JoJo's Bizarre Adventure thread.

Will King Crimson appear grey or gold on the anime?

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He will appear- And thats what colour I think he will be in the anime

IF there is any part 5 anime at all

Bubble Butt

Holy cow, watch that booty shake,
As that bubble moves up and down,
You know, my son, that ain’t no fake.
Its shadows illuminate.

To watch him run is stunning.
Giving me a notion,
…Need a better view of that thing.
See up close that motion.

I’m memorized, I sit and stare,
Caught up in that movement,
booty bouncing beyond compare,
rounder than a beetle’s carapace.

Truth be told I hate this whole trend,
young men objectified.
There’s more to Rai than a rear-end,
on second thought…maybe I lied.


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KC is such a cool stand, if only it wasn’t used by a bumbling retarded

Makes Killer Queen look way better
>inb4 shit name for King Crimson like they did with "Deadly Queen"

I think it'll be named Emperor Crimson if they can't use KC

Oh well thats baddass better than part 4's

Red Emperor?

Gold KC is fucking awful.

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What are you talking about? Golden KC looks just as good

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can't stand waiting for the anime anymore.. how's part 5? is the villain less retarded than p3 dio and kira?

Can't wait for the anime reveal of KC

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Part 5 anime when?

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>new pome

>is the villain less retarded than p3 dio and kira?

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No villain has yet surpassed Kira's absolute genius

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Not until the next universe, sorry.

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dude just read it

i was a pleb like you once, didn't wanna touch it until the anime came out

but we're coming up 500 days and still not confirmed, so i just bit the bullet and ended up marathoning part 5 in a day, the full color scans and new improved translation are lit.

Rai gets me high

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I'm gay

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Based poem poster

If part 5 anime doesn't get confirmed with the 30th anniversary exhibition, it's all ogre

I love~~~
'Fish Sausages'.

>You will never get to visit Polnareff Land

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By the present day, Polnareff Land would either be shut down due to low attendance, or would be a shell of its former self after the creator mysteriously disappeared and others took over that didn't have the same vision as he did.

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Old Joseph is cute~

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hey guys whats up i drew kakyoin

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It looks amazing, wish I could draw that well! Do you take requests!

thank you! im not taking requests right now but i may do some tomorrow

last chapter was really good

Both. I'd say that grey/white will be the primary one since they like to change the colors to better fit situations.

I know I said "around the same time as usual", but I'll be pretty busy tonight, so better start this now that I can. Let's see if we can finish this on the next 26 hours on this thread, that should be the last for this chapter. See you all there!

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You're a good dude, Mosiac Fag.


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Why? He’s not even the best main villain.

Who is?


They’re all terrible, but Kars achieved his goal.

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muh napkin

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JoJo Bizarre's adventure live action movie blu-ray rip when?

He's beautiful and I like suits

Kars is the full package.

I'd fuck him.

Anyone else dissapointed by the stands in part 8?
The good guys all have interesting stands but the bad guys stands tend to be more focused on body horror than actually being interesting fights.

Damo was effective because of his overwhelming power, but Ozone Baby seems pretty similar in it's scale and scope. They might have different operating modes, but if every power is just "everyone in this general area is incapacitated and it's only a matter of time before they die", seems pretty similar to me.

Part of why part 7 was so fucking good is that they gave a shit ton of minor villains sympathetic backstories. So far only Jobin, Aisho, and to a much lesser degree Blue Lagoon have been given even mildly sympathetic backstories. So far the most threatening villains have all just been sleezeballs.

It's not a bad part, but I'm scared Araki won't save it from just being a slightly above average part.

Not disappointed really, but I do notice that all the P8 stands are robotic in appearance.

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That's actually something I like, I'm a big fan that the design of the stands has been somewhat unified in style.

Part 8 need more Joubin

why are you faggots so confident that part 5 anime will actually happen? this level of naivete is actually disgusting

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Gappy makes me happy

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>Why would this thing that makes tons of money get a continuation? This level of common sense is actually disgusting


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Japan loves part 5

>Why would this thing that makes tons of money get a continuation?

i don't see how this relates to jojo

how watered down do you think the artstyle will be if we actually get a part 5 anime?

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Are you actually retarded? I'm not talking about how much money it makes in the US you fucking gray ape, I'm talking about how much money it makes in japan. Who gives a shit about the US, all they have to pay for to make up their cost for localizing it here is subs.

I can't wait for King Quality.

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you're the one who brought up the US sperglord

Only because I assumed you couldn't possibly be that uninformed about how much money it made in japan, so I was assuming that you must have been only thinking about how successful it is in burgerland.

>part 7 villains had sympathetic backstories
Many didn’t and that’s not what made them good. 7 had stinkers too.
I’m not disappointed yet. I will be if Araki doesn’t focus a little more on Soft and Wets plunder ability and other characters with cool stands like Joshu or Kyo

why has it taken so long to be announced then

God FUCKING dammit Araki.

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Gyro died for this

Based hairposter

Based hairwindow poster

what did Araki mean by this

>"Sometimes shit just happens."

>no intelligent argument
>just autistic "no"
Alright plebius maximus, besides the fact that you are wrong, what, if not the fucking characters themselves, makes part 7 stands good?

7 did have stinkers but there were tons of sympathetic villains.

ringo, axel ro, sandman, wekapipo, valentine, to a lesser extent dio were all given a decent amount of backstory and were all fairly sympathetic.

Could be worst.
His friend could have been killed by a boulder.

Could be a few reasons, but one really obvious one:

They don't want to distract from the movie/ have a non-compete clause or some shit.

Being a contrarian autist that you are, you might say "but that wouldn't preclude them from actually working on the anime, just promoting it" but that's where you are wrong my well vaccinated friend, non-compete clauses have in similar situations to this one, have been known to retardedly halt production on parallel franchises.

Tbh he had the best motive out of any other main jojo villain.

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That'd be Pucci

When will you Jojopricks move onto a better series?

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When a better series comes out you anime-only turbo-nigger

When the part 8 anime comes out.

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Everyone in this thread will be dead by then.

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well you're still a fag so fuck you

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>a shell of its former self

Is it me, or Jojolion art style seems a bit weird these last chapters?

no clue what you are talking about

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>araki has been drawing twinks for so long he has completely forgotten how to draw muscles at all

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>implying he ever knew

Let me guess. You're the god damn retard who admitted is new to Sup Forums.

Fuck off incestfag. That Joseph's face is horrendously bara.

Oh shit, my package is finally here. Can you guess what Jojo merch came in the mail today?

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It's a Medicos Jojo figure. I'm gonna guess and say it's the DIO one.

Let's take a peek...

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as long as it isnt a jonathan figure its probably ok

It's a stand

YOSH. It's a Moody Blues alarm clock.

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King Crimson?