Which version of Kirito do you like most?

Which version of Kirito do you like most?

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The doujin one where he gets fucked by big fat dicks.

Trap Kirito is my favorite, as I'm sure it is for most others. My second favorite however is his Hollow Realization design. It looks quite nice.

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Are there any good trap Kirito doujins?

None of them. They're all still Kirito, which is the main problem.

Mostly genderswap

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The dead, murdered version.

>Pathetic edgelords hating on best girl(boy)

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The one that never existed

But, Kirito is the biggest edgelord.


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The one that makes my penis the hardest

>believing Kirito is an edgelord

The only people who think that are Secondaries who speedwatched the anime (if that) and then watched e-celeb circlejerk videos bashing their headcanon version of SAO that doesn't actually exist

Go read the mainline LNs and Progressive, then try to argue that he's edgy at all. He's a "fight for my friends" VR autist filled with PTSD and Bantz

He is also very cute

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Jesus fucking Christ, Sup Forums is still talking about SAO? You cunts still haven't moved on from this shitstorm to something decent like Log Horizion or Overlord?

I dont think log horizon was even popular enough for a manga and the overlord MC and his harem are incredibly boring, mary sue characters.

>It's impossible to talk about more than one anime in the same genre!

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> I miss the old Kirito, straight from the Go Kirito
> The "dual sword" Kirito, 14th episode Kirito
> I hate the new Kirito, the bad mood Kirito
> The Guns and shoot Kirito, the Alice Schu- Kirito
> I miss the sweet Kirito, the "I won't be beat" Kirito
> I gotta say, at that time I'd like to meet Kirito
> See, I invented Kirito, it wasn't any Kiritos
> And now I look and look around and there's so many Kiritos
> I used to love Kirito, I used to love Kirito
> I even had the black sword, I thought I was Kirito
> What if Kirito made a song about Kirito
> Called "I Miss The Old Kirito"? Man, that'd be so Kirito!
> That's all it was Kirito, we still love Kirito
> And I love you like Kirito loves Kirito

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Vanilla is best. Would nameru his chinkasu all day long.

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