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New Chapter. What are your opinions anons?

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>loli ends up with a rotten arm and will probably die soon
>man in black suggests to go to town so Fushi could try his reproductive organs and looks for "people who will understand him"
I absolutely don't know where the mangaka is going, but the whole stuff about the gardians and Hayase's family being on and off while we learn nothing about it is kind of irritating. Either she drops that storyline or she goes full on it.

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>Expected Tonari to end up in a pseudo antagonistic role as she tries to get rid of Hisame while Fushi tries to stop her
>She dies immediately and Fushi only found out who she was afterwords

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This series looked promising at first, but it’s been nothing but edgy shite. Yaawn.

Fushi getting NTR'd as a fish is the best part of the manga so far.

Everything either becomes edgy shit or haremshit

it was great seeing her btfo again

He is 2pure

that doesnt mean what you think it means, newfriend

Guys... they slept together...


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Chances of her coming back mad as fuck in 5-10 years because she thinks he lied to her?

Would this have become better if Fushi brought Hayase with him instead of leaving her for dead and prey to Knockers?

this series is totally pointless. it's just a bunch of cute or sad characters dying all the time. tearbait just like koe no katachi. yoshitoki ooima is a hack.

This manga has absolutely no direction, there's nothing to look forward to, conflict is literally forced with the shittiest plot device, there's no real justification for the readers to get behind, and it's just one random thing after another.

Like most manga I guess it was an interesting idea at first and the mangaka just wants to drag it out as long as possible, really not thinking through what she wanted to happen next.

Hell no, she had done too much to him for him to ever trust her, and she'd definitely still kill anyone who tried to get near him.

Keeping an eye on her to prevent her form being a danger to everyone around both of them would have at least provided some tension, instead of Fushi trying to drown his sorrow by becoming part of the ecosystem.

At least dump the chapter if you're gonna make the thread

>who is the man in black
>why do the knockers want to fuck Fushi/Immo

Do you want a hero's journey lame ass prophecy so he can become the next Fire Shadow of the Secret Settlement?

Will we ever know how she died? Is the child of her and a rich fat bald merchant going to show up next?

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Time for prostitutes I guess.

Haha nice one.

Please check

>not linking the scanlator's site or the official rips
>write like a retard
Kill yourself.

in 60 chapters the series was nothing more than tragedyporn. the man in black and the knockers are just tools for more tragedyporn. a bunch of random things going on just to make the reader cry and pretend that the manga is deeper than it really is.

So? That would make for a much more interesting dynamic.


What exactly is wrong with this? We're seeing Fushi grow to fight the knockers and still yet to learn of why they're both here in the first place.
You're being pretentious yourself, your real problem with the story is how predictable each story arc has been so far.

I'd rather general conflict from the world and setting, then literal narrative plot devices like mysterious black man and magic monsters who can be dropped on the plot at anytime to force some sort of conflict.

They don't even try to make you interested in the black man, or his natural enemy, he's just kind of there, it's lame.

He could have traveled with someone who could have understood and helped him. Yeah, she'd probably have killed anyone who wanted to approach him but on the other hand maybe he would have learnt more about those damn knockers and she would have fucked him day and night.
Too bad, that's a lot of would and I have no idea where the story is going now.

Most of the plot IS driven forward by conflict from the setting
Knockers really only cause conflict towards the end of each arc
Fushi is more of an onlooker until his friends are endangered by knockers

I don't care about the knockers, I don't care about the black man and I don't care about Fushi's friends because they are all only plot devices that the author uses to generate more tragedyporn. Shit, most relationships start out of nowhere. There's no decent build up. Everything is random.

Not really, the world and setting plot lines presented are so uninteresting and poorly executed/explored, we still know next to nothing about the world and it's far too late now.

They should have foreshadowed/set up world issues much earlier on so it doesn't feel so random. Immo being immortal makes the world conflict she wrote essentially pointless so out of nowhere she just throws knockers and mysterious black man and random enemy to force some kind of back and forth, she just has no idea what she wants to do or how to do it and it's so apparent.


>out of nowhere she just throws knockers and mysterious black man
>Elements that have been there since the beginning were just tossed in out of nowhere

There's like a myriads of ways she could get fucked over by the time of timeskip events. From some illness as medicine in this setting seems to be in a pitiful state up to being unable to cope with Gugu's loss and just becoming an hero.

The way Fushi repeatedly transforms in all of them is one of the strongest moments of manga so far though.

fushi is a grand wizard..
also this is the first time i remember him using his transformations as a disguise to trick people.

overall this series is still as aimless as ever. but still curious to see where it goes.

This is also the first time where he threatened someone and the first time he finally decided to seek other people and see the world instead of trying to live by himself.

He's growing more experienced though by the most part he's still a clueless child with a really shitty teacher.

I'm not 100% sure, did she try to dart him when she thought he was asleep?

Fushi is too soft. He should have just burned her and the knocker.

He created a dart and used it to prolong her sleep.
He's a walking arsenal already.

She died with Gugu under the rubble I thought

I think he drugged her so she wouldn't wake up while he was gouging the knocker out of her arm.

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>he was gouging the knocker out of her arm.
Didn't catch on that, even though it's logical he'd remove the knocker.

That's beyond speedreading.