called being inspired, thinking someone is cool and you want to be more like him because you respect things about his personality that you lack.
>hur dur dur le self insert haha

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We're talking about the same thing and just phrasing it slightly differently.
t. OP

Where do you torrent

>Self-insertion is a literary device in which a fictional character, who represents the real author of a work of fiction, appears as an idealized character within that fiction, either overtly or in disguise.
Sounds quite different from what you described.

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>idealized character
Not really.

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I'm nowhere near as talented as Yang Wenli, but I definitely see life exactly like him.

Self insertion as audience =/= self insertion as author

>Not just torrenting
I think you're both missing the point here

Yang is the comfiest character in the series. While I definitely want to "idealize" myself more as Reinhard, Yang is a total bro that Reinhad recognizes even when they spend a good portion of time trying to thwart each other

Spike honestly
and not so much in the whole badass kunfu master assassin aspect, just his mentality.

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What does it mean then, I don't understand.

>Yang is the comfiest character in the series. While I definitely want to "idealize" myself more as Reinhard, Yang is a total bro that Reinhad recognizes even when they spend a good portion of time trying to thwart each other

Yang would tell you the same as I do. Being Reinhard is way too tiresome.

The way that I've been using it and the way most people I know using it when referring to themselves, is the character that
>They most want to be like or admire
>They feel they are closest to in personality
Depends on the context which one that is. When used in reference to an author, then it's exactly what you described as them writing in own ideal self.

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Be that as it may, I just can't give up those aesthetics

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>used to play a now-defunct Chinese MMO.
>whaled a lot, became super strong in a matter of a few months.
>got accepted in a guild comprised of whales, ended up becoming guild leader after some time.
>guild achieved several feats, including first to slay the final bosses and become first to rebirth its members.
>guild ranked at top for more than a year.
>game ran its course and most players quit.
>most of quitting guild members turned over accounts/equips to me.
>created several minmaxed alts for utility purposes (boss hunt, guild defense, PK, crafting, and support)
>alts ended up more powerful than most other players still active.
>before game was shut down, guild was still on top, had 34 members comprised of main + 33 alts/turned over accounts, and my main was strongest in the server.
>watch Overlord several years later, and ended up tearing up at the first episode due to nostalgia.

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I don't know that feel since I lack the time or dedication to get that far in an mmo, but I sympathize nonetheless

>They most want to be like or admire
Not that user but I've never seen that definition of self-inserting at all, at least not when used for characters.
Unless you meant something like , but a harem protagonist isn't a character, it's a role, so you don't "self-insert" in him so much as you wish you were in his situation, playing his role. And I'd argue it only happens because of the second definition: you'd have to be sufficiently close to the character in personality, in order to believe that they're behaving the same way you would.

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Well maybe I'm just using a definition that no one else uses. I don't know that many people who watch anime irl so I probably have skewed definitions for a bunch of different terms that I've only seen online.
That being said you got my general purpose of the thread from the OP post, even if it was worded weirdly

>tfw /fit/ Sup Forums masterrace

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I'd like to be as caring and supportive a person as him some day

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Worst part about re-reading berserk is knowing how much it's going to hurt and not being able to do anything about it

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>Yang dies
I didn't come here to feel.

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Kurou's the best on this list

I've had psychotic episodes where I turned into an extrovert and roped people into my delusional schemes.
Now I'm stable and on medication but I'm an introvert again and my emotions are stunted.

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Go nuts my dude. And always try before complaining you can't find any anime.

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Why would anyone spoonfeed you?

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literally me

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I self insert into this loser.
and this one.

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>Not "The cooler Hitler".

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This is now a LotGH thread
Honorary inclusion of Reinhardt #2

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Now that I've entirely finished all of FSN Shirou is unironically my role model.
>can cook
>can clean
>/fit/ as fuck
>/fa/ as fuck
>wakes up early without the need of degenerate alarm clocks
>extremely passionate
>an unbreakable will to do anything he sets his mind to
I love this sword autist so much.

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>tries hard every day for the one she loves
>kind, compassionate, and cares for her friends
>takes care of her looks and her overall well-being
I, too, wish to be an alpha dyke like Yuzu

>self inserting as a character
>not self inserting as yourself
it's so much more fun to put yourself in

Guts and Kircheis.
I thrive in the suffering.