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check out this guide i found

what's the last thing you POed?

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Kizuna nendie

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Reposting for fellow anons , who don't know about buyee browser plugin

How it works:
1.Go to page of card you want on yuyu-tei
2. Press add to basket in the plugin
3. repeat until you get all you want
4. go buyee and pay for everything, it will count as one order and no combining is necessary

It works for a lot of sites, not only yuyu-tei

Buyee sucks.

Not living in japan, so you can just buy stuff in the store, that what really sucks.

I understand dislike of buyee because of numerous fees, but its more simple then to send it to forwarder.

that figure looks like chink shit

I agree, but they’re honestly not the best forwarding service.

What is better sevice for auction forwarding?

buyee is pretty competitive actually especially when you're buying from their commission free stores
Their plugin is pretty nifty
their only downfall for me is they dont deal with 18+ items at all

there's so many to choose from and they're all the same to a degree
In the end it's whether you are worried something will go wrong and don't want to deal with nips who are unwilling to help
whiterabbit is probably the best in terms of dealing with problems but this is reflected in their much higher commission

The only thing I like here is the umbrella.

>No adult items
That’s one of the readons I think they suck.


I'm waiting for Toobie to go on pre-order and I'm debating if I want to order armored Mashu; just bothered by the face, I would prefer the unarmored smile.

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How often does square enix restock their figures?

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Going to Japan in the summer. What do I buy to support more Fate anime?

a really strong rope

A noose

thats really funny

Buy more F/GO gacha shekels like the good boy you are.

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I don't play FGO

What about supporting TypeMoon in general? I haven't read Tsukihime yet but I heard a remake is planned.

Zen orders 18+ even though officially they dont.

Why were buyee posts deleted?


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>shilling for a highly established, Japanese company that's officially partnered with Yahoo! Auctions Japan

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if the jani's thought they were actually in the right.

I dont know but I found that cardfag information useful so thank you.

I use GoodyJapan for R18 orders on YJA, although they can be one of the more expensive proxies.

Lina Inverse nendroid.

So I found the art the exclusive Albeto figure is based on.

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congrats, u found it

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Didnt know which art it had been based on, sorry m8.

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This figure looks really nice. Too bad it's an exclusive and we don't know if Furyu will manage to deliver a final product with the same quality of the prototype.

I preordered her so we will see. Even If its shit its not like it wont be easy to hock on MFC.

>Hilary No Go nendo never

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>this is what I get for phoneposting

I was talking about buyee plugin for cardfaging. I mostly use zenMarket myself for that free consolidation.
If any one has alternative to buyee plugin I am all ears

How is he?

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If anyone here has bought and framed prints, what should you do regarding ones that are larger? I have a print that came with an artbook I’d want to put on a wall but it’s almost three feet long.

Would I have to get it custom matted or framed, or is it easy to order the pieces online?

He's silent.

This cute boy

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tfw I can't get these 2 to sell

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fujo, go away

>waiting for 2 figures to sell so I can buy 2 new ones with the money I'd get from them
>they're not selling
>end up spending on new figures anyway
>wallet suffers and end up having enough space

I know that feel.

I'm jealous of Anmitsufags. My favorite sword is never getting anything above a trading fig.

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Some acrylic character stands because I'm reaching ever deeper, sadder depths to my buyfaggotry.


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>figure is getting re-released
>resold the one I bought for 3x what I originally paid

Still can’t decide if I want to buy this one or not. I always get worried about translucent plastic discoloring over time.

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Stop shilling Buyee returds, it's not allowed here.

left one can be get for 15-16k sealed, how much are expecting to gain?.

Ok mum :(

Heh I have also like ten figures I bought to resell, I haven't sold anything in two months, I'm in debt beacuse of that, my mom going is going to kill once she finds out I've used my extension CC so much.

This sure took fucking ages.

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You should've bet on those nendoroid midoriya and bakugo. Fucking 5 times the original prices, it's crazy

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Got me a package.

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>Gift still hasn't made an Astolfo plush

Do they hate money?

Stop being gay.

In starting to hate FGO even the figurines, they're a bunch of thieves.


I know, it’s a prize, but Banpresto is pretty good in terms of quality and such.

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Aren't you going to buy Nendoroid Lina?

Just did this morning.

But, what is inside?

Thoughts on Chogokin Gunbuster and Gurren Lagann? Mainly for display purposes, not for messing around with. If they ever come in stock that is

Exclusive or regular ver?


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nendos even the expensive and rare ones are usually harder to sell in my country, I used to get 50us$ net profit for each scale sold, but since my country's currency devaluated 25% in two months, reselling has became even more challenging.

Meiya and Cryska are basically color resin figmas, Stella is a regular GK.

The trickiest part so far was to find the current versions of discontinued HobbyBase joints that these kits require.

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Got my hands on prime JC pussy. It's much softer than I was led to believe and feels exceptionally nice to sleep with.

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Cute shark.

Faceplates like those always weird me out.

how tall are those?

That ass is might soft.

Luckily the dude's blog is still up:

Now I want a Yui too.

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get back to discord.

Where is the tanned Miku buyfag? I need to fap.

This is so that you can have a face without having to paint it:

About 1/8.

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I need sancho

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I was asking for that one user that posts her every time. You guys are so quick when it comes to responding in a smartass way.

>responding in a smartass way
you even know the figure's name, how hard it could be to type two or three words and use google/mfc?

It was a joke/meme, nigga. Calm down.

The haifurifags would rather you call it a shork. Incidentally, it happens to be in stock at the moment.

Every part of it is soft.

I've honestly never been to one of those.

Good luck. Movic doesn't have them anymore and even the resellers on amazon are out. If it helps, it doesn't speak out in Jouji Nakata's voice when you pull its tail and you can't shove your hand up its ass.

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I heard that hotgluing figures isn't actually a good idea since washing it off doesn't completely remove it or something? Can someone explain this more in detail or was someone just yanking my chain?

Has anyone ever had a preorder from TOM refunded? I have a feeling it won't be a smooth process.

Mode Red

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Hopefully my story will help out another user.

So I'm the one who's Yui Kotegawa came with her ears snapped off. I sent an image to Amiami and they told me that because it was insured to go to my local post office with the box, packaging, and invoice and ask for a PS3831 receipt for items damaged in the mail.

My local post office turned me away telling me that I needed to go online and do an insurance claim there and come back with the printout.

So online the USPS would not recognize my shipping number. On the phone the USPS told me no, go back to your local post office and get a receipt PS3831 because it's international express it follows different rules than other shipping methods. I had to go back to the local post office two more times and call the USPS two more times to finally get them to give me the PS3831 receipt. They had to send out emails to my local post office to get them to comply.

Got it? If your local post office turns you away. 3 times. They're wrong. Since so many of us ship international express it will certainly affect someone else too.

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Your advice is useful and I also enjoy bunny enthusiast suffering, thanks for the post